[NAC Reel B-208] CO 194/5: 97, Extract of a letter from Mr. Elisha Dobree to Captain Taverner, 5 March 1713-14 [L34. Rec'd, Read 20 March 1713-14] Footnote

        I have this day received a letter of my ffriends of St Malo who write me that the ffrench ships continue to goe for St Peters this year, under the pretext of their having still their habitations, & will dispose of none, they having retracted their mind of selling or disposing of them. God send you there, & you shall know their mind, but hope if so, shall not be granted, & Suppose that you have good order to the Contrary. I wish you a good Voyage & remaine,

                                                   Your most Humble Servant

                                                            Elisha Dobree