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13 April 1767



A copy of an order in council dismissing the petition of Joshua Mauger and others [see CO 194/16: 149-149v], relative to the losses alleged to have been sustained by them because of the decision to turn the Island of St. Peter [Pierre] over to the French.

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Hugh Palliser

The Board of Trade and Plantations

cover letter introducing the state of the British Fishery in Newfoundland in 1767. Palliser claims success in increasing the numbers of men returning to Britain each fall after the fishing season is finished. He mentions a scarcity of fish as a problem on one area of the coast. Palliser notes his visit to Labrador and the growing improvement of the ship fishery in that area. Mentions regulations for fishers coming from the American colonies and that these people are better behaved.

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August 1767

25 ship adventurers in Labrador, in behalf of themselves and their partners in Bristol, Dartmouth, Teignmouth, Exeter, Pool, and London

Hugh Palliser

[Enclosed with above] a memorial from the ship adventurers at Labrador, requesting support in their rights and privileges.

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10 Aug. 1767

Hugh Palliser (Pitts Harbour, Labrador)


[Enclosed with above] Relating to the establishment of the ship fishery in Labrador.

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20 Oct. 1767

Hugh Palliser (St. John=s)


[Enclosed with above] letter concerning a whale fishery established in Labrador. The first part is a copy of one written 4 April 1766 which set out regulations for the establishment of a whale fishery in Labrador. Since then, many disputes had arisen and so Palliser added a few more regulations to try and solve these problems.

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2 June 1767

Hugh Palliser


 [Enclosed with above] an order for sending home from Newfoundland, men that are useless in the country after the fishing season is over.



Hugh Palliser

Board of Trade

[Enclosed with above] A general scheme of the fishery and inhabitants of Newfoundland of the year 1767. Very detailed document; difficult to read in places owing to reduced size as well as the condition of the original

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6 April 1768

Hugh Palliser (London)

Board of Trade

Concerning his desire for an explanation of his instructions respecting the fisheries on the Coast of Labrador. He mentions difficulties caused by men claiming to have land granted to them in Labrador and their efforts as a result to monopolize the fisheries of the coastline adjacent to their lands.


17 Dec. 1768

Hugh Palliser (London)

Board of Trade

letter informing the Board that he is preparing to lay before them several papers necessary for their judgement in the case of Bayne and Brymer


3 Jan. 1769

Thomas Pipon (Jersey)

The Board of Trade

A letter introducing a petition on behalf of Jersey merchants

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[Enclosed with above] petition of Thomas Pipon, Deputy of the States of the Island of Jersey stating difficulties under which Jersey trade to Newfoundland labours; desires legislation to ease the situation

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[Enclosed with above] Abstract of several Acts of Parliament which affect the trade of the island of Jersey, on which relief was given by other acts with some observations thereon.


30 Dec. 1768

Hugh Palliser (London)

John Pownall, secretary to the Board of Trade

cover to a letter sent to Palliser by the Jersey merchants that Palliser felt would be better addressed by the Board.

27 B 28

10 Dec. 1768

Various merchants of Jersey

Hugh Palliser

[Enclosed with above] letter representing that two of their ships were condemned in Vice Admiralty Court for the reasons they mention; they may be forced to abandon the fish trade.

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Hugh Palliser

Board of Trade

A memorial explaining his conduct with respect to some regulations concerning the Labrador fishery, in consequence of which a lawsuit was brought against him by Bayne and Brymer; Palliser hopes he shall be justified and indemnified by government against all damages and expenses. Palliser outlines how they are disobeying many of the direct orders the King has made for the conduct of English people in Labrador now that it has come under the jurisdiction of Newfoundland. Palliser states that he would like this case to be resolved once and for all for his benefit and that of Governors yet to come.

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Hugh Palliser


[Enclosed with Palliser= s letter of 6 Jan., 1769. This is most likely the letter outlined directly above] Copies of various documents labelled A, B, and C which are referred to in this manner in the preceding petition. They concern the fisheries and the governance thereof in Labrador.

