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A biographical essay on William Waldegrave is available in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Vol. VI


20 Oct. 1797

 Gov. William Waldegrave (Fort Townshend)

Principal Inhabitants of St. Johns

W. has received a reply from the magistrates concerning the proposed market in the town. As soon as it is ready, they will issue a proclamation compelling people with fresh meat to use the market slaughter house. Encourages them to go ahead with its construction. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 267-268)

2-3 20 Oct 1797 Geo. Williams & Arch. Buchanan Waldegrave They conducted a survey of the vacant land adjacent to the church intended for the market. It was part of an "Ancient Ships Room" not used for 20 years & unlikely to be used again as such. Much sand & gravel has been removed so that it's unfit for use by fish flakes (no air circulation); report is enclosed of persons who conducted the survey, as well as survey of land requested by Rev. Mr. O'Donnell & Mr. John Macurdy.* (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 269-270) *faint annotation: "The Report of Survey was not taken Notice of, Neither was there any Grant in consequence thereof."
3-4 18 Oct 1797 George Hutchings, James Winter, Thomas Wakeham & Michael Little   Report of survey of land for market (land last used for making fish 20 years before by Patrick Foreham, agent for John Noble)
4-5 18 Oct 1797 Ditto same 4 names as previous   Report of survey of land with specified location [see next document]. Land has not been occupied and is not used for making fish.
5-6 20 Oct 1797 (Rance for) Waldegrave   Grants the petition of John Macurdy, "Surgeon and resident of St. John's" who, with permission of Gov. King in Oct 1793, fenced in a plot of land; 4 ancient inhabitants have surveyed the land.
6-7 17 Oct 17 D'Ewes Coke, Chief Justice (Supreme Court, St. John's) Waldegrave James Costello indicted for stealing clothing, coins, a watch from a dwelling; found guilty. This is a capital crime because value of stolen items was 4. Sentenced to death but mercy is recommended because theft occurred without violence or aggravated circumstances.
8 20 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Maj. Thomas Charleton, Royal Artillery Charleton requested a leave ("provided a Peace, should take place") effective May 1798 to settle "private concerns"; Waldegrave grants the leave.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 271)
8-9 21 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Robert Carter (Ferryland) Re: a dispute between Michael Dutton & Michael Ready and Andrew Hart; W. will let the matter rest for now, but he scolds Carter for authorizing a grant. Surrogates may recommend grants but not approve grants of any kind. Henceforth Carter is to abide by the limits of his authority.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 272)
9 21 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Wm. J. Eppes, Commissary Concerning the report of yesterday's survey that pork was cindemned as unfit to eat because it had been repacked and lacked sufficient pickling. D'Ewes Coke is to let W. know whether the meat was re-packed and if so, why.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 277)
10 21 Oct 1797 Wm. J. Eppes, Commissary Waldegrave Pork was transported to Signal Hill in bags, not at Eppes' request but at the request of the officers employed in that service.
10-11 21 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Wm. J. Eppes Requests names of the officers who ordered the meat transported as described. Orders that, henceforth, no meat be re-packed for the sake of easier transport. W. is puzzled that meat in casks could not easily be transported when so many heavy guns had been transported to Signal Hill. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 278)
11-12 21 Oct 1797 D'Ewes Cook, Chief Justice (St. John's) Waldegrave Requests permission to take leave for remainder of winter in England to attend to private concerns of a "pecuniary nature" which require personal appearance; all business of consequence should be settled before final convoy departs.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 279)
12-13 22 Oct 1797 Waldegrave   Garrison Order: certain officers to attend divine service; Private Daniel Murphy RNR to work 14 days with fatigue party as punishment for absenting himself without leave from South side command. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 280)
13 22 Oct 1797 Wm. J. Eppes, Commissary Waldegrave Cannot remember which officers ordered the pork casks to be re-packed. This however was necessary because the wooden casks are easily damaged in the storehouse on Signal Hill because they must rest on sharp rocks, & their pickling is then lost.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 281)
13-14 22 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Capt Skinner, Chief Engineer Because storehouse on Signal Hill is in a poor state owing to the floor causing damage to provisions casks, Skinner is to install a platform on which the casks may rest.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 282)
14-15 22 Oct 1797 (Rance for) Waldegrave   Garrison Order: concerning non-coms & privates of the RNR who fail to contribute to the Charitable Fund as per orders of 10 Oct. They will not be permitted to hire 'selves out privately or draw from the fund for relief. Such men are "devoid of the feelings of humanity". Orders two deserters to be sent to Halifax for Court Martial. Governor subscribes an additional 5 guineas to the Charitable Fund. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 283-284)
16 22 Oct 1797 Garrett Keating Waldegrave He suffers for lack of a building ("house") on his property to store vegetables, his cows, and fodder ("fother"); requests permission to build such a structure.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 285)
16-17 22 Oct 1797 Waldegrave D'Ewes Coke No objection to Coke's request for leave.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 286)
17-20 23 Oct 1797 Waldegrave   General Order: Should Commissary of Provisions feel the need to survey provisions while Waldegrave is in England, the commandant should comply in accordance with the attached form.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 287-289)
20 23 Oct 1797 (Rance for) Waldegrave Garrett Keating Permission granted to construct the requested building on his property. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 290)
20-21 23 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Pierce Forristal Has learned that Forristal is conducting the business of JP in the district of St. Lawrence. Wants to know when & from whom he received his commission and whether he has sworn the necessary oaths. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 291)
21 23 Oct 1797 (Rance for) Waldegrave Robert BVollard Requests "two Clean Carts" this morning to transport Waldgrave's baggage to the King's Wharf. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 292)
21-22 23 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Henry Phillips, High Sheriff Has learned that many people erected buildings & enclosed grounds without permission between the time of the departure of Waldegrave's predecssor and W.'s own arrival; this is forbidden and anyone doing this henceforth will have such illegal buildings & fences torn down. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 293)
22-23 23 Oct 1797 Maj. Thos. Charleton, Royal Artillery   A Return of the men, women & children belonging to Charleton's Company, 2nd Battalion, Royal Artillery ordered on board Triton transport bound for England. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 294)
23 23 Oct 1797   W. J. Eppes, Commissary of Provisions He is to provide 3 weeks' rations for the men, women & children of the Royal Artillery named on the other side of this document, who have embarked on Triton transport. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 295)
24 5 Oct 1797 Robert Carter Jr. (Ferryland) Waldegrave Acknowledges receipt of W.'s confirmation of Carter's appointment, first made by Gov. Wallace, as a magistrate for district of Ferryland. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 296)
25-26 23 Oct 1797 Geo. Williams & Arch. Buchanan Waldegrave Submit a list of persons (attached) who have received licenses for public houses, effective Michaelmas 1797 to Michaelmas 1798. Mentions that four have lost their licenses & others were refused. Money received to be used pursuant to W.'s orders of August 12. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 297-298)
26-27 23 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Magistrates of St. John's Acknowledges their letter concerning issuance of pub licenses. Applauds their attention to the character of those receiving, or being refused, licenses, and their attention thereby to preserving peace and good order. Pubs are described as "necessary evils, or rather, evils that from Custom cannot be abolish'd". (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 299-300)
27-28 23 Oct 1797 Capt. James Winter, Nfld Volunteer Company Waldegrave Submits a return of his Company of Volunteers, reviewed by W. on 28 Oct. (attached)  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 301-302)
28 23 Oct 1797 Nathan Parker, Commander   Field return, Corps of Volunteers St. John's Guard
29 23 Oct 1797 Col. Thomas Skiunner, RNR Waldegrave Mrs. Skinner needs to return to England for her health; Skinner cannot go with her & requests leave to allow his son, Lieut. George A.E. Skinner of the Royal Nfld Regt., to go with her.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 303)
29-30 23 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Lt. George A.E. Skinner Grants him 6 months' leave to accompany his mother to England.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 304)
30 24 Oct 1797 (Rance for) Waldegrave   Garrison Order: W. is pleased by appearance of Royal Nfld Volunteers yesterday; nevertheless, encourages them to continue drilling. Lieut. George Skinner granted 6 months leave.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 305)
31 24 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Robert Bollard, Acting Barrack Master W. intends to depart today for England, leaving B. in charge of Govt House & furniture; Capt. Warren, HM Sloop Shark, will reside in Govt House & B. is to provide appropriate amount of fuel. Other instructions included.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 306)
31-32 24 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Wm J. Eppes, Commissary of Provisions Man identified in margin [Thomas Atkins] will be in charge of King's Naval Stores & should therefore receive appropriate rations.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 307)
32 24 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Col. Thos. Skinner, Commandant Boom in Narrows is for security of harbour; if it becomes necessary to move it to the dock yard, he should apply to Capt. Edgell, HM Sloop Pluto; any letters sent to Waldegrave should be sent via Mr. Evan Nepean, Admiralty Secretary.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 308)
33 24 Oct 1797 William Newman & Co. (St. John's) Waldegrave Offers to provide warships on Nfld station with provisions at "Current Price of the Harbor" for payment in bills; if W. agrees, asks that his firm in Dartmouth be informed as to the quantity needed.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 309)
33-35 24 Oct 1797 7 named merchants & principal inhabitants Waldegrave Submit an estimate for construction of the new church; they have over 1000 from the Society, His Majesty, & collections made here; short nearly 250 which they hope will be made up when the money collected in the outports by [former] Gov. Wallace is paid to Mr. Rance.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 310). Original document includes cost of materials for the church [not included in D'Albert transcript]
35-36 10 Oct 1797 (rec'd 24 Oct 1797) James Oakley (Placentia) Waldegrave Was appointed Justice of the Peace by Gov. Richard King; requests that this appointment be confirmed by Waldegrave.
36 24 Oct 1797 Col. Thomas Skinner Waldegrave Requests furlough for one of his privates, based on surgeon's examination.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 311)
37 23 Oct 1797 David Duggin, Acting Surgeon, RNR   Certifies that Private Henry Cole is in very ill health; a "Sea Voyage & a Change of Climate is absolutely necessary for the preservation of his Life."  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 312)
37-38 9 Oct 1797 (rec'd 24 Oct 1797) Robert Carter (Ferryland) Waldegrave Has sent a copy of the pleas in the surrogate court to the Chier Justice; now sends copy to W.
38-50 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland A lengthy account of his disagreement with Lt. General Prince Edward over Waldegrave's military powers in Nfld.; goes into the recent history of how Crown ministers defined and set out the military powers of past Nfld governors. Attaches copies of letters to support his position [these letters are not included], as well as arguments based on his interpretation of his instructions as well as the logic of recent events. Discusses the risks that ensue if he lacks the power to enforce military discipline in Nfld. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 313-323)
50-55 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland Waldegrave offers thoughts and suggestions on forming a "proper magistracy" in Newfoundland. Those qualified for the job have more lucrative employment which they are reluctant to sacrifice if they become magistrates. Best qualified = SPG missonaries, then doctors & surgeons. Yet they are reluctant to render decisions which anger or offend the merchants on whom their incomes depend (power of merchants in outports is that of "perfect despots, being the sole possessors of the meat, drink and clothing by which their wretched subjects are supported"), Best solution is to pay salaries to JPs which would make them independent of the merchants. Expense could be defrayed with 2 new taxes on liquor & on dieters. Over 720,000 gallons of liquor was imported 1790-96; a 6d/gallon tax would have generated 18,000. A tax on dieters would either discourage vagrancy or generate income.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 324-327). A postscript (which is not in the D'Alberti transcript) includes calculations of income generated currently by pub licenses.
