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1 13 April, 1788 Lord Sydney Gov. Elliot Proclamation of 22 March 1788, which prohibited seamen from serving Foreign Princes and States.
3 13 April, 1788 Lord Sydney Gov. Elliot Act of Parliament regulating trade between colonies and plantations.
5 4 June, 1788 Ivan Nepean Gov. Elliot Estimate for salaries of Governor and Civil Officers of Nfld.
7 7 June, 1788 Lord Sydney Gov. Elliot Treaty of Defensive Alliance between the King and the States General of United Provinces
9 18 June, 1788 Gov. Elliot Lord Sydney Regulations by which the fishery may be conducted (English Shore).

19 June, 1788

Lord Sydney Gov. Elliot Acknowledges receipt of Sydney's letter of 18 June 1788.
13 2 Aug., 1788 Lord Sydney Gov. Elliot Arrived in St. John's on 27 July, fishery looks to be very healthy. Law and order no problem on the island.
15 9 Nov., 1788 Lord Sydney Gov. Elliot Left Newfoundland on 26 Oct., 1788. He states that annual reports of the fishery will follow shortly.
17-17v 14 Oct., 1788 Gov. Elliot Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer Courthouse was opened on 29 Sept., but closed on 4 Oct. because of no criminal cases.
19-22 14 Oct., 1788 Gov. Elliot Commissioners Minutes of the Court.
23 11 Nov., 1788 Gov. Elliot Lord Sydney Sydney acknowledges Elliot's letter of 2 Aug., 1788.
25-26 25 Oct., 1788 Lord Sydney Gov. Elliot Problem of Bermuda vessels fishing off the island, then landing and drying their catch.
27-28 20 Aug., 1788 Governor of Bermuda Gov. Elliot Informs Governor of Bermuda on the problem, requests that action be taken to prevent this from happening again in the future.
29 13 Nov., 1788 Lord Sydney Gov. Elliot Various reports pertaining to the Newfoundland fishing season of 1788.
31 25 Oct., 1788 Lord Sydney Gov. Elliot General Return of his Majesty's Troops doing Duty in Newfoundland.
33 24 Oct., 1788 Gov. Elliot   Report of the State of the Fortifications at St. John's.
35-44 31 Aug., 1788 Gov. Elliot   A remain of Ordnance Ammunition, and Ordnance Stores in his Majesty's Garrison at St. John's.
45 24 Oct., 1788 Gov. Elliot   Return of Officers, Artificers and Labourers employed on his Majesty's Works at St. John's.
48   Lord Sydney Gov. Elliot General Return of the Newfoundland Fishery for the year, 1788.
51-52   Gov. Elliot Robert C. Reynolds (Commander of HMS Echo) Return of the French Fisheries within the limits assigned them upon the Coast of the Island of Newfoundland on the year 1788.
53-54   Gov. Elliot Reynolds Report on the Salmon Fisheries carried on the French Limits in Newfoundland during 1788.
54v-55v     Reynolds Copy of a notice published by Captain Reynolds in 1788, posted within the French limits.
57-58 9 Oct., 1788 Reynolds (Echo, St. John's) Gov. Elliot Report on his activities in Newfoundland.
59 4 Dec., 1788 Lord Sydney Gov. Elliot Request on behalf of the inhabitants of St. John's for additional housing.
61-61v   Gov. Elliot Principal merchants of St. John's Requests additional housing
63-63v 5 Dec., 1788 Lord Sydney Gov. Elliot A complaint in behalf of the Corps about the curtailing of provisions by Lieut. Gov. Elford.
65-66 29 Aug., 1788 Gov. Elliot Major Brady Complaint about the curtailment of provisions by Elford.
67 1 Sept., 1788 Gov. Elliot Elford Elford informs Elliot about the provisioning of the troops.
69-69v 17 Dec., 1788 Gov. Elliot Lord Sydney Replies to Elliot's complaint about provisioning by Elford.
71-72v 9 April, 1789 Gov. Elliot Lord Sydney Answer's Elliot's letter regarding the Bermuda vessels fishing off Newfoundland.
74-74v 12 April, 1789 Grenville Milbanke Inquires about the patent for Governor of Newfoundland.
76 5 June, 1789 Milbanke Grenville Milbanke is appointed the Governor of Newfoundland.
78 4 June, 1789 Nepean Milbanke Sends estimate for Civil Establishment of Newfoundland.
80 6 June, 1789 Grenville Milbanke Response to his appointment as Governor of Newfoundland.
82-83 6 July, 1789 Milbanke Grenville Instructed to go to Newfoundland to tend to business
84 7 July, 1789 Grenville Milbanke Informs Grenville that he is off to Newfoundland immediately.
86-87 20 Sept., 1789 Grenville Milbanke Arrived in St. John's on 4 Sept, 1789, fishery is prosperous, but some trouble with Irish Convicts.
88-89 8 Sept., 1789 Milbanke Commissioners Informs Milbanke about the Irish convicts who landed in Petty Harbour and Bay Bulls.
89v-90 20 July, 1789 Court House Sworn Account Richard Robinson (Mariner on the brig Duke of Leinster) Sworn statement by mariner who was on brig that picked up 102 Convicts in Dublin.
90v-91   Magistrates of St. John's Principal Merchants of St. John's States their concern about the Irish convicts