35 B 36v


Daniel Bayne and William Brymo[e]r

The Board of Trade and Plantations

Memorial of Bayne and Brymer, stating the losses sustained by them in consequence of Governor Palliser= s regulations concerning the fishery on the Labrador Coast, and praying relief.


24 Dec. 1768

Hugh Palliser (London)

The Board of Trade and Plantations

A cover letter introducing the general schemes of the English and French fisheries of 1768





[Enclosed with above] A general scheme of the fishery and Inhabitants of Newfoundland for the year 1768; a very detailed account. This can difficult to read at times as the script is quite faint in places and the original paper has been damaged.





[Enclosed with above] A general account of the French fisheries at Newfoundland, St. Pierre and Miquelon, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and on the Banks for 1768; very detailed. Includes information about men and ships lost during the course of the fishing season. This document is much easier to read than the preceding one.

43 B 45

No date on document. Reported as rec= d & read on 11 Feb. 1769

Unitas Fratrum [United Brotherhood] (Moravian Missionaries)

The Board of Trade and Plantations

A letter from the Unitas Fratrum asking that they be allowed to establish a mission upon the northern coasts of Labrador, and that they may be allowed to occupy a tract of land, under the protections of Government, not exceeding one hundred thousand acres on Eskimo Bay.

46 B 48

3 May 1769

Stephen Cottrell (?) for the Lords of the Committee of Council for Plantation Affairs.

The Board of Trade and Plantations

Order in Council approving a report of the Lords of the Committee of Council for Plantation Affairs on a representation of this Board, and the Drafts of a Commission and Instructions for the Governor of Newfoundland and directing the Board to prepare and lay before a Committee of Council (so as to be ready for the consideration of Parliament at the next session) a plan for the better regulating the Government, and encouraging the Fishery of Newfoundland.

50 B 56

No date on document


The Board of Trade and Plantations

[In French] A memorial concerning the French Newfoundland Fishery for the year of 1769, concerning persistent issues and concerns raised by friction between English and French fishermen on the French Shore

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8 June 1769

J. Hamon[t] (Greenspond)

Gov. John Byron

[In French, enclosed with Byron= s Observations.] Copy of a letter to Byron concerning difficulties that the French fishermen have been having with the English over the extent and boundaries of their fishery (ie. which species are allowed to be caught). The issue raised here is cited in the previous memorial.

59 B 59v

14 Aug. 1769

Governor Byron (Pitts Harbour, Chateaux Bay)

Mr. Hamon[t] (Greenspond)

[Enclosed with Byron= s Observations] A response to the letter rec= d above. Byron promises to take further action in clarifying a point of contention. The question in this instance is, are the French allowed to take species beside cod from the waters of Newfoundland? Byron also promises that damages done to legitimate French operations will be investigated and the French will be compensated for their losses.

61 B 62

14 Aug. 1769

Governor Byron (Pitts Harbour, Chateaux Bay)

William Keen, Justice of the Peace (Greenspond)

[Enclosed with Byron= s Observations] Concerning the treatment of the French fishing crew mentioned above at the hands of some Englishmen. Byron wants Keen to report before he makes any decision on the issue. Byron also takes Keen to task for not informing him, or the former Governor, Hugh Palliser, of the situation and what had happened.

63 B 64

3 Sept. 1769

Justice William Keen (Bonavista)

John Byron (St. John=s)

[Enclosed with Byron= s Observations] response to Byron= s complaint; Keen defends his actions and informs Byron that he did notify Palliser of what occurred and encloses a copy of the said letter to Palliser and a copy of Palliser= s response.