56 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland Urges Portland to give the proposed measures serious consideration.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 328)
56-58 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland Waldegrave makes the case for the establishment of a market in St. John's: the poor would have an outlet for their produce; lack of market for meat encourages sheep-stealing by discouraging enclosures for livestock.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 329-330)
58-59 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland Concerning a "delicate" issue first raised by Rev. Harries & Rev. Jenner. W. requests opinions of Crown lawyers on his powers to fine, punish, even exile those who refuse to obey or abide by the Proclamation he proposes.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 331)
59-61 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland Raises problems in current procedure to survey the Army Provisions of this garrison. Recommends changes to the current "defective" method of destroying condemned provisions by throwing them into the sea. Navy disposes of condemned provisions more carefully, requiring that disposal actually be witnessed. W. fears that condemned military provisions might end up being sold in town. Wants a better process. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 332-333)
62-63 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland This despatch concerns the "unwarrantable proceedings of the Court Martial" enclosed with this despatch; he disapproved of the outcome, as it undermined discipline. Seeks direction and advice.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 334-335)
63-64 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland W. discusses the situation described by Mr. Waldron in Fortune Bay: need for a regular patrol in summer and a vessel to be stationed at Harbour Breton in winter. Shark sloop unsuitable, but Capt. Crofton recommends a 70-80 ton cutter. Shallops were formerly deemed acceptable but the population in the region has grown beyond the point where they can serve the need, and an armed cutter would therefore be best.   (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 336)
64-65 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland W. explains his response to the instructions he received concerning the Beothuks. The goal of government has always been "to have, if possible, these poor unfortunate wretches civiliz'd". He therefore issued a proclamation (the first in many years) which has generated some information about the Beothuk. W. believes that more serious steps are needed "in order to save from destruction the sad remains of this unhappy persecuted race of people". W. seeks further instructions from government.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 337)
66-67 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave William Windham, Secretary at War Concerning Second Gunner Hughes, a deserter who escaped while being held for transport to Halifax for Court Martial. W. desires this be looked into and proper measures put in place to prevent reptition.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 338-339)
68-69 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Duke of Portland W. is not satisfied with the way in which garrison provisions are managed. Seeks tighter instructions for Commissary of Provisions. W. had no idea about the state in which provisions at Signal Hill were handled. All Nfld might have been lost if the island were attacked when provisions were so neglected.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 340-341)
69-70 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave Marquis Cornwallis, Master Gen. of the Ordnance Submits an account of all ordnance in all forts & batteries in Nfld. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 342)
70-71 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave D. of Portland Gives the value of the condemned provisions. They were condemned "in toto", rather than separating bad from good. This approach needs to be corrected.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 343)
71-72 25 Oct 1797 Waldegrave
(St. John's)
D. of Portland Submits request of the merchants at Trepassey [for improvement to local defences]. W. points out that existing defences there & pother outports "have ... been shamefully neglected". Yet if Trepassey request is granted, other outports will make similar requests. Awaits receipt of a survey of the state of existing outport defences & ordnance stores.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 344)
72-75 23 Nov 1797 Waldegrave (London) D. of Portland W. discusses the hardship posed in Nfld by the lack of coinage in circulation. This most afffects the poor, esp. the troops who must purchase needs in shops at sometimes 50 percent above what they'd pay with hard cash. This caused great "murmuring", such that W. sent a spare ship to Halifax for coinage. Had the ship not been available, a mutiny might have ensued. This is a temproary measure; hard cash quickly disappears unless enough is injected into the local economy (much leaves Nfld for England when people return there with cash in pockets). More cash leaves Nfld in payment for cattle & livestock from Island of St. John's [PEI] as well as Halifax & Quebec. A few years ago, the Ordnance Board issued dollars marked "Ord" for use in Nfld but this has been discontinued. Local merchants regard small copper coinage as "injurious to their interests" (they make more profit with bills of exchange). Other arguments can be made in favour of introducing coinage to local economy. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 354-356)
75 26 Nov 1797 Waldegrave D. of Portland W. conveys the proposal of the residents of St. John's for repairing or replacing the church; describes funds raised and funds still needed.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 359)
76-77 27 Nov 1797 Bishop of London Waldegrave? Has received his of 23 Nov, with enclosures, complaining of "Irregularities". Hopes that the rulings & proclamations of Chief Justice & Governor will suffice. However, he'll confer with fellow peers in H. of Lords as well as his Chancellor, Sir Wm Scott, for advice on best ecclesiastical solution.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 360-361)
77-78 8 Dec 1797 Waldegrave (London) D. of Portland On reviewing the records of Nfld, he found letter of 22 May 1795 to Gov. Wallace, signed by Mr. Rose, authorizing governor to draw on Treasury to pay balance of Sheriff's account. Wallace never paid this, and so the debt of over 170 is still owing. Wishes to know whether he can draw on Treasury to pay this upon his retirn to SJ in spring. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 369)
78 8 Dec 1797 Waldegrave (London) Earl of Cardigan Submits enclosed; questions what's written on the back because, to judge by the date of Waldegrave's commission, it seems to supercede that of General Prescott. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 370)
79 7 Dec 1797 George Chalmers   Extract of commission dated 2 June 1787, referencing Gov. Milbanke's authority "over all the Forts and Garrisons" in his jurisdiction. This was cited in Milbanke's "Report on the Judicature of Newfoundland" read before the Privy Council for Trade & Plantations on 16 Feb 1790. Gen. Prescott's commission dated 15 Dec 1796; Waldegrave's commission dated 16 May 1797, (signed) William Pollock (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 371)
79-80 9 Nov 1797; rec'd 13 Dec 1797 John Ranson (St. John's) Waldegrave? Encloses letters received in Cowes Road from Capt. Barker, Tribune, under whose convoy Ranson came, too late to meet W. before his departure for England; Ranson has been appointed the Barrack Master at St. John's.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 351)
80 18 Oct 1797; rec'd 13 Dec 1797 John Evans Waldegrave Rec'd W.'s of 9 Oct, requesting an account of guns & ordnance stores, which he submitted to the Commander and Storekeeper of the Garrison. 
80-81 17 Oct 1797; rec'd 13 Dec 1797 Ph. N. Cortlandt, Capt., RNR (Placentia) John Evans Evans gave him W.s letter [of 9 Oct], addressed to the Magistrate. Cortlandt did not respond with a survey of ordnance & stores, believing W.'s letter to be a circular intended only for the magiustrates. He claims that that any request to him for a survey of the ordnance should have been sent to him directly.
81-83 [two pages  numbered p. 83] 8 Nov 1797; rec'd 13 Dec 1797 Robert Bollard Jr., Ordnance Storekeeper Waldegrave Return of Ordnance & Ordnance Stores at Placentia
83-84 17 Oct 1797; rec'd 13 Dec 1797 Francis Bradshaw (Trepassey) James Rance (for Waldegrave) Gov. Wallace had entered something on record about Bradshaw's conduct while Acting Magistrate at Trepassey; asks that Gov. Waldegrave take note of the attached testimonial by the merchants of Trepassey about Bradshaw's service as magistrate and citizen
84 10 Oct 1797 10 names (Trepassey)   endorsement of Francis Bradshaw, resident for 4 years and Acting Magistrate for 2.
85 18 Oct 1797; rec'd 13 Dec 1797 John Evans (Placentia) Waldegrave Evans serves as acting Chaplain of the Placentia garrison; here he requests next available vacant quarters.
85-86 18 Nov 1797; rec'd 13 Dec 1797 Robert Carter (Ferryland) Waldegrave Rec'd W.'s of 4 Nov, requesting report on state of guns & ordnance stores. Cannon generally unserviceable but small arms in good condition. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 352-353)
86-87 18 Oct 1797; rec'd 13 Dec 1797 Isaac Follett (Trepassey) Rance (for Waldegrave) Concerning Edmund Kelley & John Richards of St. Mary's; encloses Richards' patent for a fishing room with opinion of Principal Inhabitants respecting the land in dispute.
87-88 30 Aug 1720 Capt. George Purvis, HMS Dursley   Yesterday the Admirals of the harbour of St. Mary's called a court to examine the right of John Rose, Inhabitant, to a fishing stage & room. The Admirals find this to be a planter's room and not a ship's room. The Admirals have determined the boundaries so that this room may not encroach on ships' rooms or vice versa. (Details of boundaries)
89 11 Oct 1797 Wm Tilsed, Jonathan Travers, Jonathan Miller, Ben Lidford   These four principal inhabitants have examined and confirmed the above as an original patent or grant.
89 11 Oct 1797 same 4 inhabitants + Isaac Follett   copy of the above but also endorsed by Isaac Follett
90-94 20 Oct 1797 (rec'd 13 Dec. 1797) John Bland (Bonavista) Waldegrave More on treatment of the Beothuk Indians, following receipt of W.'s letter of 20 Sept. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 6, pp. 394-395). Suggests that there once may have been hostility between Eskimos and Boethuks but that today, Eskimo are rarely seen south of Cape Charles [in Labrador] so the two people have no relationship. Discusses case of June, an Indian captured as a boy and died 30 years ago, who "became uncommonly expert in all the branches of the Newfoundland business" and frequently visited his parents in the interior. Claims Beothuk venerate the cross and erect them on their winter hourses to protect them from destruction by fishermen. According to Mr. Cartwright, relations with Eskimos can be better than with some Europeans. After June died, August ("who died a few years ago") was the only Indian in European possession. Taken as an infant when his mother was shot. Bland still believes that Eskimos and Beothuks once interacted and may somehow be related. Mentions frequent opportunities by Europeans to encounter Beothuk, esp. in Gander Bay where Mr. Street of Poole has a salmon station and his men serve as furriers in the winter. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 273-276)
94 20 Oct 1797; rec'd 13 Dec 1797 Robert Carter (Ferryland) Waldegrave Rec'd W.'s of 13 Aug; W.'s of 15 Oct arrived 27 Oct [? Carter's letter is dated 20 Oct! Perhaps it was 30 Oct?] W.'s proclamation was communicated to every merchant in Ferryland on 27 Oct; servants time will expire 31 Oct so Carter thought it "expedient" to communicate the contents immediately [presumably W.'s expectations that servants are to contribute to charitable fund]. 
95 1 Nov. 1797; rec'd 13 Dec '97 Charles Garland (Harbour Grace) Waldegrave Was unable to submit a complete return of guns & ordnance before W. left for England. Garland had not been appointed JP when these arrived in Harbour Grace; Mr. Holden & Lilly received the guns who then delivered them to Capt. McBraire when Capt. of Militia in Hbr Grace. An account of the ordnance is appended to Garland's letter (which is not included in tn the D'Alberti transcript).  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 345)
96 1 Nov. 1797; rec'd 13 Dec '97 John Bland (Bonavista) Waldegrave Has received W.'s despatch of 11 Oct concerning proposal for relief of the poor;  arrived too late to act but will do their best in 1798.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 346)
96 1 Nov. 1797; rec'd 13 Dec '97 John Bland (Bonavista) (Rance for) Waldegrave Has received W.'s of 15 Oct (a duplicate of his of 13 Aug., never received; reports that there are no public houses in his district.   (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 347)
97 8 Nov 1797; rec'd 13 Dec '97 Isaac Follett (Trepassey) Waldegrave Response to W.'s of 9 Oct, requesting report on state of ordnance & defences. These are "All ... in bad order, owing to their having been some time past without any of the Military to inspect." Attached is a statement of stores received by Francis Bradshaw by order of Capt. Wm Minett for defence of Trepassey in 1794  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 349-350)
98 13 Dec 1797 William J. Eppes (Poole) Waldegrave Arrived in Poole in HMS Surprize under orders of Col. Skinner to expedite shipment of provisions in the spring for the Nfld garrison. This is because Kitty storeship failed to arrive in Nfld with balance of winter supply, and most ships bound for Nfld under convoy of HMS Tribune were captured, thus creating a serious shortage of provisions in Nfld ("a greater scarcity ... than was ever remembered"). This shortage makes it very difficult to turn to local supplies for the troops.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 373)
99-101 15 Dec 1797 Waldegrave D. of Portland Concerning "distress'd situation" of the SPG missionaries in Nfld; need for increase of salary, esp. for Mr. Harries, the missionary in St. John's owing in part to his large family but also to his need to receive & host his brethren missionaries when they visit, and possibly to serve as an incentive to serve there. Goes on to stress that "a winter residence on this dreadful Island, can scarcely be too highly rewarded". Recommends an addition 10-12 per 3 years plus pension of 200/annum upon retirement. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 374-375)
101-104 16 Dec 1797 Waldegrave Henry Dundas [identical letter sent to D. of Portland] Submits extract from a book by Mr. Stokes, Barrister & late Chief Justice of Georgia; W. emphasizes that it should not apply to Nfld "which in fact is a sort of amphibious government, totally unlike any other". Proper defence of St. John's requires 2000 men yet relies only on a locally raised regiment numbering, at max., 600 men plus 1 company of artillery & 300-400 volunteers. Nfld can therefore not afford to assist in defence of Nova Scotia or Canada. W. urges that command of local defences be wholly restored to the Nfld governor to prevent "this invaluable Nursery for our Seamen" from falling to the enemy. The "divided command" which now exists is a serious problem. One other consideration: the naval rank of the governor is usually greater than that of the military commander in Nova Scotia. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 376-378)
104 17 Dec 1797 Waldegrave (London) D. of Portland Sends him Eppes' letter [above, p. 98] & his reply [below] concerning shortage of provisions in Nfld.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 379)
104-106 17 Dec 1797 Waldegrave (London) William J. Eppes W. is surprised that Col. Skinner would order Eppes to England when he is so clearly needed in St. John's. He should return as soon as possible. In the meantime, every effort will be made to re-supply Nfld. W. assumes that the supplies in the Kitty will suffice for now but W. has no idea how much more is needed, "Colonel Skinner having been entirely silent on the Subject."  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 380-381)
106-109 17 Oct 1797; rec'd 18 Dec '97 Lt. General [Prince] Edward (Halifax) Waldegrave A reply to W.'s of 15 Sept. [See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 6, pp. 368-370]. Prince Edward doesn't concede his position, that troops in Nfld are ultimately under British N. American command, but also endeavours to be as polite to W.'s position as possible.
