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1-2 Feb. 24, 1768 Palliser (London) Earl of Shelburne (London) Proposal to implement a statute law regarding fishing and trade at Labrador
3 April 14, 1768 Lords of Trade (London) Hillsborough (London) Cover letter for a copy of Palliser’s letter regarding the fisheries on the coast of Labrador (see pp.5-7)
5-7 April 6, 1768 Palliser (London) Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations Letter describing the general state of affairs (in fishing, trade, etc.) in Labrador, and the problems that Palliser was experiencing
9 April 27, 1768 Stephens (London) Phelps (London) Cover letter for an enclosed copy of instructions for Palliser, dated May 1765 (see pp.11-19)
11-19 May 14, 1765 Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty (London) Palliser (London) Detailed instructions for Palliser concerning commanding Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as new vessels sent from England
21-22 June 2, 1766 Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty (London) Palliser (London) Additional Instructions for Palliser concerning the ownership of Belle Isle, interaction with the Americans and proposed funding for a Blockhouse at Labrador
23 April 26, 1768 Lords of the Admiralty (London) Hillsborough (London) Letter requesting new and additional instructions (if they are required) for Palliser before he leaves for Newfoundland
25-26 Oct. 20, 1768 Palliser (St. John’s) Hillsborough (London) Letter describing the treatment of women, children and Indians in Newfoundland and Labrador
27-28v Jan. 4, 1769 Palliser (London) Hillsborough (London) Letter describing the changes made in Palliser’s government over the previous year
31-31v July 22, 1768 Palliser (St. John’s) d’Angeac (St. Pierre) Letter discussing the now-friendly relations between the French and English, as well as Palliser’s request to maintain the good relations
33-34v Aug. 2, 1768 d‘Angeac (St. Pierre) Palliser (St. John’s) Reply to Palliser’s letter further discussing the relationship between the French and English (in French)
36-48v May-July, 1768 Delarue (Captain of a fishing vessel of Granville), Sampson (fishing admiral), Palliser (St. John’s)   Several documents concerning complaints by Delarue about harassment of his activities in Twillingate (in both French and English)
51-55v Aug., 1768 French fishing admiral at Conche   French complaints about harassment at Croque Harbor by the English fishermen at Twillingate (through p.55v)
57 July 14, 1769 Board of Trade (London) Hillsborough (London) Request that Byron be appointed Governor of Newfoundland
59 April 25, 1769 Board of Trade (London) Hillsborough (London) Letter requesting new and/or additional instructions for Palliser before he leaves for Newfoundland
61-62 May 26, 1769 Weymouth (London) Hillsborough (London) Cover letter for the four following documents
63-66 No date Chatelot (French ambassador in London)   Relates to disputes between the French and English; blame is laid on English (in French)
67 No date Chatelot (London)   Observations that some English fishermen are not following Palliser’s orders (in French)
69-70   Chatelot (London)   Memorial (in French) reclaiming a whale which was found dead at Greenspond and was then forcibly taken from them by the English
71-71v   Chatelot (London)   Memorial concerning the line to be set between Newfoundland and St. Pierre-Miquelon to determine fishing boundaries (in French)
73-74 May 28, 1769 Hillsborough (London) Weymouth (London) Hillsborough’s reply to Weymouth (see pp. 61-62), addressing the issues of the four previous documents
75-75v May 29, 1769 Weymouth (London) Hillsborough (London) Weymouth’s reply to Hillsborough in which he answer many of Hillsborough’s questions
77-77v May 31, 1769 Wood (London) Pownall (London) Letter addressing the question of reinforcing an existing boundary between St. Pierre-Miquelon and Newfoundland in order to settle boundary disputes
79-79v July 28, 1769 Hillsborough (London) Master General of the Ordnance (Granby) Letter discussing the possibility of fortifying the St. John’s Harbor in case of a sudden attack; mentions dismantling the fortress at Placentia
81 Aug. 4, 1769 Granby (London) Hillsborough (London) Cover letter for a report from the Principal Officers of the Ordnance concerning the possible dismantling of the Placentia fortress
83-83v Aug. 3, 1769 Principal Office of the Ordnance (London) Granby (London) Granby’s reply in which he voices his uncertainty about dismantling the fortress at Placentia; copy of a 1751 report on Placentia enclosed (see pp.85-88)
85-88 Nov. 22, 1751 Leonard Smelt (Engineer at Placentia) Ligonier (Lt. General at London) Smelt's 1751 Report on the state of the fortifications at Placentia
89 Oct. 27, 1769 Cooper (London) Pownall (London) Letter regarding a lawsuit made against Palliser
91 Nov. 8, 1769 Lucas (Portsmouth) Hillsborough (London) Letter updating Hillsborough about Lucas’ whereabouts and activities
93-96 Nov. 25, 1769 J. Byron   Letter and supporting documents regarding accounts of the ordnance and ordnance stores at Placentia and St. John’s, English and French fisheries, salmon fishery, status of French activity, Treaty Shore, need for Customs house in St. John’s regarding establishment of naval officers in outports, and the account of arms, ammunition and stores in the magazine at St. John’s.
97-98v July 1769 J. Byron    Survey of brass and iron ordnance at St. John's
99-117v 19 July 1769 J. Byron   Report on munitions, clothing, and other military stores at St. John's
118-118v 8 Aug. 1769 J. Byron   Return of the detachment of the 59th Regiment stationed at Placentia, commanded by Lt. George Hubert
119-120v 31 July 1769 J. Byron   Report on remaining military stores at Placentia
121 [25 Nov. 1769]     Scheme of the Fishery for 1769
122 [25 Nov. 1769]     General account of the French fishery at Newfoundland, St. Pierre & Miquelon, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and on the Banks for 1769 (some annotations)
123-125v 29 July, 1769 J. Byron (Trinity) [_] Stacy Letter regarding the state of the British salmon fishery. Orders that salmon fishery be allowed under Act 10 and 11 of the Fishing Act and that curing and salting be allowed according to the Rules and Regulations (8 articles). "Regulations concerning the salmon fishery"
127-127v 3 Aug., 1769 J. Byron (Croque) [ _] Stacy Proclamation regarding complaints made against English crews left on the Treat Shore during the Winter season and committing criminal offences against both the “Inhabitants’ and French Properties”. Offenders to be prosecuted

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