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    Submissions are invited for publication in ANIMUS. Since the editors for each issue are chosen for their specialization and expertise in the topic for that issue, all articles will be reviewed by the editors for that volume. Final approval of the contents of each volume rests with the Editorial Board of ANIMUS. For the themes proposed for upcoming issues , as well as the editor(s) to contact, see Future Issues. Articles will be judged not only on their quality but for their pertinence to the theme of the particular issue and the general aims of the Journal (see Raison d'être).  The journal must be notified of intention to submit by Sept. 1, final submissions are due November 1, and the journal will be published by November 30.

    Initial inquiries or draft proposals may be forwarded electronically to the Editor-in-chief for the particular volume which interests you. Articles must be submitted before the deadline established for that volume, on floppy disk and with a hard copy, or alternatively as an appended document by e-mail.

    In submitting work, please note the following guidelines:

  • We prefer articles submitted as "normal" MS Word documents, cleaned of superfluous formatting codes..
  • Notes to be constructed as footnotes 
  • Italics rather than underlining used for book titles, foreign words and (rarely) emphasis.
  • "Double quotes" used for actual quotations or for titles of articles, poems etc. and 'single quotes' for all other purposes.

    Questions about these procedures can be addressed electronically to dpeddle@swgc.mun.ca.