109 9 Jan. 1798 Waldegrave (London) D. of Portland Submits letter received by W. from Col. Skinner regarding the shortage of provisions in Nfld. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 1)
109-111 7 Dec 1797; Rec'd 9 Jan '98 Thomas Skinner Waldegrave Explains shortage of provisions for Nfld garrison and the reasons why; no provisions in Nfld to be purchased [no reference to sending Eppes to England]. Has learned of Adm Duncan's naval victory; ordered a salute to mark it. Transmits the state of Ordnance at Placentia, and includes state of St. John's garrison [not in D'Alberti transcript]. Requests assistance in securing his missing back pay.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 2-3)
112 12 Dec 1797; rec'd 9 Jan '98 Robert Bollard, Acting Barrack Master (St. John's) Waldegrave Estimate of repairs to garrison buildings at St. John's; requests permission to proceed [Estimate is not included].  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 372)
112-113 4 Dec 1797; rec'd 9 Jan 1798 John Evans (Placentia) (James Rance for) Waldegrave Rec'd Governor's command by Rance's of 16 Oct 1797, with duplicate of 13 Aug (never received) [concerning Charitable Fund]; arrived too late in season to have an effect as servants had all been paid. Locals have always contributed generously towards relief of the poor.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 368)
113-114 10 Jan 1798 Waldegrave (London) ? Passes on Robert Bollard's estimate of cost of repairs to various garrison buildings in St. John's; W. has approved them but is unable to confirm their necessity. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 4)
114-115 30 Nov 1797 William Windham (War Office) Adm. Waldegrave Has received W.'s of 28 Aug., with enclosure, relative to the appointment of Capt. Hierlihy as Fort Adjutant. This cannot be confirmed without the recommendation of the district military commander. Needs support of Gen. Prescott & of Lieut Gen. Prince Edward. A similar situation arose during term of Gov. Wallace (see Windham to Wallace, 26 Feb. 1797) over the appt. of a garrison surgeon.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 362-363 and duplicate in pp. 365-366)
115-116 26 Feb 1797 William Windham (War Office) Adm. Sir James Wallace Wallace has appointed a new garrison surgeon; Windham cannot confirm this because such appointments must be made on the recommendation of the district military commander.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 364 and duplicate in p. 367)
116-118 n.d. (24 Jan 1798 accdg to Waldegrave's response below) Petition of 20 merchants of Dartmouth & Exon (also Newton Abbott, Teignmouth & Exeter Lord High Admiral (copy sent by him to the Admiralty) Request for convoy of trade to Nfld from England 1 March and to Portugal for salt, to leave Lisbon for Nfld by 20 Feb. Also request naval protection during summer in Nfld; St. John's has fortifications but outports can only be defended by warships ("7/8 of the Fishery can have no other Protection"). Warships will further serve to protect trade in the fall when it departs for England and Portugal. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, pp. 5-6)
118 31 Jan 1798 Waldegrave (London) Committee of Nfld Trade for ... Dartmouth & Exon Has received their petition of 24 Jan 1798 and passed it on to the Admiralty; copies of correspondence passed on to D. of Portland. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 7)
119 31 Jan 1798 Waldegrave (London) Evan Nepean, Adm. Secretary Requests that the petition be communicated to the Lords of the Admiralty. W. supports the petition (it "is well grounded"). W. adds that, without more troops, the harbour defences can be manned only by the crews of 2-3 more frigates; a battleship in addition to the flagship would also help. "the Works cannot be defended with the slightest hopes of success" with the current garrison.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 8)
120 31 Jan 1798 Waldegrave (London) D. of Portland Submits copies of the petition of the merchants requesting convoys for 1798, as well as of his letter to the Admiralty Secretary.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 9)
120-121 3 Feb 1798 Waldegrave (London) D. of Portland Has learned about Reeve's History of Newfoundland; asks Portland to arrange to have W. provided with enough copies to be distributed to all captains & commanders of the Nfld station ships.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 10)
121-122 3 Feb 1798 Waldegrave (London) D. of Portland Transmits a copy of a letter (below) sent to W. by Capt. Crofton of HM Sloop Pluto concerning the Magdalen Islands and the Nfld fishery. Requests that Portland submit a copy of Crofton's letter to the Board of Trade. (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 11)
122-151 10 Jan 1798 Cmdr Ambrose Crofton (Portsmouth) Waldegrave This is an extremely detailed letter, full of information about many parts of Nfld and many issues, which Commander Crofton collected during a cruise in HM Sloop Pluto around the island of Nfld, the Labrador coast to the Magdalen Islands in Aug.-Oct. 1797. He visited Croque (French Shore), Temple Bay in Labrador which the French destroyed in 1796, & where Crofton encountered a shallop of Eskimos, potential for trade with them, American presence on Labrador coast. From there down to Point Riche, then Bay of Islands (no inhabitants seen), Bay St. George & "Foreign Indians" & 2 families of fishermen. Indians trap furs & take them to Fortune Bay & Bay d'Espoir (they came to Bay St. George from Cape Breton for "deer" and eels). Then sailed to Magdalen Island; describes residents and island economy -- more agriculture than fishing. One British fishery there to exploit walrus; large American fishery there (details) & abundant cod fishery but walrus fishery has been "totally annihilated". Sailed to SW Nfld, then east to St. Pierre & Miquelon (describes St. Pierre since it was re-taken by British) and Harbour Breton; comments on population growth in Fortune Bay, owing to cod fishery & herring fishery. General obervations: no British incursions onto French Shore and no fishery east of C. Ray; therefore no British fishery from Fogo north then down to Cape Ray around to Bay d'Espoir. Describes devastation at Croque. Describes herring fishery in Fortune Bay. Describes "great evil" of out-migration supported by Nfld & American herring vessels (need for naval patrols to discourage). Return to St. Pierre (description of current British residents). If and when St. Pierre is restored to the French, reconstruction will almost certainly require access to timber resources of Nfld South Coast. Proceeded to Placentia then St. John's. As per his instructions, he offers observations on the Beothuks (territorial range in Bay Exploits, winter & summer habits, friction with fishermen); their lack of gunpowder weapons may make them vulnerable to the "Foreign Indians" who have such weapons; proclamations to protect them are useless. Need for a survey of their region and to station a warship there in winter to discourage attacks on the Indians. No sign of illegal trade; Americans desire legal trade but merchants watch them too closely to permit illegal trade. Portugal salt ships do not bring wine in large quantities. Laws to withold part of servants' pay has led to higher passage charges which discourages return to England. Out-migration to America is a serious problem. Americans engage in salmon fishing in rivers. Labrador has great development potential. Whale fishery should be developed (American do well here). No references made to him about Fishing Admirals when justices or surrogates are present. Salmon fishery is seasonal, and displaced once capelin bring the cod in. Cost of local provisions is high but justified by cost of freight & insurance. Property ownership is widespread though few can prove title. Recommendations to encourage fishery & trade: Nfld now has "more the appearance of a Colony than a Fishery", with much property & cultivation; this undermines migratory fishery or effectiveness of fishery as a nursery for seamen. Merchants boast of quantity of British manufactures consumed in Nfld but if fishermen returned to England, they'd consume same amount there. How to remedy this "increasing evil"? Crofton has no solution. More patrols; fresh provisions readily available in Magdalen Islands (meat prices). Fixed defences at Placentia are incapable of stopping a determined attack; military strength should be concentrated at St. John's. (Follow this link for a full transcript of Crofton's Report; this is a more accurate transcription than can found on pp. 12-40 of the D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
152 7 Nov 1797 Thos. Skinner (St. John's) Waldegrave Since W.'s departure, several letters have been received which Skinner now forwards. Reports that the Charitable Fund is doing well & is beginning to include some outports. Provision ship has not arrived; only 5 months provisions remain, yet provisions throughout Nfld are already so scarce that turning to inhabitants to purchase more for the garrison will be difficult & expensive. Commissary officer has been sent to England to forward more provisions quickly. Garrison is healthy but "we have lost several ... by constant continuance of wet weather." (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, p. 348) [Not the letter to which reference is made below]
153 6 Feb 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland Submits copies of 2 letters. One is from Col. Skinner, received yesterday; Waldegrave asks Portland to take appropriate measures. Second is from Capt. Warren of HM Sloop Shark with enclosures.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 41)
153-155 15 Jan 1798; rec'd 5 Feb 1798 Thomas Skinner Waldegrave Elizabeth transport with detachment of 6th Regt. Irish Brigade bound for Halifax but forced on 11 Dec. 1797 into Placentia Bay by storm damage & lack of provisions; too damaged to proceed. Placentia garrison & town already very short of provisions (10 weeks in store); none to be had for purchase because only half ordered by Treasury last year has arrived. Desperate need for supplies. PS (18 Jan.): 2 more letters from officers in Placentia confirm this; 9 soldiers & 2 women of the Brigade are dead & the crew of the trasnport are ill. Evidence points to "an epidemical Fever".  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, pp. 42-43)
155-156 14 Dec 1797 Capt. Wm O'Kennedy, 6th Irish Brigade (Placentia) Col. Skinner Describes situation on Elizabeth transport carrying 2 companies of his Brigade to Halifax. Weather & lack of provisions forced them to Placentia Bay (3 weeks provisions left on board). Informed Capt. Cortlandt (Placentia) who sends express by land to inform Skinner.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 44). O'Kennedy includes effective state of the 146 men in his command [no women mentioned; this "Effectuve State" is not in the D'Alberti transcript]
156-157 30 Dec 1797 Capt. Phillip V. Cortlandt (Placentia) Col. Skinner Followup to his of 16 December. Describes arrival and condition of the Elizabeth transport. He lacks provisions to assist through the winter.  Troops from the transport are sickly (some have died) & lack clothing & bedding. Troops were landed & houses as best as possible by Mr. Bollard, Acting Barrack Master.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 45)
157-159 1 Jan 1798 Wm. O'Kennedy (Placentia) Col. Skinner Describes hiring a schooner to carry provisions ("at great Expense") & move the Elizabeth into Placentia harbour. Men brought ashore on advice of the physician; room in garrison for only 20 so had to distribute remainder among the houses. Needs warmer accommodations. PS: money issued to the regiment was stamped "Spanish Dollars", valued at 4sh 9d but locals will accept them only at 4sh 6d despite ef (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, pp. 46-47) forts of Mr. Evans, the JP. Requests that the inhabitants be advised.
