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    This Journal aims at an understanding of the works of Western civilization and contemporary views of these works. It seeks to promote a standpoint which is critical of dogmatic positions both within contemporary views and within the Western tradition itself.

    Twentieth century culture in great part has come to regard itself as distinctively post-Christian, post-modern and post-philosophical, as having achieved in every sphere a virtual overthrow of the Western tradition. Yet all post-philosophical arguments entail a remarkable ambiguity in that they sustain themselves through an explicit critique of the intellectual legacy from which they have nonetheless sprung and upon whose conservation they thus still depend. Moreover, the counter-traditionalist argument portrays the substance of the Western tradition in a great variety of conflicting ways, with the result that in the present time appreciation in depth of its actual accomplishment has become greatly fragmented and obscured.

    Animus invites essays aimed at contributing toward a restored comprehension of the chief works and arguments of the Western tradition, considered on their own terms. It especially encourages reflection on the relation of the authentic historical legacy to its contemporary post-philosophical critique.  As it is the standpoint of the journal that the critique of philosophy is itself a part of the history of philosophy, we likewise encourage accounts of contemporary positions on their own terms.

    The Journal would clarify the post-philosophical spirit of the present time as it takes itself to be, and aims to situate it within a continuous historical development and accomplishment. It considers relevant to its purpose not only studies of philosophical works in a stricter sense but also contributions to a clarification in the same spirit of theological, literary, political, scientific and other expressions of the tradition.

    Access to the journal is free, although you must subscribe to download the current issue of the journal. See Future Issues for information about future issues of the journal and projected dates for their availability. All articles in the Journal Animus, unless otherwise noted, are copyright of the original authors (all rights reserved). Please freely copy, reproduce and distribute them in part or in whole as long as proper attribution is given.