65 B 69


John Byron and Hugh Palliser

Board of Trade

Report of Captains Byron and Palliser by way of reply to the Articles of complaint contained in the French ambassador= s memorial relative to the concurrent fishery on the coast of Newfoundland, with some alterations made by them. This refers to the undated document on pp. 50-56 (above). Byron and Palliser reproduce each complaint in French and then answer in English. This document is possibly the A Observations@ that the preceding letters have been enclosed with as no further documents have this designation

69v B 70




[Appended to above] copy of the order referred to in Palliser= s answer to the fourth article.

71 B 71v

28 May 1770

Various merchants of Poole

Board of Trade

A letter concerning some inconveniences and impositions under which they have laboured because Byron having issued some new, and enforced some former, orders. The merchants want the Board to ask Byron to reconsider some of the orders he has made. The salmon fishery is one issue at stake.

72 B 73 and 74


Merchants of Poole

John Byron (St. John=s)

A memorial concerning some of Byron= s orders pertaining to the fishery in Newfoundland, in particular, the salmon fishery. The merchants also want Byron to address the fees system for naval officers that he put in place. They feel the fees are too high and cost too much. Appended to this letter is Byron= s response as well as a copy of the Naval Officers Fees that he set in July (see p. 74). The Fees scheme is also signed by Byron= s secretary, Henry Stacey.

76 B 77

No date on document

James Reed, merchant of Bristol.

Board of Trade

petition requesting a grant of the land in the Magdalen Islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to better regulate the Sea-Cow [walrus] fishery that has developed there.

78 B 78v

29 Dec. 1770

James Reed


A letter emphasizing the urgency of his request for a land grant so that he may take on the duty of (and have the power to) regulate the Sea-Cow [walrus] fishery. He says that whale and cod fishers in the area do much to the detriment of the said fishery by constantly scaring the animals away from the land. Reed is afraid that if this behaviour continues much longer the animals will be frightened away permanently and will not return

79 B 80

19 Oct., 1770

Sam Gridley (Magdalen Islands)

James Reed

[Appended to the above letter, and referenced therein] A letter reporting the quality and quantity of the Sea-cow [walrus] oil and fish caught in the Magdalen Islands. Complains of heavy encroachments on the sea cow fishery by whalers and other fishermen who kill, wound, and frighten away large numbers of animals all to the detriment of the Sea-cow [walrus] fishery. Gridley warns that without immediate action to stop this it will be useless to even consider a sea-cow operation there, as the animals will all be frightened away.

82 B 84

Rec= d & read April 1771

Nicholas Danby (London)

Board of Trade

petition explaining Danby= s expenses and sufferings in prosecuting a fishery on the Labrador coast; seeks relief

86 B 86v

Rec= d & read 19 April 1771

John Noble (Bristol) and Andrew Pinson (Dartmouth)

Board of Trade

petition asking for a grant of exclusive possession of Temple Bay and Whale Island for carrying on the cod fishery. They justify the request on the grounds that without premises in Labrador, fish caught on the Labrador coast must be taken to Newfoundland for curing. This is very time consuming, costly and decreases the weight and quality of the fish.

88 B 90v

Rec= d & read Dec. 1771

George Milner

Board of Trade

Pages 89-90v are a petition to the King= s council concerning the matter of a land grant mentioned in an enclosed document from 1768 (p. 88). This is an order of the Lords of the Committee of Council for plantation affairs (10 Oct. 1768), referring to this Board, for their consideration and report, a petition of George Milner (merchant of Poole) regarding losses incurred when divested of his property in Newfoundland, and praying for relief

92 B 93v

30 Sept. 1771

John Byron (St. John= s)

Earl of Hillsborough

Duplicate of a letter relating to properties in Quiddy Viddy [Quidi Vidi], and to the Sea cow [walrus] fishery at the Magdalen Islands.

95 B 97v




[Enclosed with above] Copy of agreements between the Crown and the claimants of certain lands and houses in the cove of Quiddy Viddy [Quidi Vidi]

99 B 100v

30 Sept. 1771

John Byron

Earl of Hillsborough

letter regarding ten French shallops stopped by Captain Bennett and the allowances to soldiers and seamen employed in carrying on the fortifications at St. John= s.