159 18 Jan 1798; rec'd 5 Feb 1798 Frederick Warren, HM Sloop Shark (St. John's) Waldegrave Encloses letter from Skinner explaining great scarcity of provisions (which surprised Warren) plus Warren's reply. Warren believes he can return to Nfld [from Halifax, see below] in 5 weeks by 1 March with provisions as needed by the garrison.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 48)
160-162 17 Jan. 1798 Col. Thomas Skinner (St. John's) Capt. Warren, Shark Commissary of Provisions says that the provisions in store are barely sufficient for the garrison until early March. Skinner has had to order fresh beef for troops at expense to govt. in order to delay using provisions. But there's no more fresh beef to do this. This will place garrison in distress at a difficult time of the year when the enemy could  attack. Something must have happened to the transport expected with balance of provisions. Moreover, the arrival of the Elizabeth transport in Placentia greatly exacerbates the problem. Therefore asks Warren to help by bringing provisions "from Halifax, or elsewhere".  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, pp. 49-50)
162 18 Jan 1798 Frederick Warren, HM Sloop Shark Skinner Will do his best, and sail when weather permits.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 51)
163 7 Feb 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland St. John's Cemetery is full, needs to expand, but people with land adjacent will not agree to sell; W. seeks govt assistance to pressure people to sell the land.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 52)
163-164 7 Feb 1798 Waldegrave Archbishop of Canterbury Concerning the new church in St. John's and the expectation of donations from the Crown and from the SPG.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 53)
164 16 Feb 1798 W. Fawkener (Bd of Trade Council Chamber, Whitehall)   A response to complaint about shortage of coinage in Nfld; Waldegrave, Chief Justice D'Ewes Coke, Dr. Ogden, magistrate in Nfld, & John Reeves, Law Clerk are to determine whether English copper coinage should be sent to fill the need or whether coins made expressly for Nfld should be sent (which carries the risk of the coins not being usable elsewhere). What denominations would serve best?   (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 54)
165 19 Feb 1798 Wm Morice, Secretary, SPG (London) Waldegrave Thanking Waldegrave & letting him know that the salaries of each SPG missionary in Nfld have been increased.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 55)
165-166 16 Feb 1798 Wm Morice   A copy of the resolution thanking Waldegrave for his service to religion in Nfld & formally approving increases in salaries of the four misionaries of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Nfld.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, p. 56)
166-168 19 Feb 1798 D. of Portland Waldegrave An act to permit importation to Nfld of bread, flour, maize & livestock from the United States for the then ensuing season only, by British subjects in British ships, according to specified conditions.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8, pp. 57-59)
169-170       "Form of License" provided by Customs Commisioners (London). This is the form to be used when importing provisions from the United States under the terms described above by the Act of Parliament (see pp. 60-61 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
170-171 25 Feb 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland More on the danger to Gov. of Nfld of not being "vested with powers to Order a General Court Martial". Draws attention to precedents in Africa & New South Wales where General Courts Martial may be held with 5 commissioners; solicits a similar regulation in Nfld (see p. 62 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
171-172 23 Nov 1797 Waldegrave Bishop of London Submits 20th article of his instructions, which stipulate restrictions on who can give sacraments in Nfld. Seeks support of Bishop & of Archbishop of Canterbury in finding a solution to the situation quickly.  (See D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 7, pp. 357-358)
173 3 March 1798 Rupert George, Ambrose Serle, John Marsh (Transport Office, London) Waldegrave Enclose copy of a letter from the master of the Elizabeth transport who was forced into Placentia; the master "is not so anxious to proceed" as might be wished; they request that Waldegrave order him to proceed to Halifax. (See p. 63 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
173-175 19 Dec 1797 James Lane, Master (Elizabeth transport, Placentia) "Sir" [Transport Office] Detailed report on circumstances which forced him into Placentia (storm; damage to ship, sickliness of sailors & soldiers, forced into Placentia Bay, first to Burne's Cove & then Placentia, unable to proceed further).  (See p. 65 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
175 8 March 1798 Waldegrave Capt. Sotheron, Latona Master of Elizabeth has "evinc'd a disposition to remain longer" at Placentia. Upon his arrival in St. John's, Sotheren is to "give such directions as may hasten" Lane's departure.  (See p. 66 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
176 6 March 1798 Alex Whitehead (Transport Office) Waldegrave Scipio (190 tons), Capt. Schank, lies in The Downs with provisions, ready to depart for Nfld via Portsmouth under escort of Volcano bomb vessel; Thomas (96) & Orion (250 tons) are now loading at Deptford; Kitty (359 tons) is ready at Plymouth to sail for Nfld under escort of Melampus [a frigate].  (See p. 67 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
176-177 9 March 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland Reports a situation with Royal Nfld Regt which "may lead ... to the most fateful consequences": officers of the regiment have never yet received their commissions & therefore not legally qualified to sit as members of a Court Martial. Some have therefore refused to sit unless provided by Col. Skinner with "an indemnification in writing" as a legal protection against lawsuit. Concerned lest "an undisciplined body of Troops" discover that their officers have "no legal power over them."  (See p. 68 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
 Copies of letters sent to W. on 10 March 1798 by George Rose, Secretary to the Treasury
178-179 7 Feb 1798 Comptroller's Office Lords Commissioners of the Treasury (Copy) Concerning the shortage of provisions in Nfld, and whether the Commissary of Provisions at Nfld should be ordered to "some American Port" to acquire provisions; they've also learned that the Kitty, one of the the supply ships destined for Nfld last year, never arrived with its cargo (described in margin) & that D. of Portland feels that a supply should be sent to St. John's. Comptrollers feel that best solution is to order Kitty (now at Plymouth) to proceed immediately, and to take steps to ensure this year's provisions are sent as soon as possible. Regard the decision of Mr. Eppes to come to England without permission "very reprehensible" and feel that he should be directed to return on the Kitty.  (See pp. 70-71 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
179 17 Feb 1798 George Rose (Treasury Chambers) William Isham Eppes (Copy) Note that Eppes left Nfld without permission of the Treasury or Gov. Waldegrave; Treasury is displeased; he must return to Nfld by the Kitty fitting out at Plymouth or by first opportunity, or lose his job.  (See p. 72 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
179-180 1 March 1798 George Rose William I. Eppes (Copy) He is ordered to Plymouth to join the Kitty  (See p. 73 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
180 8 March 1798 George Rose William I. Eppes (Copy) transmits additional instructions which he is to give "the most implicit obedience"  (See p. 74 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
181-190 8 March 1798 J. Thomas Townshend, S. Douglas, Charles Small Pybus William I. Eppes (Copy) Very detailed list of 8 instructions relating to Eppes' duties & responsibilities, the records he must keep, the supervisions under which he must work, the witnesses required for his proceedings, process of assessing lost or damaged supplies; forms to be used when surveying & condemning spoiled provisions. (See pp. 75-83 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
190-191 12 March 1798 Ambrose Serle, John Schank, Wm A. Otway Waldegrave enclose letter of 10 March from Lieut. Clements, their agent at Plymouth, relative to Kitty transport which is to await the Nfld convoy at Falmouth.  (See p. 84 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
191 10 March 1798 Lieut. Clements Secretary of the Transport Board (Extract): Kitty transport sailed yesterday for Falmouth to await the Nfld fleet.  (See p. 85 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
191-192 23 March 1798 (J. King for) D. of Portland Waldegrave Response to W.'s of 9 March, concerning the lack of commissions for officers of RNR; their names will be presented to the King for "approbation"  (See p. 86 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
192-193 24 March 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland Delicately asks when he'll receive the 500 promised by the Crown for the new church in St. John's; W. has bought much of the material and the bills are due very soon. Also asks that the plans for the church be forwarded to the Archbishop of Canterbury & the SPG once he no longer needs those plans, SPG have subscribed 400 for the church.  (See pp. 87-88 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
193-194 3 Apr 1798 George Rose (Treasury) Waldegrave Mr. Commissary Eppes & his assistants must obtain certificates from W. whenever pruchases are made or payment for transport or labour is made by his office; W. is to approve such certificates "if you are satisfied of the facts"  (See p. 89 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
194 16 March 1798 William Morice, Secretary, SPG   from the Minutes of a meeting: people of Conception Bay requested an allowance for John Tucker who has taught school there "for many Years"; approve 10 if Gov. Waldegrave gives his "approbation" of Mr. Tucker  (See p. 90 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
195 30 March 1798 Frederick Mackenzie, Asst. Barrack Master General (Barrack Office) Waldegrave Conveys Barrack Master General's directions to enclose a bill from Messrs Jackson & Mosers for stores for Govt House in St. John's (See p. 91 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
195 5 May 1798 P. George Cranfurd (Pay Office) Waldegrave UnderSec. of State King suggested that Nfld troops coukd use specie payment. Mr. Steele requests a conversation on the topic with W. (See p. 92 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
196 5 May 1798 11 merchants in the Nfld trade (Poole) Waldegrave Request that convoy to Nfld be delayed until 15 June, & that Agincourt be assigned to the convoy. (See p. 93 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
196-197 7 May 1798 Waldegrave Evan Nepean Passes the request (above) to the Admiralty (See p. 94 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
197 7 May 1798 Waldegrave P. George Cranfurd Agrees to the appoitnment with Mr. Steele (See p. 95 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
197-198 10 May 1798 (James P. Rance for) Waldegrave D'Ewes Coke, Chief Justice Lords of Treasury have requested W. to provide certificate confirming that Coke hasn't received any portion of fees, etc. last year. This is therefore to ask Coke to confirm in writing that this is the case & to what amount. (See p. 96 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
198-199 12 May 1798 D'Ewes Coke (Poole) (Rance for) Waldegrave Confirms that he received no fees nor is he entitled to any because he receives salary of 300/annum + allowance of 40/annum for a clerk. Fees collected in 1797 were 260, of which 180 is owed the Sheriff who hasn't been paid. Balance left goes into payment of public debt. (See pp. 97-98 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
199-201 12 May 1798 Waldegrave (London) Henry Dundas Seeks further clarification of his authority over the troops in Nfld; who out-ranks whom, the Gov. or a visiting Brigadier General? Answer nears directly on who commands in the event of an enemy attack since defence on land would include sailors & marines ("This is not an Army or Navy question, nor a question of childish etiquette, but one on which the Situation of the Island of Newfoundland depends") (See pp. 99-100 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
201-205 13 May 1798 D. of Portland Waldegrave Act of Parlt. has been passed respecting powers granted to Nfld governor over Courts Martial for mutiny & desertion, or any violation of rules of military discipline; also for "the better Payment of the Army and their Quarters". W. can delegate his authority. He can carry out sentences of such courts without further orders except capital crimes committed by commissioned officers. Defines his powers to appoint Judge Advocate as well as Provost Marshal. (See pp. 101-104 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
205-211 16 May 1798 D. of Portland Waldegrave With reference to nearly 3 dozen letters from W. identified in margin [not in D'Alberti transcript], Portland provides directions & instructions on several issues which arose in 1797: state of defences; transformation of Nfld into a resident population; expenses of judiciary; whether to increase number of magistrates & surrogates; issue of public provisions; need to station warship in Fortune Bay; court martial of Sgt McLarty; need for coinage in Nfld to ease the lot of the poor; silver coinage to pay the troops; money to defray cost of building a new church; back pay for the Sheriff; issue of provisions shortage; issue of expanding the cemetery; issue of commissions for the regimental officers; issue of permission to import certain goods from the United States; difficulty of blocking marriages by unauthorized persons; issue of W.'s power to hold courts martial and whether jurisdiction of C-in-C of N. America extends to Nfld. (See pp. 105-110 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
211-233 Extracts & copies of letters cited by Portland in his letter (above) to Waldegrave, 16 May 1798
211-213 9 May 1795 D. of Portland Gov. James Wallace problem of growing resident population; reimbursement of Nfld judiciary; cost of administering justice in Nfld. (See pp. 111-112 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
213-216 22 March 1794 Henry Dundas Lords of the Treasury Evolution of the Judiciary, including pay, since 1791. (See pp. 113-115 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
216-217 30 April 1795 (J. King for) Duke of Portland Charles Long (Treasury) Gov. Wallace claimed (30 Nov. 1794) that Chief Justice & court officers in St. John's have recveived no pay except through fines, fees & forfeitures and pub licenses; Treasury is to pay Chief Justice the salary owing. Sheriff is also owing & should be paid by Treasury (See pp. 116-117 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
218 12 July 1793 (J. King) for Portland Charles Long (Treasury) Sheriff in Nfld is owing 700; he is to be paid part of that, the rest coming from fees, fines, etc. (See p. 118 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
219-220 25 July 1794 J. King for) Portland Charles Long (Treasury) Only some of the money owing is to be paid until documented. (See pp. 119-120 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
220-221 30 Nov. 1794 James Wallace Secretary Dundas (Extract) Wallace informs Dundas that officers of the court in Nfld have substantial money owing them. (See p. 121 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
221-223 20 Oct 1794 D'Ewes Coke, Chief Justice (St. John's) Gov. Sir James Wallace Concerned about the money that has not been provided to judicial officials; money received is not enough to cover the growing debt. Coke proceeds to explain why this situation developed, going back to 1781. (See pp. 122-124 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
223-224 22 Oct 1794 4 JPs of St. John's Gov. Wallace (Copy) Justices complain that judicial expenses exceed judicial revenues. Claim that revenues from fines, licenses etc. amount to only 1 quarter of the expenses. Plea for introduction of "some means may be devised for extricating the District from its present difficulties". (See pp. 125-126 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
225-226 23  Oct 1794 JPs Ogden, Williams, Buchanan, Routh Gov. Wallace (Copy) concerning requests by some to retail liquor in smaller quantities than 5 gallons (= minimum allowed to beretailed without license). Don't wish to be designated Public Houses but willing to pay equivalent license fee. This will generate revenue for St. John's & help judicial officers in their dilemma of coverning judicial costs. (See pp. 127-128 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
226-228 24 Oct 1794 Jonathan Ogden Gov. Wallace (Copy) to dispel any suspicion of abuse, and on behalf of his fellow magistrates, Ogden submits license fees that he collected & revenues dispersed in 1792 & 1793 (See pp. 129-131 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
