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1-1v 2 Jan., 1778 George Germain Gov. Montagu Report of a complaint of the theft of 13 casks of salt from Pasquiet. Information of the case is to be sent to Montagu.
3-5 22 Nov., 1777 Robert Pringle George Germain {Enclosed with above] report of harbour fortifications to be built and the present state of defences.
7-8 17 Nov., 1777 Robert Pringle General; The Principal Merchants & Inhabitants of St. John’s [Enclosed ditto] notice that it is possible that the Americans will attack the "Northern part of the continent." Proposals for increasing the security of the fishery and homes.
9 17 Nov., 1777 10 signatures Capt. Pringle [Enclosed ditto] agreement to follow proposals for increasing security in case of an attack by the Americans.
11-11v 19 Jan., 1778 Gov. Montagu George Germain Assures Germain that he will inquire into the case mentioned in the 2 Jan., 1778 letter.
13 11 Jan., 1778 Gov. Montagu George Germain Montagu passes along an affidavit from the merchants of St. John’s to Germain.
15 6 Jan., 1778     [enclosed with above] man chased and taken by pirates off the coast of Newfoundland.
17-18 13 Jan., 1778 Gov. Montagu George Germain Captain Pringle expects an attack on the port soon; Montagu applauds his efforts at increasing local defences. Placentia not yet secure enough. Requests ships to be sent out in the Spring to protect the port.
19-20v 27 Nov., 1777 Robert Pringle Gov. Montagu [enclosed with above] Robert Pringle’s letter where he discusses his fear of an attack on Newfoundland.
21 18 March, 1778 John Caddy William Knox Brief discussion of coal prices and a proposal for the construction of a house for the Governor.
23 5 May, 1778 Gov. Montagu William Knox Notice of the reception of various letters and a suggested sailing date suggested for Montagu’s departure.
25-25v 6 June, 1778 Robert Pringle George Germain news of dispatches from London, mention of American privateers near Placentia, residents desire protection
27-28 6 June, 1778 Robert Pringle George Germain a report on developments and activities during the past winter. No American privateers molested the coast. Pringle praises the men working on the new fortifications, who offered their services as a volunteer defence force, training in the use of small arms. They added 120 men to the defence of St. John's
29 1 Aug., 1778 Thomas Halse     Report on the state of the copper mine at Shoal Bay
31-32v 30 July, 1778 Gov. Montagu George Germain barracks not large enough to hold all the men, forced to set up on the Barrens. Privateers causing trouble for the ports, fears that the ports will be destroyed by summer. Mentions the condition of a number of ships stationed at NFLD. Emigrants to be sent to strengthen the Company of Highland Emigrants
33-33v (pages not numbered; exceeds two pages) 5 Aug., 1778 60+ signatures   Petition regards concerns about the fishery.
34-35 5 Oct., 1778 Gov. Montagu George Germain News of French hostilities in North America, Montagu made preparations and sent ships to attack St. Pierre and Miquelon. American privateer has been operating along the coast of Labrador, sent a ship after it.
36-37 17 Sept., 1778 John Evans Gov. Montagu [enclosed with above] letter regarding the hostilities committed by the French in North America; lists what he will attack in the French islands.
38-38v 14 Sept., 1778 Baron Esperance (Gov. of St. Pierre and Miquelon)   [enclosed with above] Displeasure with the size of the British force sent to his area; wants more attention paid to the officers, and that the inhabitants be sent to France; essentially, that the concerns of "his people" be taken into account.
40-40v 15 Sept., 1778 John Evans Baron Esperance (Gov. of  St. Pierre and Miquelon) [enclosed with above] response to Baron Esperance’s stating that some of his concerns would be addressed. In return, wants a full account of the inhabitants taken.
42-43 16 Oct., 1778 Gov. Montagu (Europe, St. John's) George Germain Sent copies of Evansí despatch of 17 Sept to Germain on 7 Oct by way of Guadeloupe via Lisbon, as well as duplicates by a merchant vessel to Ireland. Evans has since returned to St. Johnís with artillery & marines, and has summarized to Montagu the actions he took in sending LíEsperance & principal inhabitants to France, arrangements for remaining inhabitants (to be evacuated once transports arrive), and orders to destroy houses and store houses
44 16 Oct., 1778 Gov. Montagu George Germain [enclosed with above] inventories of what was seized in St. Pierre: 1) boats, fish, oil, salt; 2) livestock; 3) small arms
46-47 19 Nov., 1778 Gov. Montagu George Germain mentions that the remainder of the inhabitants have been removed from St. Pierre and Miquelon.