102 B 103

30 July 1771

Thomas Gage (New York)

John Byron

[Enclosed with above] A copy of a letter concerning the extra allowance proposed for soldiers, seamen and mariners to be employed as artificers and labourers in the works to be carried on at St. John= s.

104 B 105v

9 Aug. 1771

John Byron (St. John= s)

Captain Hugh Debbieg (St. John=s)

[Enclosed with above] letter concerning the allowances to be paid to the soldiers, seamen, and mariners who will be employed as labourers in St. John=s.

107 B 108v

9 Aug. 1771

Hugh Debbieg (St. John=s)

John Byron (St. John=s)

[Enclosed with above] letter concerning the allowances to be paid to the soldiers, seamen, and mariners who will be employed as labourers in St. John=s.

109 B 109v

14 Aug. 1771

Governor of St. Pierre

John Byron

[Enclosed with above, in French] letter concerning the stopping of 10 French shallops by an English captain. The French Governor expresses surprise that such an incident would even take place as there has been a peaceful existence enjoyed by both sides until now

111 B 112v

16 Aug. 1771

Capt. William Bennet, HMS Aeolus (Burin Harbour)

John Byron

[Enclosed with above] letter concerning encroachment of French ships in Newfoundland fishing waters on the South Coast and impeding the Newfoundland bait fishery. Explains why he stopped 10 French fishing shallops.

114 B 115v

4 Sept. 1771

John Byron

Dangeouc, Governor of St. Pierre

[Enclosed with above] letter answering Fr. Governor= s concerns over stopping of ten French shallops off the south coast of Newfoundland.

117 B 117v

7 Sept. 1771

Hugh Debbieg

John Byron

[Enclosed with above] letter concerning Debbieg= s decision concerning extra allowances proposed for soldiers, seamen, and mariners to be employed as labourers in St. John= s.

119 B 119v

7 Sept. 1771

John Byron

Thomas Gage, Lieut. Gen. & Commander in Chief of HM Forces in North America.

[Enclosed with above] letter concerning the proposed extra allowances to be paid to soldiers and seamen who will be employed as labourers in St. John= s.


31 Jan. 1772

Earl of Rochford (St. James=s)

Board of Trade

transmits for their consideration and report a letter from the French Ministry concerning the disturbance threatened to be given to the French fishermen of St. Pierre.

123 B 124




[Enclosed with above, in French] A memorial upholding the rights of the French to fish in the vicinity of St. Pierre, including in the strait between those islands and Newfoundland. Hoping that relations between the two peoples can remain peaceful and amicable.


Rec= d & read 4 March 1772

Adam Drummond

The Board of Trade and Plantations

Proposal of Adam Drummond for a lease of the Magdalen Islands and the Sea Cow [walrus] and Seal fishery in the surrounding waters of and on the said Islands, in behalf of his brother Colin Drummond, of Quebec. The hand writing of this proposal is quite difficult to read at times.

127 B 127v

Rec= d & read 4 March 1772

Samuel Gridley, merchant of Bristol

The Board of Trade and Plantations

Petition stating the services of his father Colonel Richard Gridley, and praying that, in consideration of the great expense they have been at and the losses they have sustained in making establishments and carrying on the Sea Cow [walrus] fishery in the Magdalen Islands, the said Islands may be granted to him in preference to any other person.


Rec= d & read 25 March 1772

Nicholas Darby, London Merchant

The Board of Trade and Plantations

Petition stating that he had obtained a judgement in the Court of King=s Bench against Samuel Davys for dispossessing him of fishing post on the Coast of Labrador. Forty signatures of support are attached to the petition.