229-231 14 May 1796 D. of Portland (Whitehall) Gov. Wallace (Copy) Various issues: the tendency for merchants & their employees to remain in Nfld rather than return to England as they should ("a practice so detrimental to the Navagation [sic] of this Country"); concerning the claims that judicial officers haven't been compensated despite express intent of Act of Judicature -- demands an accounting of judicial revenues against expenses. (See pp. 132-134 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
231-233 8 Dec 1797 Charles Morgan (Grafton Street) D. of Portland (Copy) His legal opinion on the trial by court martial of Sgt McLarty. McLarty's position lacked supporting evidence. Insufficient grounds for the acquittal. (See pp. 134-138 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
234 24 March 1798 Robert Bollard (Barrack Office, St. John's) Waldegrave Submits copy of a letter sent to the Barrack Master General via Portugal convoy, so that Waldegrave can take appropriate steps. (See p. 139 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
234-235 24 March 1798 Bollard (St. John's) Maj. General Delancey, Barrack Master General (Copy) Fire in Fort William on 22 March caused much damage; extreme measures to prevent spread of fire. Extent of damage still to be assessed; estimate of repairs will be sent, once known. (See pp. 140-141 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
235-237 23 Mar 1798; rec'd 17 May 1798 Col. Thomas Skinner, RNR (Fort William) Waldegrave Describes the fire which burned the eastern front of the garrison, including all of the officers' quarters & 6 of the barrack rooms; loss includes all of the medicines, much of the bedding, many ordnance stores. Loss would have been worse but for the efforts of the officers & crew of HM Sloop Shark, town inhabitants, & the garrison. Repairs impaired by lack of building material, & winter conditions. Urges replacement of medicines from England. (See pp. 142-143 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
237 18 May 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland Conveys news & correspondence about the fire at Fort William; postscript requests re-supply of medicines, as these are unavailable in Nfld. (See pp. 144-145 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
238 26 May 1798 Waldegrave (London) William Windham Now that command over Nfld has been divested from N. Am, he renews his request on behalf of Capt. Hierlihy; includes copies of previous correspondence (see above, GN2-1-A-13, pp. 275-276 & GN 2-1-A-14, pp. 114-116; they are not included here) (See p. 146 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
238-239 1 June 1798 Richard Molesworth (Pay Office Waldegrave Dollars to the amount of nearly 6,000 have been loaded on HMS Agincourt, Capt. [J.] Bligh, for payment of Nfld garrison. Instructions on methods of payment by Pay Master in Nfld are included (1,000 monthly to the Corps, on 25th of each month, so long as W. is in Nfld). (See p. 147 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
239-240 2 June 1798 Waldegrave (London) Richard Molesworth (Pay Office) Acknowledges receipt of Molesworth's letter of 1 June, above. (See p. 148 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
240 6 June 1798 Joseph Garland (Poole) Waldegrave (London) Nfld merchants are trying to make their ships ready by 20 June but may need more time. (See p. 149 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
240-242 11 June 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland Would like to keep Chief Justice in Nfld as long as possible, & discourage practice of him returning each winter to England; would enable Chief Justice to forestall legal wrangles which might grow out of hand. Also requests Portland's influence in dealing with current practices of remunerating the Chief Justice. (See pp. 150-151 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
242-243 13 June 1798 D. of Portland (Whitehall) Waldegrave Confirms that the Chief Justice is to reside in Nfld year-round, except when govt grants him permission to leave; responds as well to request for a certificate stipulating remuneration of the Chief Justice. (See pp. 152-153 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
243-244 15 June 1798 Col. Delancey (Barrack Office) Waldegrave A Barrack Master has been appointed for Nfld. The Board of Ordnance (whose responsibility it is to construct barracks) has been informed about the fire & will "no doubt" order reconstruction of damaged buildings in Fort William. (See p. 154 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
244-245 16 June 1798 D. of Portland (Whitehall) Waldegrave Encloses a letter of 9 Feb 1765 from a Sec. of State concerning "the Command & distribution of the Troops" throughout the colonies; W. is to be guided by this letter. (See p. 155 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
245 9 Feb 1765 Dunk Halifax all governors (Copy) Circular: clarification of powers of civil governors & military commanders in the colonies. Copy included of explanatory orders. (See p. 156 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
246-248 7 Feb 1765 W. Ellis (War Office) Earl of Halifax Orders of the C-in-C in all military matters must be obeyed by subordinates in all colonies; where no specific orders were given, the civil governor has authority to issue orders to the military if they don't contradict existing orders. States of the ordnance & troops go to governor as well as military commanders. Civil governors are not to interfere with issues of regimental "Duty & Discipline". (See p. 157-159 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
248-249 16 June 1798 Waldegrave (Portland Place) Col. Delancey (Barrack Office) Acknowledges receipt of Delancey's letter of 15 June. (See p. 160 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
249 18 June 1798 Waldegrave D'Ewes Coke, Chief Justice Informs him of Portland's letter of 13 June, indicating that the Chief Justice is to reside year-round in Nfld. except when permitted by govt or the governor to leave (See p. 161 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
250-252 19 June 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland W. urges Portland to reconsider leaving the door open to the Chief Justice being granted permission to take leave with permission of government. Reminds Portland that "nine tenths" of the residents of Nfld are Irish, that all of them are Roman Catholic, that most of the Royal Nfld Regt is Irish . Result: "...little dependance cou'd be placed on the Military, in case of any Civil Commotion in the Town of St. John's." Chief Justice is needed there to help preserve "peace and good order". Moreover, W. expects Doctor Ogden, one of the magistrates, to resign once W. returns to Nfld, and "he is the only one now remaining in whom any real Confidence can be placed..." Therefore Chief Justice should not be provided any opportunity to quit his post even for a short while until war in Europe is over. (See pp. 162-164 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
252 "The following Letter is an Answer to one sent by me to the Merchants of dartmouth  [sic] apprizing them of my intention of ordering one of the Ships of the Squadron to call off that Port for such Trade as may be collected there bound to Newfoundland." (Waldegrave)
252-253 25 June 1798 R.H. Roope, Peter Ougier, Wm Newman, Wm Thomas (Dartmouth) Waldegrave Responding to his of 23 June; a very obsequious expression of their cooperation and gratitude.  (See p. 165 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
254-255 25 June 1798 Waldegrave (Agincourt, Spithead) "Gentlemen" (Ordnance Board) W. was informed by letter of 15 June from the Barrack Office that the Bd of Ordnance is responsible for re-building Fort William barracks destroyed by fire; General Morse expressed doubt as to whose responsibility re-building actually is. W. insists that "all doubts on this score must terminate." Furthermore, additional barracks are needed on Signal Hill, which sits outside the walls of the fort. W. wants to know the extent to which those barracks will be increased and to what extent they'll conform to Col. Skinner's plan.  (See p. 166 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
255 27 June 1798 R.H. Crew, Sec'y (Bd of Ordnance) Waldegrave Reply to his of 25 June; Lieut. General & Board of Ordnance still maintain that re-cuilding the barracks in St. John's is the responsibility of the Barrack Office.  (See p. 167 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
256-257 30 June 1798 Waldegrave (Aguncourt, Spithead) Maj. Gen. Ol. Delancey, Barrack Master General Alerts him to the refusal of the Bd of Ordnance to assume responsibilioty for re-building the barracks in St. John's. Requests his instructions on how to proceed with repairs, and to what extent the barracks on Signal Hill are also to be expanded.  (See p. 168-169 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
257 12 July 1798 Ol. Delancey, Barrack Office Waldegrave Informs him that Capt. Ralph Gledstanes has been appointed Barrack Master of Nfld. He hasn't yet received his commission so will not join W.'s convoy; hopes to join next convoy on 21 July.  (See p. 170 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
258 15 July 1798 Waldegrave Delancey Acknowledges receipt of his of 12 July; also received 2 letters for Acting Barrack Master Bollard which he'll deliver once he gets to St. John's.  (See p. 171 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
258-259 10 Aug 1798 W. Windham, War Office Waldegrave Ref. to W.'s of 26 May; sends him a copy of letter (see below) from Col. Brownrigg to Mr. Lewis that "His Royal Highness" [Duke of York] cannot agree with W. on the subject of appointing Capt. Hierlihy as Fort Major at St. John's  (See p. 172 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
259 3 Aug 1798 Robert Brownrigg, Horse Guards Mr. M. Lewis (Copy) Letter passing on Duke of York's inability to accept W.s position concerning Capt. Hierlihy's appointment as Fort Major.  (See p. 173 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
260 10 Aug 1798; sent 28 Sep '98 Waldegrave (Agincourt) Thomas Skinner, Commandant, St. John's Has delivered the plans & estimates which Capt. Bulger delivered for Skinner. Treasury has also been informed about the need for provisions; they are taking immediate action.  (See p. 174 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
260-261 10 Aug 1798; sent 28 Sep '98 Waldegrave (Agincourt) Col. Thomas Skinner Rec'd his of 15 June on 5 July; immediately informed D. of Portland, the Sec. at War, & Treasury. Informs him that Capt. Soteren of Latona has been instructed to encourage captain of the Elizabeth transport to get going.  (See p. 175 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
261-262 10 Aug 1798; sent 28 Sep '98 Waldegrave (Agincourt) Col. Skinner W. is "much concerned"by the fire & damages to Fort William. His superiors were informed & a request for replacement medicines sent to Sec. at War. W. is suprirsed that Skinner did not send more information giving details of damage to stores, bedding, etc. or steps Skinner took to remedy the damage as best he could.   (See p. 176-177 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
263 10 Aug 1798; sent 28 Sep '98 Waldegrave Robert Bollard, Acting Barrack Master (St. John's) Acknowledges receipt of Bollard's letters of 12 Dec. (with an estimate) and 24 March concerning the fire at Fort William.   (See p. 178 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
263-264 27 Sep 1798 Waldegrave Capt. Hierlihy, Fort Adjutant Passed on to D. of Portland & the Sec. at War the letter from Hierlihy emphasizing his service under Wallace & Waldegrave as Fort Adjutant. However, Hierlihy's hope for pay in that position has been blocked by the Duke of York  (See p. 179 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
264 27 Sep 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave Isaac Follett Reply to his of 18 October last; W. is convinced that Edmon Wiley's claim to the land is unfounded.  (See p. 180 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
265 28 Sep 1798 Waldegrave Richard Routh Treasury has requested a certificate of the amount of fees received by the Supreme Court, & verification that the Chief Justice received no part of that amount; he is to submit a declaration that he has complied with this.  (See p. 181 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
265-266 27 Sep 1798 [Rance for] Waldegrave W.I Eppes He is to submit a copy of the voucher for provisions issued by him to the troops since W.'s departure from St. John's; also a copy of all reports of surveys (and orders for same) of provisions since Oct '97.  (See p. 182 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
266-267 27 Sep 1798 [Rance for] Waldegrave Customs Officers (St. John's) At the end of the fishing season, they are to provide an annual account of all imports, from whence imported, esp. those from the United States, with an account of duties paid. Such an account for last year to be submitted forthwith.  (See p. 183 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
267-268 27 Sep 1798 [Rance for] Waldegrave Customs Collector & Comptroller (St. John's) To submit forthwith an account of vessels licensed by them to trade from Nfld to the USA in accordance with govt restrictions sent to them 16 April last on HMS Latona. Such licenses to be procured from W.'s office.   (See p. 184 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
268-269 27 Sep 1798 Unsigned [draft? Rance for Waldegrave] name of recipient not given Your property adjacent to burial ground is needed for its expansion; he is to give it up in return for proper compensation; compliance is assumed lest steps be needed which will secure the land "on terms far less advantageous to yourself." Payment will be in specie, plus land elsewhere of equal space.  (See p. 185 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
269 27 Sep 1798 Waldegrave Rev. Mr. Evans (Placentia) Did not receive his letter of 18 October until 13 Dec.; he may occupy the vacant quarters at Placentia provided they're not needed by the garrison.  (See p. 186 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
270 27 Sep 1798 [Rance for] Waldegrave Henry Phillips, Sheriff (St. John's) He is to submit a list of persons who have erected buildings or enclosed land without permission, and explain what steps he took to deal with such cases.  (See p. 187 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
270-271 27 Sep 1798 Waldegrave Henry Phillips W. wants to know by what authority Phillips has been acting as Treasurer of Nfld (no record of such authority).  (See p. 188 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
271 27 Sep 1798 [Rance for] Waldegrave W.I. Eppes Condemned butter should not be thrown into the sea; it should be turned over to the Ordnance Storekeeper for use in lieu of tallow.  (See p. 189 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
272 28 Sep 1798 Waldegrave Richard Routh, Chief Justice Except where permission is granted by gov't, the Chief Justice may not take leave but must reisde year-round in Nfld.  (See p. 190 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
272-273 27 Sep 1798 [Rance for] Waldegrave Henry Phillips, High Sheriff Requests detailed account of all money disbursed in carrying out duties, and all money received as salary and as fees, etc. This is to determine how debt of St. John's district was incurred. (See p. 191 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
274 n.d.     Text of certificate to be signed by Chief Justice, previous to payment of his salary, and testifying to the amount of money collected between 1 Jan. & 21 Oct 1797 (141..5..6), all turned over to the Sheriff, none of it kept by D'Ewes Coke
274-275 27 Sep 1798 Waldegrave John Bland Reply to Bland's of 20 Oct '97. Praise for his remarks, "founded on real good sense and sound argument". Will welcome further thoughts and information. Passes along "a most interesting Memorandum" received from a learned acquaintance "respecting this Norwegian colony appears singular"; W. invites Bland to submit his thoughts on this colony [the medieval Norse colony in Nfld]; see extract below. (See pp. 193-194 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8).
276       Extract: a Bishop went from Greenland to "Windland" in 1121 to convert colonists there; evidence of contact between Iceland & Windland fades. But "a tribe of people" in the Nfld interior, different from the Esquimaux, "are not improbably the remains of the Icelandic Colony" [i.e., the Beothuk] Source for this account = Foster's "History of Voyages, &ca. in the North"; page references given. W. suggests that any Norwegian link can perhaps be demonstrated by language; he suggested consulting sailors in warships at Newfoundland who were Norwegian.  (See p. 195 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8). [Waldegrave was in fact referring to History of the Voyages and Discoveries made in the North by Johann Reinhold Forster (not Foster), published in London in 1786. Although W. mentions "Windland", Forster in fact referred to "Winland". Forster's book can be found on-line.]
