[NAC, MG 11, CO 194/5, ff. 101-102d] Copy of Instructions to William Taverner Footnote


Locus Sigille

Anne R.

         Instructions for Our Trusty and Well belov’d Wm Taverner Gent: whom We have employ’d to survey Footnote the Coast of Newfoundlandld Given at Our Court at Kensington the 21st Day of July 1713 in ye 12th Year of Our Reign.



         Whereas We have thought it necessary for Our Service & for the Advantage of Our Subjects concern’d in the Trade of Newfoundld: Footnote to have a Survey made of such parts of the Coasts of the said Islands as the French have usually Fish’d upon Footnote & wherewith Our Subjects are at present unacquainted, & having had Information of Your Knowledge of that Country & of your Experience in the Commerce of those parts We have been Graciously pleas’d to make choice of you to go upon this Service. Footnote

         You are therefore upon receipt of these Our Instructions to take upon you the Office of Our Surveyor at Newfld & together with Our Trusty & Wellbelov’d Jno Moody Esqr: Footnote whom We have appointed Our Lieut: Govr: of Placentia Footnote to repair with all convenient Expedition to that Isld & there as fast as the Season of the Year & other


Circumstances shal [sic] permit Footnote You are to proceed along the Coasts abovemention’d to take the Surveys & to make Observatn with the greatest care & Exactness possible & to collect the best Information you are able from the Inhabitts of those parts from the French or from any others capable of giving you Light into Your Enquiries into this Service. Footnote In all these particulars the sd Jno Moody is directed to be assistant to you & to furnish you wth one of Our Transport Ships wch: go to Newfdland & which shall appear the fittest to be employ’d for this purpose. Footnote

         You are to observe & follow such further Orders & Instructions as you shal receive from One of Our principal Secretaries of State, to whom you are to transmit constant & particular Accounts of Your proceedings in this Employmt , Footnote And you are to endeavour to send Your said Accounts & Information as early as possibly you can, so that Our Subjects may have the Benefit of them by the very beginning of the next fishing Season. Footnote








         Copy of Her Matys Instrucns to Wm Taverner appointed Surveyor at Newfoundland & parts adjacent. Dated 21st July 1713.


Read } 24th March 1713/14

L. 36

Enter’d D. Folo 363