48-48v 24 Sept., 1778 Lieutenant Governor Hughes of Nova Scotia Gov. Montagu [enclosed with above] man named Boylston arrested; bringing that person to the attention of Montgu.
50-50v 23 Sept., 1778   Gov. Montagu [enclosed with above] documents found on the man to be sent to Montagu for examination. Mentions Boylston’s connection with the American rebels.
52-52v 29 Oct., 1778     [enclosed with above] table regarding the troops under command of Lieutenant Colonel David Hay
53v-54       [enclosed with above] "A General Scheme of the English Fishery and Inhabitants of Newfoundland for the Year 1778." table.
55-55v 30 Oct., 1778 David Hay   [enclosed with a letter from 20 Nov.] request for a wartime pay of 10 shillings per day for captains commanding at outposts.
57-58 4 Feb., 1779 Robert Pringle George Germain Inhabitants of NFLD took up arms in winter of 1778; requests payment for the costs the inhabitants incurred as a result.
59-60 4 Feb., 1779 Robert Pringle Gov. Montagu Complete list of those who took up arms so that they can be paid.
61-62v 31 Jan., 1779 Robert Pringle George Germain Report on Newfoundland defences for 1772.
63-64v 2 April, 1779 George Germain Gov. Edwards Absence of King’s ships has led to an increase in privateering off the coast of NFLD. Requests that fishing boats be supplied with arms. Mention of Labrador efforts to combat privateers.
66-66v (covers more than 2 pages though) 13 April, 1779 Many signatures George Germain Petition of Merchants and Traders concerned in the fishery
67-67v 12 May, 1779 George Germain Gov. Edwards mentions documents pertaining to Gov. Edwards new position as Governor of NFLD; points out that the documents are missing information regarding some recent Acts.
69-69v 25 May, 1779 David Hay   fire broke out on the 15th, loss of stores. Losses calculated at £60,000. Tells of a very severe winter.
71-72v 12 Sept., 1779 Gov. Edwards   receipt of letter from the Spanish regarding hostile intentions of "the Catholic Kings against His Majesty’s subjects and dominions." Several harbours have been fitted with cannon for defense. Goes into information about the defense of NFLD, drop in the number of privateers.
73-74 12 Sept., 1779 Robert Pringle Gov. Edwards two batteries are "in a perfect state of defense"; Fort Townshead and...... .
75-77 9 Dec., 1779 Gov. Edwards George Germain Edwards announces his arrival with a number of documents enclosed such as an account of the fishery and of cannon. Mentions necessity of taking the Oath of Allegiance. Defenses of the island are good, preparations for invasion. Some men caught plundering a ship.
78 5 Nov., 1779 Gov. Edwards George Germain [enclosed with above] General Return of troops in NFLD from 5 Nov., 1779.
80-81 27 Aug., 1779 Gov. Edwards George Germain [enclosed with above] Account of ordnance and stores at Placentia for 27 Aug., 1779.
82-87 11 Oct., 1779 Gov. Edwards George Germain [enclosed with above] Account of ordnance and stores belonging to the St. John’s garrison for 11 Oct., 1779.
88-89   Gov. Edwards George Germain [enclosed with above] Account of the fishery for 1779.
90-97 2 April, 1779 Gov. Edwards George Germain [enclosed with above] Gov. Edwards instructions and articles for the year 1779.
100   Gov. Edwards George Germain [enclosed with above] Account of ordnance and stores for St. Johns.
102-102v 1 Nov., 1779 Gov. Edwards George Germain [enclosed with above] Report on volunteers and list of the articles that they agreed to (i.e. learning the use of arms).
104-104v 28 Oct., 1779 Gov. Edwards George Germain [enclosed with above] Letter from Edwards to Richard Pringle about raising the volunteers, troops, and fortifications in case of an attack on the island. Pringle appointed to command the Corps of NFLD volunteers.
106 28 Oct., 1779 Gov. Edwards Lt. Caddy [enclosed with above] promotion of Caddy to Captain.
108 28 Oct., 1779 Gov. Edwards Mr. McLean (?) [enclosed with above] promotion of McLean to Lt.
110-112   Gov. Edwards David Hay [enclosed with above] Regulations concerning what to do in case of an enemy invasion in Gov. Edwards’ absence.
114 2 Nov., 1779 Edward Langman   [enclosed with above] court appearance of two men regarding the theft of provisions.
115 12 Sept., 1779 Gov. Edwards   [enclosed with above] General return of troops in NFLD for 12 Sept., 1779.
117-119   Gov. Edwards   [enclosed with above] Proclamation by Edwards regarding fish and oil in NFLD.

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