276-279 27 Sep 1798 Waldegrave William I. Eppes Concerning process for submitting certificates when dispensing provisions or hiring transport for public service; current prices to be recorded, as with bills of exchange. To keep records of shortages & deficiencies, submit full records of inventory when governor prepares to return to England, etc. (See pp. 196-198 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
279-280 28 Sep 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland Seeks advice on Capt. Coffin's letter [D'Alberti transcript incorrectly references Capt. Crofton] concerning Magdalen Islands (see below), which the Americans dominate. (See pp. 199-200 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8). W. is sensitive to the need to maintain good relations with the United States.
280 11 July 1798 Isaac Coffin (Lisbon) Waldegrave (Copy) Magdalen Islands were granted to Coffin "in pursuance of Orders" from a Sec. of State to the Gov. of Canada; Messrs. Janvrin & Co., merchants  of Jersey are his attornies; Coffin desires their protection; no one to fish without their permission. (See p. 201 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
281-282 11 July 1798 Isaac Coffin   Extract from letter of Capt. Coffin: Magdalen Islands were granted exclusively to him by Lord Dorchester in 1788 [D'Albert says 1798]; requests that "you will oblige me in keeping off the Americans and other Poachers from my Manor". Mr. Janvrin acts on his behalf. (See p. 202 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
282-283 27 Sep 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave   Proclamation: against those who come to St. John's during the winter with no work ("dieters", and make nuisances of themselves, damaging the fishery. Magistrates will punish them as vagrants & shipped back from where they came. Outport magistrates are to discourage this practice. (See pp. 202-203 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
283-287 27 Sep 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave   Proclamation: against unauthorized buildings or enclosure of land. (See pp. 205-207 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
287 27 Sep 1798 Rance for Waldegrave Charles Garland, Harbour Grace (Circular): enclosing the proclamation (above) concerning dieters. (See p. 208 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
287-288 27 Sep 1798 Waldegrave Rev. Evans (Placentia) Secretary of the SPG wants to know why Evans has failed to correspond with the Society; now Waldegrave asks too. (See p. 209 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
288-289 27 Sep 1798 Rance for Waldegrave Robert Bollard, Acting Barrack Master For information: whether Bd of Ordnance or the Barrack Master should be in charge of furniture for Government House. Marquis Cornwallis indicates that it is the Barrack Master's responsibility.(See p. 210 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
289-290 27 Sep 1798 Rance for Waldegrave Capt. David Darling, Pay Master, RNR Concerning the 6000 in hard currency being sent to pay the regiment in monthly amounts of 1000. (See p. 211 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
290 27 Sep 1798 Waldegrave   Appoints James Rance as Vendu Master for Nfld, with responsibility for all public sales; remuneration as for previous Vendu Masters. (See p. 212 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
291 27 Sep 1798 Henry Phillips, High Sheriff Waldegrave His only appointment is as High Sheriff, but by custom the Sheriff has always collected all fines & licenses, etc., and to pay all accounts. Every year his accounts have been approved by the magistrates. (See p. 213 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
291-292 27 Sept 1798 Phillips Waldegrave Identifies structural modifications & fencing that he allowed or tolerated. (See p. 214 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
292-293 28 Sept 1798 Rance for Waldegrave Henry Phillips Merchants & principal inhabitants are to be called together to observe & witness the commission of the Chief Justice (See p. 215 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
293 28 Sept 1798 Col. Thomas Skinner Rance for Waldegrave Acknowledges receipt of 4 of W.'s letters (London. 30 Dec '97; 3 from Agincourt, 10 Aug '97) (See p. 216 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
293-294 28 Sept 1798 Peter McKie, Archibald Buchanan (Customs House, SJ) Waldegrave Acknow. 2 letters respecting an account of imports & a list of all licenses issued to vessels carrying products to the USA. List of licenses of (seven) exporting vessels is attached (date, name of vessel, Master's name, from where, owner's name); list of imports will take time. (See p. 217 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8; transcript doesn't include appended list).
295 28 Sept 1798 John Hierlihy, Thomas Tremlett, L. Pitts Waldegrave Confident that W. is responsible for them securing their commissions as officers in the "Newfoundland Regiment of Fencibles", they give him thanks. (See p. 218 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
295-296 28 Sept 1798 Waldegrave John McCurdy, Surgeon Orders him to remove the house that he built without permission just below the church; Sheriff will tear it down if he doesn't comply. (See p. 219 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
296-297 28 Sept 1798 Waldegrave Hierlihy, Tremlett, Pitts a flowery acknowledgement of their letter of thanks. (See p. 220 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
297-298 28 July 1798; rec'd 28 Sep '98 [Rev. Evans] (Placentia) (Rance for) Waldegrave Responds to W.'s of 15 Oct 1797; encloses copy of proceedings brought to a public hearing. Most disputes settled by mutual accord. Has always tried to arbitrate issues amicably. (no copies here). (See p. 221 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
298 28 Sept 1798 Thomas Skinner Waldegrave Encloses letters from Lt. Gen. Prince Edward (Halifax, 17 Oct '97), dep. Adjutant General of Halifax (28 Mar. '98), Prince Edward, 6 Jul. '97. Orders are very clear concerning his duties as senior officer in Nfld. (See p. 222 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
299 29 Sept 1798 Rance for Waldegrave Capt. Hierlihy, Fort Major Garrison Order: anyone keeping a dog is to report this to the Fort Major; all strange dogs to be driven from the fort; dogs to be tied up -- those running loose will be "bayoneted by the Centinels, or hanged by the Guard." (See p. 223 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
299-300 29 Sept 1798 Waldegrave Col. Skinner Rec'd his of 28 Sept with copies of letters. W. cites Portland's letter of 2 Nov., redefining powers of N. Am. command over Nfld, whch makes W. the "sole commanding officer" over Skinner. W. concedes that his authority doesn't extend into matters of regimental duties & discipline. Skinner is to act accordingly. (See p. 224-225 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
301 29 Sept 1798 James Macbraire Waldegrave Requests 10 acres of land straddling road to Torbay (See p. 226 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
301-302 29 Sept 1798 Rance for Waldegrave Magistrates (St. John's) to survey land adjacent to the Church for expansion of the burial ground. (See p. 227 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
302 29 Sept 1798 Peter McKie (Dep. Coll.) & Arch. Buchanan (Naval Officer & Dep. Compt) Custom House Rance Submit an account of imports between 10 Oct '96 & 10 Oct '97 (not included). (See p. 228 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
303 30 Sept 1798 Waldegrave   Garrison Order: Capt. Hierlihy having recovered from his indisposition, he is officially to resume duties as Fort Major. (See p. 229 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
303 30 Sept 1798 W.I. Eppes, Commissary Rance Will need time to comply with request of 27 Sept. Will carefully follow all directions & procedures. (See p. 230 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
304-305 30 Sept 1798 Waldegrave Henry Phillips, High Sheriff Surprised & displeased by Phillips's failure to adhere to the orders W. gave on 23 Oct. Mrs. Gill claims right to enclose land by a grant from Adm. Duff; why hasn't this been produced? The "few sheds" erected by Thomas Nevan must be removed. Jeremiah Murraty & John Fitzgerald are not to erect chimneys to their sheds or light fires therein. Other structural modifications allowed by Phillips are questioned. Further disobedience of orders by Phillips will lead to his removal from office. (See pp. 231-232 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
305-306 30 Sept 1798 Waldegrave Capt. Macbraire Cannot grant his request for land; Portland's orders are very clear about restrictions on land grants. (See p. 233 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
306-307 13 July 1798; rec'd 30 Sep '98 Pierce Foristall (St. Lawrence) Waldegrave Reply to W.'s of 23 Oct '97, rec'd 10 Nov., concerning his authorization to serve as JP. He was appointed by Gov. Wallace on 16 Oct 1795, & swore the oath before Rev. Mr. John Hall in St. John's. (See p. 234 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
307-308 30 Sept 1798 Waldegrave Pierce Foristall Satisfied by his response, and will allow him to continue officiating; a commission of the peace will be sent forthwith. W. was prompted to question his appointment because he had been informed that Foristall was Roman Catholic.(See p. 235 of D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 8)
308 1 Oct 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave   General Order: defines protocol on who may be admitted into the fort and the procedures to be followed after sunset. (See p. 1, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
309 1 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Principal merchants of St. John's Warships must not be detained in port any longer than necessary; they are therefore to let him know within 48 hours whether they need a convoy to Portugal. Make haste so W. can inform the outports.  (See p. 2, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
309-310 1 Oct 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave   Garrison Order: troops to attend sentence of court martial of a seamen from HMS Mercury.  (See p. 3, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
310 1 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Committee of the Charitable Fund (SJ) Wants to know what effect the Charitable Fund had last winter.  (See p. 4, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
310-311 1 Oct 1798 Waldegrave merchants (SJ) Wants to know as quickly as possible when they desire convoy to England & another to Portugal.  (See p. 5, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
311-312 1 Oct 1798 (J. Purver, for Sec'y) for Waldegrave J.P. Rance Appointing him Judge Advocate at a court martial ordered for 3 Oct of Richard Wilson, Private, RNR, for desertion, in accordance with King's commission of 13 May '98 empowering W. to appoint him.  (See p. 6, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
312-313 1 Oct 1798 Capt. Darling, Royal Artillery
(Rance for) Waldegrave Concerning payment of troops in cash as per instruction of 27 Sept.; payment was made 24 Sept in bills, as per past custom. If W. would authorize immediate payment in cash, men could be paid weekly rather than monthly "with Orders upon Merchants, as we have for want of Cash been very obliged to do."  (See p. 7-8, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
313-314 1 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Capt. Darling, Paymaster, RNR Requests report on the advantages to Government, to the troops, & to the trade, of paying them in cash, & whether this will contribute to preservation of "peace and quietness in the Regiment"  (See p. 9, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
314-315 1 Oct 1798 J. Ogden, G. Williams, A. Buchanan, F. Warren Rance They called on G. Hutchings, J. Gill, T. Wakeham, M. Little ("all of whom are old and respectable Inhabitants") to inspect land adjacent to the church; all agree that the land most suitable for expanding the burial ground belongs to Timothy Ryan, Lawrence Bovey, Wm Masters & is partially covered by flakes, partially used for cultivation of a garden. A plan is enclosed (not included here).  (See p. 10, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
315 1 Oct 1798 Col. Thomas Skinner Waldegrave In response to a message sent to Lieut. Bullock, RNR, to present himself for trial, Bullock submitted his resignation. Skinner has no objection to accepting it "in consideration of himself and Family"  (See p. 11, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
316-317 2 Oct 1798 Capt. D. Darling, Acting Paymaster Waldegrave Identifies the advantages of cash payment of regimental salaries. (1) merchants unable to charge premium for discounting bills. (2) those who had balances due them at the end of each month received some cash, the rest was credit on merchants for goods they might not want, or bills that were then heavily discounted (5-10%), causing "much murmuring and discontent".(3) Regimental bills could not be coverted without huge discounts which devalued them.  (See pp. 12-13, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
318 2 Oct 1798 Richard Routh, Chief Justice (SJ) Waldegrave Concerning W.'s of 28 Sept, regarding the certificate required to confirm amount of revenue collected in fees, etc. He will be careful to comply with all the directions.  (See p. 14, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
319 2 Oct 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave   Proclamation: 1000 in 1- and 2-penny coins to be circulated "to remedy the inconveniences which the Troops and lower classes of the People have hitherto labour'd under." No one is allowed to interrupt the circulation of this coinage.  (See p. 15, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
320 2 Oct 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave Henry Phillips, High Sheriff He is not to remove the house of Thomas Nevan until further orders.  (See p. 16, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
320-321 2 Oct 1798 Waldegrave   Garrison Order: Court Martial tomorrow for Private Richard Wilson; this order defines the duty roster for this service. Necessary information to be sent to J.P. Rance, appointed Judge Advocate.  (See p. 17, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
321 2 Oct 1798 John Bell, Chairman Waldegrave Best dates for convoys: 20 Nov. & 20 Dec. for England, the second for Portugal on 10 Dec. A third convoy for Portugal would be welcome.  (See p. 18, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
322 3 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Chief Justice & Magistrates Requests opinions on utility of circulating copper coinage for the lower classes; should similar amount be brought next year. W. fears that much of it will disappear from circulation "as mere pocket pieces or as presents" & more will leave Nfld for Island of St. John's or America. He feels that no more than 500 should be brought next year.  (See p. 19, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
323 3 Oct 1798 Jonathan Ogden, Surgeon to the Forces Waldegrave Requests a place to store all the medical supplies sent to him (which he identifies in general terms), and which could also function as a dispensary for the garrison and their dependents.  (See p. 20, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
324 3 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Merchants of SJ Agrees to their requests for 2 convoys to England and another to Portugal but not to another for Portugal; he'll consider an early convoy to Portugal next June if they submit a request then.  (See p. 21, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
324-325 3 Oct 1798 Waldegrave [Portland?] Communicates gratitude of subalterns upon receiving their commissions  (See p. 22, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
325-326 3 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Subaltern officers, RNR Much the same as W.'s flowery letter to three officers of 28 Sept (above)(See p. 23, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
326-328 4 Oct 1798 Rance   Results of Court Martial of James [sic? Previously, it was Richard Wilson]; sentence is approved, but he is pardoned owing to ill health & long confinement. Edward Newlan is also pardoned owing to long confinment. But Rance warns not to take this for granted; no crime of the sort will be forgiven in future. Desertion is punishable by death. Without discipline, all is "anarchy and confusion". Troops are urged to consider all the positive actions taken in their behalf, including pay in cash; they can now get bread from the baker for 1 or 2 pence without squandering the change by taking unwanhted goods. Good behaviour will be rewarded. (See pp. 24-25, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
328-329 4 Oct 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave   General Order: informs garrison that Nfld has been detached from the command of Gen. Prescott, the C-in-C of N. America; Gov. of Nfld is henceforth their superior officer, & garrison commandant will act accordingly.  (See p. 26, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
329 4 Oct 1798 (Rance for) Governor   After General Order: Lieut. Bullock having resigned his commission, the troops are no longer to obey his orders.  (See p. 27, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
329-330 4 Oct 1798 Lt.Col. Thomas R. Charleton, CO, Royal Artillery Waldegrave W. has brought out cash with which to pay the RNfld Regt. Charleton has great difficulty obtaining cash to pay his own men. He asks W. to set aside 4 months cash for his men (over 540) for which he can provide W. with bills drawn on the agent for the Royal Artillery. Charleton is concerned that his men will be jealous if the RNR is paid cash & the Artillery is not. (See p. 28, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
330-331 4 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Lt.Col. Charleton His orders are clear: the Regiment is to receive cash in monthly instalments; he cannot do more for the Artillery. He therefore offers to provide Artillery with cash wages on a per month basis. (See p. 29, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
332 4 Oct 1798 Charleton Waldegrave permission to send Sgt Robert Lomax home; he is unfit for service (confirmed by Surgeon). (See p. 30, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9). This letter appears twice on p. 331 of the Letterbook.