130 B 131v

Dated 9 July 1770, Rec=d & read 12 June 1772

10 Frenchmen, possibly merchants or actual fishermen. (Quebec)

Guy Carleton, Governor of Quebec

[In French] Petition concerning fishing posts on the Labrador coast; the petitioners mention whales, cod, and A loup marin@ [seals]

134 B 140

Rec=d & read 12 June 1772



[In a note from the Merchants interested in the trade to Quebec dated 19 March 1768] Case of the Proprietors and present possessors of seal fisheries on the Coast of Labrador.

141 B 141v

8 Aug. 1772

Gov. Shuldham (St. John=s)

Earl of Hillsborough

A letter relative to the works to be erected at St. John= s, the appointment of Justices of the Peace in Trinity, Harbour Grace and St. John= s, naming the new appointees, and the success of the fishery.

143 B 146v

Dated 3 May 1769, Rec= d 12 Dec. 1772, Read 21 Dec. 1772



An order of the King in Council permitting sundry persons in trust for the Unitas Fratrum [Moravian Missionaries] and its society to occupy 100,000 Acres of Land in Eskimo Bay on the Coast of Labrador; and granting several privileges to the establishment proposed to be made there.


3 May 1769 Rec=d 7 Dec. 1772, Read 21 Dec. 1772



Order of the King concerning the granting of land to the Unitas Fratrum [Moravian Missionaries]. He is hereby granting them 50 muskets and a proportionate amount of ammunition from the King= s Stores with which to protect themselves.

151 B 151v

Dated 3 May 1769, Rec= d & read 21 Dec. 1772



Order of the King concerning his willingness to sign a draft of instructions for Governor Byron of Newfoundland that had been previously made for the preceding Governor, but now had been altered and added to for the new Governor.


28 Feb. 1772



Order of the King approving the draft of the commission of Molineaux Shuldham as the governor of Newfoundland.


25 March 1772



A second approval of the draft of the commission of Molineaux Shuldham as governor of Newfoundland. Mentions that the draft of instructions is appended to this order, this document is not present on the microfilm.

157 B 157v

19 June 1772



Order of the King in Court dismissing the petition of George Milner. (See above CO 194/18; 88-90v)

159 B 159v

19 Dec. 1772

Stephen Cottrell (?)


Order of the Lords of the Committee of Council for Plantation Affairs referring back to the Board the decision on the case of people claiming ownership of land in Labrador to prosecute the seal fishery as to how much, if any, losses they will be compensated for. This order also reiterates how, since 1763, all the Coast of Labrador from the St. Johns River to Hudson Straits together with the Anticosti and Magdalen Islands and all other smaller Islands lying upon the said Coast are under the care of the Governor of Newfoundland

161 B 165

6 Jan. 1773

George Cartwright

Earl of Dartmouth

A memorial relative to the fisheries and commerce on the Labrador coast north of the Straits of Belle Isle, and complaining of being dispossessed of a fishing post on that coast. The document is difficult to read at times; the script is quite small in places and is very tightly written.

168 B 169


John Noble (Bristol) and Andrew Pinson (Dartmouth)

Board of Trade

The petition of said men who are merchants and copartners relative to the Seal and Salmon fisheries on the coast of Labrador, and suggesting regulations with regard thereto. This document is difficult to read along the right hand side as it appears to have some sort of strip (possibly tape) applied to facilitate handling of it to make the microfilm. Unfortunately this impedes the light and makes some of the words next to impossible to read.


19 May 1773

Stephen Cottrell (?)


Order of the King to the Board asking for their consideration of a petition from John Agnew and associates asking to have granted to them all mines, minerals and metals already discovered or hereafter discovered on the island of Newfoundland, the Coast of Labrador and for sixty miles out to sea.

171 B 171v


Alexander Dun for John Agnew, George Stewart and himself. (Wigtown, North Britain)

The King in Council

[Appended to above] Petition of said men asking for all mines, minerals and metals already discovered or hereafter discovered on the island of Newfoundland, the Coast of Labrador and for sixty miles out to sea to be granted to them

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