24 April 1734

Copy of Letter. Board of Trade to the Duke of Newcastle.

[CO 194/23, ff. 176-178v]


My Lord,

              Having received two Memorials from Capt Taverner, late Surveyor of Newfoundland, informing us, that considerable Numbers of the French who have from time to time deserted from Cape Breton, either for Debt or some felonious Act, are at present settled in and about a certain Harbour called Portabask near Cape Roy, the extream part of Newfoundland to the West. we take leave to inclose to your Grace Copies of thes Memorials.

              Upon this Occasion we must observe to your Grace, that this Board have always, thought it was not for the Interest of the Fishery of Newfoundland to encourage Settlements there even of His Majesty's Subjects; But as a Settlement of the French upon a Part of Newfoundland where the French King's Subjects have not any Right even to catch or cure Fish, must prove of ill Consequence,


upon Account of illegal Trade which they cart-yon; And as they cannot fall under the Description of those who were permitted to remain there by virtue of the Treaty of Utrecht, we are of Opinion they ought to have Notice to depart; and therefore we desire your Grace will please to receive His Majesty's Orders, that my Lord Muskery, who is now going Governor of Newfoundland and of the Convoy designed to protect [the] Fishery in those parts, may be instructed accordingly.

              We are

              My Lord

              Your Grace's

              most Obedient and

              most humble Servts

Whitehall                          [Earl of Westmoreland]

April 24th 1734                [Sir O[rlando]. Bridgeman]

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1734 April 24

Letter from the Board of Trade to the Duke of Newcastle with two Memorials from Captain's Tavernor late Surveyor of Newfoundland informing them that


Date                                                                                                                         Page

              considerable numbers of the French                      }

              had deserted Cape Breton either - from }                            24

              motives of debt or acts of felony, and                    }

              had taken refuge at an Harbour called                   }

              Portabask near Cape Roy the extreme                   }

              part of Newfoundland to the West -                      }


Apr 24 1734

Copy sent to Ld MusGrave

and the Lords of the Admiralty

May 13th 1734