333 no date Jonathan Ogden, Surgeon   Confirms that Sgt Lomax is not fit for duty; he suffers from rheumatism in shoulders, arms, etc. & from failing eyesight at night; "a Change of Climate might prove to him of Material Service." (See p. 31, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
333 Reference to a letter dated 4 Oct & received from Messrs John & Thomas Williams requesting permission to build a store & dwelling. Response appears on p. 347 below (See p. 32, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
333-334 2 Oct 1798; rec'd 4 Oct '98 John Bland (Bonavista) Rance reports that no trials or lawsuits have occurred since Waldegrave's departure last fall from Nfld. (See p. 33, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
334-335 5 Oct 1798 8 members of the Charitable Fund Committee Waldegrave Submit plan used to disburse the Charitable Fund: includes number of recipients, provisions & money amount received, from 5 Oct '97 to 6 May '98 [these details do not appear in the D'Alberti transcript]. Fund was particularly useful because provisions were so scarce this past winter. Extend their thanks to W. for establishing the fund, and they encourage him to make the fund permanent. (See p. 34, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
335-336 5 Oct 1798 William I. Eppes Waldegrave Prior to the release of W.'s proclamation [against unautorized buildings; see above, pp. 283-387], Eppes purchased part of the old church with the intention of using it to build a storehouse "to hold Vegitables [sic] for my Family, and Fodder to support live Stock" through the winter. Requests permission to build the structure in a garden he owns behind the garrison hospital and quite remote from active fishing rooms. (See p. 35, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
336-337 6 Oct 1798 Waldegrave "Custos Rotulorums" [keeper of records], Trinity, Ferryland, & Harbour Grace They are forbidden, at risk of earning W.'s "extreme disapprobation", to give grants of land to anyone (See p. 36, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
337 6 Oct 1798 Rec'd a letter dated 5 Oct from Capt. James Macbraire, acknowledging W.'s efforts at securing his commission of appointment as Capt. of the RNfld Regt (See p. 37, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
337-338 6 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Col. Skinner Asks him to report on the advantages to Government of bringing 6000 in silver to pay the troops, as well as advantages to the troops themselves, and to the "preservation of tranquility and good order among them." Also, report on benefits to the troops of circulating 1000 in copper coinage in St. John's, and whether this should be repeated. (See p. 38, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
338-339 6 Oct 1798 Richard Routh, Chief Justice; JPs Jonathan Ogden, Geo. Williams, Arch. Buchanan Waldegrave Acknowledge his of 3 Oct, concerning benefits to the lower classes of copper coinage in circulation. They believe that much will go out of circulation "as mere pocket pieces or as presents" & much will leave Nfld for Island of St. John's & America. They believe another 500 next year will therefore be needed, as well as another 1000 in silver coins (shillings, half crowns), though this too will find its way to America. A new coin "calculated to be kept in the Island", is therefore recommended (See pp. 39-40, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
340-341 6 Oct 1798 Sgt Major William Armstrong, RNR for the non-coms, privates & drummers of the RNR Waldegrave [an address presented to the governor at Govt House in Fort Townshend; he responded verbally] Giving thanks for steps he took to introduce coinage "which was never known in this place before". They will now be able to pay cash to shopkeepers and get a decent exchange rate. (See pp. 41-42, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
341 7 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Capt. Schomberg, Rambler He is not "upon any pretext whatsoever" to give land grants in any of the outports & harbours he should visit while on patrol
342 7 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Richard Routh, Customs Collector (SJ) A warship will be sent to England at the end of the week; no convoy, but will take letters. Make this as public as possible (See p. 43, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
342-343 7 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Capt. de Cortlandt (Placentia) Shocked by news received from Capt. Warren of Rev. Evans' "most unbecoming and scandalous behaviour" in Placentia. Warren witnessed much himself but identifies de Cortlandt, Mr. Bollard, & Mr. Hannay to confirm. How could de Cortlandt, as CO of Placentia garrison, be silent on this? "It does not impress my mind with a very favourable opinion respecting your ideas of Military discipline or love of order in Civil Society." Expects him to be stricter in future. (See p. 45, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
343-344 8 Oct 1798 Robert Bollard, Acting Barrack Master Waldegrave He has an opportunity to buy coal much cheaper than is charged at Sydney, and recommends purchase even though, at the moment, there is no shortage of coal. (See p. 46, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
344-345 8 Oct 1798 David Brien (St. John's) Waldegrave Poor weather has delayed getting fish off the flakes; the merchants therefore ask that the convoy to Portugal be delayed until 20 Oct. (See p. 47, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
345 8 Oct 1798 4 non-coms & gunners, Royal Artillery Waldegrave On behalf of the detachment of the Royal Artillery, they thank W. for introducing coinage with which to pay wages of military personnel. (See p. 48, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
346 8 Oct 1798 Waldegrave David Brien for the merchants Will comply with the request to delay convoy departure to 20 Oct., but will not delay beyond that. (See p. 49, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
346-347 8 Oct 1798 Richard Routh, Customs Collector Waldegrave Will comply with W.'s request to let people know that a vessel will sail at week's end to England. (See p. 50, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
347-348 8 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Messrs John & Thomas Williams A response to theirs of 4 Oct, requesting permission to erect a building to serve as store house & dwelling. Senior magistrate has examined the property & concurs that the fishery will not be affected; they therefore have permission. W. emphasizes that the structure must serve the needs of the fishery & no other. (See p. 51, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
348 8 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Bollard Agrees to the purchase of the cheaper coal, provided Bollard is satisfied that burning coal is more advantageous to government than heating with wood.  (See p. 52, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
349-350 8 Oct 1798 Lt.Col. Charleton, Royal Artillery Waldegrave He is grateful that W. agreed to provide cash for 4 months to pay the wages of his men; reiterates the advantages of his men receiving cash rather than being paid in bills of exchange. Charleton then comments on his personal difficulty in having to pay 9 months wages in November (to cover the winter) in bills which places him at considerable personal risk "as the People in whose favour the Bills are drawn, seldom are able to collect it, in time for payment..." (See pp. 53-54, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
350-351 no date. Concerning an application to Waldegrave for a Letter of Marque: 1. John Bowden, master of ship Lovell 212 tons, British plantation built, six 6-pdr. guns + 4 swivels, of Topsham, owned by Daniel Pennell, merchant of Topsham, intended crew of 15 men. W. turned him down because the Admiralty had not empowered him to issue letters of marque.  (See p. 55, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
351 On 8 Oct 1798, Waldegrave received a letter a letter from Lieut. Gethings of the Royal Nfld Regt seeking a brief leave of absence to travel to Bonavista on personal business.  (See p. 56, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
351-352 8 Oct 1798 Col. Thomas Skinner Waldegrave Requests a leave of absence for Capt. Hierlihy "for the benefit of his health", having been confined most of the summer by illness.  (See p. 57, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
352-353 8 Oct 1798 William J. Eppes, Commissary Waldegrave More details on the property that he wished, in his letter of 5 Oct., to modify with a structure. He also wishes to renovate some structures already on the property.  (See p. 58, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
353 9 Oct 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave   Garrison Order: a return is ordered of the number of "Bomb Proofs" and the stores contained in them. (See p. 59, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
354 9 Oct 1798 Waldegrave William J. Eppes Response to Eppes' of 5 October; he has permission to proceed with proposed structure.  (See p. 60, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
354-355 9 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Non-coms & gunners, Royal Artillery W. acknowledges their thanks of 8 Oct at securing coinage for payment of wages of military personnel in Nfld.  (See p. 61, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
355-356 9 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Col. Skinner Mr. Street of Trinity, Agent for Mr. Street, merchant, sent him several documents revealing that recruiting has been going on in contravention of W.'s express orders of 28 Aug. '97. Demands that Skinner produce the instructions under which Lieut. Le Breton & Ensign Welch carried out Skinner's orders "in October last, to seek recruits for your Regiment."  (See p. 62, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
356 9 Oct 1798: received a letter from Rev. Mr. Clinch, Trinity, dated 1 Oct '98, with list of inhabitants residing in several harbors of Trinity Bay.  (See p. 63, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
356 9 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Skinner W. Grants the leaves requested (for Capt. Hierlihy and for Lieut. Gethings).  (See p. 64, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
357-359 1 Oct 1798 (this cannot be the correct date) Skinner Waldegrave A response to W.'s of 6 Oct, requesting feedback on the advantages of introducing silver coinage. Cash is otherwise unavailable except at cost (describes two offers in the summer to deliver coins at unfare exchange rates). Troops will be able to  purchase goods more cheaply (6 pence per gallon difference for molasses between cash & bills). Gives troops flexibility in where they take their trade. Copper coinage "is perhaps one of the best things which could happen to the Regiment and also to the public in general"; it has "raised the spirits of the Troops". In past 3-4 years, 3000 cash in circulation in Nfld at most, much of which leaves the island. Skinner is sure that this will happen now, and so he recommends 10,000 be sent in future. Much of the coinage will end up in the outports and stimulate their economies.  (See pp. 65-66, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
359 9 Oct 1798 Skinner Waldegrave The "late Prisoner Richard Wilson" has been discharged, a "disgrace" to the regiment.  (See p. 67, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
359-360 9 Oct 1798 James Macbraire Waldegrave The fire in Ft William last winter deprived him of his quarters; none to be had in town. Expects his wife to arrive soon. Requests permission to build a dwelling "with two Chimnies" on land he acquired from the "Widow Denton".  (See p. 68, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
360 no date Secretary's Office   Notice: anyone wishing to exchange dollars for copper coinage recently arrived from England. These will be exchanged, minimum of four dollars, on 24 hours notice. But the copper coins are not to be taken off the island.  (See p. 69, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
361 9 Oct 1798 Waldegrave   Received a memorial from Patrick Ryan concerning his purchase of an American schooner, taken prize by HM Sloop Shark, for illicit trade on west coast of Nfld. Schooner was of British registry. Ryan wanted to make alterations but would not until Waldegrave arrived in Nfld. The Collector informed him [Ryan?] that this could not be done, despite repeated applications by Capt. Warren to him [the Collector??]. W. has been asked to intervene. If vessel cannot be registered, Ryan wants his money back.  (See p. 71, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
361-362 10 Oct 1798 Richard Routh, Customs Collector (SJ) Waldegrave Routh forwards Ryan's memorial regarding Ryan's purchase of a "foreign built Schooner" seized by Capt. Warren for illicit trade. Routh insists that the vessel is foreign. Routh arrived in SJ on 27 Sept & immediately informed everyone involved in the matter that neither the governor nor the customs officers "could legally put their signatures to a Register for the Vessel in question."  (See p. 71, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
363 10 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Routh Ryan's memorial has been submitted to W. and he now requests Routh's "ideas therein."  (See p. 72, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
363 10 Oct 1798 Waldegrave   (memo:) John Bland has been appointed Surrogate for district of Bonavista; Rev. Mr. Harries has been appointed Magistrate for the district of St. John's  (See p. 72, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
363-364? [pp. 364 & 365 missing] 10 Oct 1798   Waldegrave A letter begins with reference to the non-coms & gunners of the Royal Artillery. When they thanked W. earlier on the subject of copper coinage, they did not know that he had brought any other..." [remainder of letter is on the missing page]
365?-366 ?? Mrs Little?? [see next letter] Waldegrave? remainder of a memo which began on the previous missing page (p. 365). "...she is a Poor Widow with a large and helpless Family, and has nothing to support her except her Industry." Requests permission to rebuild "the old house" [presumably this is the request of Mrs. Little, below]
366 11 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Mrs. Margaret Little Grants her permission to rebuild her house; magistrates of SJ have examined it and assure W. that it won't interfere with the fishery.  (See p. 74, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
366-367 11 Oct 1798 Skinner Waldegrave Encloses his instructions to Ensign Walsh. He had him recruit at so late a date because he'd learned that a number of young men had arrived from Europe with no employ. Cannot send W. the instructions for Lieut. Le Breton because he is away at the moment in search of deserters. (See p. 75, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