91v-94 22 July, 1789   Court document Examination of some of the convicts with questions and answers.
94v-96 7 Sept., 1789     Return of the convicts, including names, ages, birthplace, crime, sentence and remarks.
96v 31 July, 1789 Elford Commissioners Requests provisions from army victual store for convicts.
97 8 Sept., 1789 Elford Milbanke Milbanke requests provisions for the convicts.
97v-98 9 Sept, 1789 Milbanke Elford Account of Provisions issued to the convicts.
98v-99 10 Sept., 1789 Magistrates of St. John's Milbanke Status of the convicts.
99v 14 Sept., 1789 Milbanke Magistrates Proposal to raise money to send convicts out of Newfoundland.
100-101 16 Sept., 1789 Magistrates Milbanke Method of raising money to export the convicts.
102 20 Sept., 1789 Grenville Milbanke Received two reports from Captain Drew.
105 13 Sept., 1789 James Drew (Echo, Trinity) Milbanke Report on how he dealt with a French salmon fishing operation on the Humber River in the Bay of Islands [this copy is very faint; a much better copy appears in CO 194/41, p. 45]
105v-106v 13 Sept., 1789 James Drew (Echo) Milbanke Details of his activities dealing with French fishermen in Croque area of the Petit Nord [this copy is also very faint; a much clearer copy can be found in CO 194/41, pp. 45v-47v]
107-107v   Milbanke Drew Copy of the instructions of the Commander in Chief of the French Naval forces at St. Pierre et Miquelon, Chevalier de Vaugiraud
108 8 Sept., 1789 French Fisherman Drew Proclamation of Capt. James Drew reminding the French not to fish further than one-half mile above the entrance or mouth of a River, and the consequences thereof.
108v 8 Sept., 1789 French Fisherman Drew States conditions of the Treaty of Utrecht, for French fishing without English interference.
109 8 Sept., 1789 Milbanke Drew Complaint by French fisherman about English harassment.
110-110v 24 Oct., 1789 Grenville Milbanke The removal of 74 convicts from Newfoundland.
112 24 Oct., 1789     List of 74 men and 6 women convicts on board the brigantine Elizabeth and Clare.
114-115 23 Oct., 1789 Milbanke Robert Coysh (Captain of the Elizabeth and Clare) Charter Party of Affreightment.
116-116v 23 Oct, 1789     Contract for the shipment of the convicts.
118 24 Oct., 1789 Milbanke Coysh Instructions for the destination of the convicts.
120 15 Nov., 1789 Grenville Milbanke Informs Grenville of his arrival in England from Newfoundland.
122 17 Nov., 1789 Grenville Milbanke Letter stating that the enclosed documents relate to returns of the British and French Fisheries, Fortification reports, General return of the troops on duty in the island, and the proceedings of the court of Oyer and Terminer.
125   Grenville Milbanke General Return of the Newfoundland fishery for the year 1789.
126   Grenville Milbanke Report on sea-cow and cod fisheries established in the Magdalen Islands in the Gulf of St Lawrence, 1789.
128   Milbanke Drew Report of the French fisheries upon the coast of Newfoundland in the year 1789.
129 14 Oct., 1789 Milbanke Nepean State of works of the Garrison of St. John's, Newfoundland.
131-145 31 Aug., 1789 Milbanke William Humfrey Remain of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores at St. John's.
146 14 Oct., 1789 Milbanke Nepean Return of Officers, Artificers and Labourers employed on fortifications works at St. John's.
148 26 Oct., 1789 Grenville Milbanke General Return of garrison stationed in Newfoundland.
150-150v 22 Sept., 1789   Milbanke Notice of the appointments for the positions of Commissioners.
151-178 25 Sept., 1789 Milbanke Commissioners Judges D’Ewes, Cooke, Richard Routh, George Williams, Jonathan Ogden, William Gaden, John Rogers, and George Hutchings to be commissioners with full power to hear and determine all criminal causes (treason excepted.) Judges took their oaths in front of witnesses (list on 151v.) Indictments listed. Trial of Michael Bushell, (153-162) Found not guilty. Trial of Samuel Disney found guilty of manslaughter (162v-167v). Trial of James Reily found guilty of Grand Larceny (168-175v). Sentences: Michael Buchell’s (not guilty), Disney’s (guilty of manslaughter in his own defence, was free to go) , Reiley’s (was sentenced to death but upon the mercy of the jury, charged to be publicly branded with hot iron with the letter T)(177-178).
180 5 Dec., 1789 Grenville Milbanke Unable to raise sufficient funds to export the convicts.
182-183 5 Dec., 1789 Grenville Milbanke A account of the expense of maintaining and sending the convicts to England from Newfoundland in 1789

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