What is Climate Change?

The earth is surrounded by a layer of naturally occurring gases known as our atmosphere. These gases act like the walls of a greenhouse. They allow some heat from the sun to pass through and prevent some of it from escaping back out into space. Without our atmosphere, the earth would be too cold to support life.

Human activities are now causing our atmosphere to change. We are releasing more greenhouse gases and our atmosphere is trapping too much heat.

The Greenhouse Effect Touch to learn more
Energy from the sun heats the surface of the earth.
Getting warmer
Heat from the earth would escape into space, but ...
Our atmosphere traps some of the escaping heat, keeping our planet warm.
Some heat is trapped
Some heat escapes
The earth's atmosphere is made of gases that trap heat on earth, including carbon dioxide.
As more gases are added to the atmosphere, it starts to trap too much heat on earth.