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The journal will be published annually, in May of the calendar year. Each issue of ANIMUS will be devoted to a single theme, and editors for the particular issue will be sought for their expertise in that subject or historical period. As soon as possible, we shall announce themes for forthcoming volumes and tentative dates for their publication.

In addition to the articles on the theme of each volume, we invite articles that reply to, or comment on articles from any of the previous volumes, as well as additional contributions to those volumes. Such contributions will be judged by the same standards as the original submissions, and will be reviewed by the editors for the relevant volume. We hope, through this means, to unite the virtues of presenting a comprehensive treatment of a single theme with the broader scope of ongoing reflections on the growing variety of themes covered in ANIMUS. Submissions may be addressed to dpeddle@swgc.mun.ca 


Due to changes of editorial board membership underway, the theme for the 2007 number of ANIMUS will be announced shortly.  Further information regarding deadlines etc. may be obtained by contacting dpeddle@swgc.mun.ca or by regular mail to David Peddle, Department of Philosophy, SWGC, Corner Brook NL, A2H 6P9.