367-368 9 May 1798 Skinner Ensign Walsh He is to proceed as quickly as he can to harbours & outports where he he believes he is most likely to recruit for the regiment. Each recruit to get 5 guineas [recruitment bounty] when delivered in St. John's. Must return by 22 or 23 June. Be sure to inform magistrates.  (See p. 76, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
368-371 11 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Col. Skinner He isn't happy with S.'s explanation why he sent Walsh [W. writes "Welsh"] to recruit "at so unreasonable a period". Skinner's instructions to Walsh were vague & failed to be explicit in making clear the limits of recruting defined in W.'s letter of 28 Aug 1797 (e.g., S. provides no certificate from the magistrates agreeing to the recruiting). W. is also astonished that S. cannot produce copy of instructions to Lt. Le Breton: "did any Officer before in the whole world ever think of making as frivolous an excuse?" Berates him for not having made any copies. "You have by your proceedings on this occasion exposed me to the accusation of being an ignorant or unjust Commander in Chief". S. has exposed himself to possible military court proceedings.  (See pp. 77-79, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
371-372 11 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Thomas Street (Trinity) Acknowledges Street's letter informing him of the recruiting that went on in June. This gave him "no less pain than displeasure" & he promises he'll take every measure to prevent it from happening again. (See p. 80, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
372 11 Oct 1798 Waldegrave has received a request from Henry Radford to build a "Fish Store" [i.e., storehouse] on his property in Riverhead to protect his fish against inclement weather. (See p. 81, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
372-373 11 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Henry Radford Grant's Radford his request to build a Fish Store on his property, provided the building is used for no other purpose than to support his fishery.  (See p. 82, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
373 11 Oct 1798 Henry Folkes Edgell, commander of HM Sloop Pluto, is appointed surrogate & magistrate in Nfld.  (See p. 83, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9) [Letterbook incorrectly records middle name as "Volkes"]
373-374 24 Oct 1798 Jonathan Ogden was this day appointed Magistrate & Keeper of the Records for district of St. John's  (See p. 83, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9), where it appears as a postscript to the letter previous, i.e., dated 11 Oct. 1798)
374 11 Oct 1798 Thomas Skinner Waldegrave Capt. Warren of the Shark has placed the booms at the harbour entrance. The booms broke apart during a gale; parts have been retrieved. (See p. 84, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
374 11 Oct 1798 Waldegrave   Gives notice that the first convoy for Portugal will sail 21 Oct rather than 12 Oct. (See p. 85, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
375-376 11 Oct 1798 Richard Routh, Chief Justice Waldegrave Has received W.'s letter of 28 Sept with D. of Portland's instructions of 13 June, that the Chief Justice must reside all year in Nfld. "Under the pressure of my affairs" he needs to return to England late in the season. He had no time in June to make arrangements to bring his family; he'll now do this for next winter. (See pp. 86-87, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
376-377 12 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Routh He will allow Routh to return to England, but he is more convinced than ever that the Chief Justice is needed in Nfld through the winter. (See p. 88, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
377-378 12 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Patrick Ryan Reply to Ryan's of 9 Oct, asking to register the Deborah schooner. W. explains that the Customs Collector says that this cannot legally be done. As for reimbursing Ryan for expenses in altering & repairing the schooner, this is utterly out of his power; this would require an Order in Council. (See p. 89, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
378-379 13 Oct 1798 Waldegrave George Whittle Messrs Street & Way of Trinity have complained that, in May & June, Le Breton & Welch recruited their servnats & therefore caused inconvenience to their fishery. W. has already dealt with the matter with the military, but since they assured W. that they had proceeded in their recruiting efforts with the knowledge & cooperation of the magistrate, W. wants Way & Street to inform Whittle in writing what the damages to their business were, and the degree to which the fishery & trade of Nfld can be hurt by such recruiting. (See pp. 90-91, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
380 13 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Henry Phillips, High Sheriff (SJ) Sees no indication in Phillips' account of the Supreme Court that any probate fees were collected. He is to submit a report of such fees collected by the previous Chief Justice [D'Ewes Coke] (See p. 92, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9
380-381 13 Oct 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave R. Routh, Customs He is to submit such letters as require governor's response by 20 Oct, and such letters as require no response by 21 Oct. (See p. 93, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
381   The above letter was also sent to Col. Thomas Skinner, Mr. Bollard Acting Barrack Master, Mr. Ranson, Mr. Eppes, & Messrs Newman & Co. (See p. 93, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
381-382 13 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Maj. Thomas Aldbridge, RNR (Halifax) Crown has withdrawn command of troops in Nfld from General Prescott, C-in-C of N. America; Aldbridge is therefore to look to Waldegrave alone as his commanding officer, and he should lose no time rejoining his post in Nfld. "as your presence here is much wanted" (See p. 94, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
382-384 13 Oct 1798 Ph. V. Cortlandt (Placentia) Waldegrave Reply to W.'s of 7 Oct; describes situation regarding Rev. Mr. Evans. The SPG sent Evans out, so Cortlandt felt it was outside his authority to deal with what were essentially parish matter. Evans also became Acting Chaplain at Placentia which did bring him to some extent under his authority, but believed that the inhabitants should & would report the "many Instances" of "flagrant" conduct to the SPG, so he let it go. He agrees that Evans' conduct makes him unworthy of being Chaplain. (See pp. 95-96, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
384 14 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Committee of the Charitable Fund Submits an account of donations to the fund by military & naval officers amounting to over 55; they will get the money when they make application for it. (See p. 97, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
385 14 Oct 1798 Jonathan Ogden Waldegrave He is attorney for Eliza & Ann Williams, the daughters of the late Mr. Williams, Royal Artillery, and who live in Woolwich. They are heirs & owners of a house occupied by William Middleton. It is in bad repair. Seeks permission to repair or replace the house. (See p. 98, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
386 14 Oct 1798 Col. Skinner Waldegrave Request to relieve the Company at Placentia commanded by Capt. Cortlandt as they have served there for 3 years. If agreeable, could they use the sloop Trepassey as this would save the govt money. (See p. 99, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
386-387 14 Oct 1798 Richard Routh, Chief Justice Waldegrave Thanks him for granting permission to return to England for the winter. (See p. 100, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
387 14 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Col. Skinner W. cannot provide him with the Trepassey this late in the season as the sloop would require a lieutenant detached from the Agincourt. (See p. 101, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
388 14 Oct 1798 Fred. Warren, Shark, St. John's Waldegrave Customs has given him "the trouble to prosecute the American schooner deborah [sic], for illicit trading." This has incurred expenses. Warren asks that "the Kings moiety arising from her" [i.e., prize share] in whole or in part be given to the officers to defray the expenses. (See p. 102, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
388 14 Oct 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave R. Routh, Customs Collector Seeks Routh's opinion on Warren's request. (See p. 103, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
389 14 Oct 1798 Routh, Customs Waldegrave Provides W. with an extract of the Act of Parlt, 4 Geo. III, [Cap. 15, Section 42], respecting King's moiety of seizures made by warships at sea. (See p. 104, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
390       Blank page [no extract of Parliamentary act]
391 15 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Capt. Warren, Shark Act 4 Geo. III, Cap. 15, Sect. 42 makes clear that he must decline Warren's request for King's moiety in the seizure on 20 July of the American schooner Deborah. He must turn King's moiety, less cost of prosecution, over to the Customs. If Crown decides that Warren & his crew deserve the moiety, they'll be reimbursed by the Crown. (See p. 105, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
392 15 Oct 1798 William I. Eppes Waldegrave He had to return to Nfld too soon to arrange for his family to join him. He therefore requests permission to return to England and arrange for "the purpose of bringing them out" (See p. 106, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
392-393 15 Oct 1798 Waldegrave William E. Eppes He has W.'s permission to return to England in order to bring his familiy to Nfld but he must return by next spring's convoy. (See p. 107, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
393 15 Oct 1798 Received today the memorial of Patrick Ryan, explaining the injury to him of losing the flake adjoining the Church as well as his kitchen garden for purposes of expanding the cemetery. Appeals to W. to reconsider. (See p. 108, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
393-395 15 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Patrick Ryan Magistrates reported to W. about the land for expansion of the cemetery. W. is sorry to learn that Ryan will be inconvenienced, but "the ease and comfort of individuals must give way to the good of the community"; request denied. Using Ryan's logic, no canals or roads would have been built in England these past 50 years; they all inconvenience individual property owners. Warns him not tp push it or W. will resort to tougher legal measures & Ryan will get less compensation (he's now getting "just value" of the land plus a compensatory land grant elsewhere). (See pp. 109-110, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
395 15 Oct 1798 Henry Phillips, Sheriff Waldegrave Encloses & submits a "List of the Administrations" granted from the Supreme Court. (See p. 111, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
396 16 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Col. Skinner [This draft of the letter is crossed out; it wasn't delivered. See p. 408 for final draft] He very much laments Skinner's request for leave in England owing to Mrs. Skinner's ill health, but he grants him 6 months if the "cause" persists after W.'s own departure for England. In that case, he is to report his reasons for absenting himself on leave to the D. of York after he arrives in England.
397 16 Oct 1798 Skinner Waldegrave [This letter also crossed out, yet it clearly did reach W. & prompt W.'s undelivered reply above]. Skinner requests leave for reasons of his wife's ill health.
397-399 16 Oct 1798 Jonathan Ogden, George Williams, Archibald Buchanan Waldegrave Seek direction on the issuance of license fees and whether past customs about the amount kept by magistrates per license will continue. They view this as "local revenue" in the control of the governor, unconnected to fees & licenses collected by Supreme Court. They identify some of the uses to which such revenue is put (bridges, road, removal of "nuisances", passage home for paupers, sending felons home, etc. (See pp. 112-113, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
399-400 16 Oct 1798 Patrick Ryan Waldegrave Ryan accepts Waldegrave's logic & will comply with his property being taken to expand the cemetery. Asks permission to name on of the people to evaluate worth of his land, and also to receive land in compensation of as equal convenience as possible. Must go to Placentia, so he requests settling the matter by tomorrow (See p. 114, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
401-402 16 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Magistrates of SJ Agrees for the most part to the perpetuation of past practice & custom regarding license fees for public houses, but "cannot accede to your proposal of withdrawing the License Money from the fees taken in the Supreme Court..." as he must comply with his instructions from Sec. of State. He is concerned that some people sell liquor without a license; this can have bad effects on sailors of the squadron. They must therefore suppress any such practice. Informants are to receive part of the fine as a reward. (See pp. 115-116, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
403-408 16 Oct 1798 Ogden, Williams, Buchanan, & Frederick Warren Waldegrave A lengthy discussion about the recent proclamation concerning Dieters & buildings. Dieters = "a set of People of bad Morals, idle; dissipated, squandering their Summers Earnings, in Public Houses the Winter, to the prejudice of good order and introduction of evil habits in civil Society". Undermine fishery's role as nursery for seamen. This view serves in peacetime, but not in time of war when it is very hazardous to quit Nfld & cross the ocean. Far fewer men come to Nfld; resident population now essential to fishery in summer, the seal fishery in winter ("more lucrative than the Cod Fishery") and the "Western Fishery". Migrant labour from Ireland or England arrive too late in season. If forced to leave Nfld for winter, many will migrate to Nova Scotia or the USA. Not enough passage vessels in the fall to carry men home; too many vessels proceed to markets instead. Also recommend that Masters deduct more than 40 shillings from servants wages for passage money home. They then suggest possible new regulations: 1) take down detailed record about each servant; 2) fewer restrictions on erecting builkdings & facilities needed by fishery (See pp. 117-121, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
408-409 16 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Col. Skinner  Laments Skinner's request for leave in England owing to Mrs. Skinner's ill health, but if the "cause" persists after Major Aldridge's return to Nfld, he has permission to take 6 months leave. Upon arrival in England, report reasons for leave to D. of York. If Aldridge is delayed in arriving, the length of Skinner's leave must be curtailed accordingly. (See p. 122, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
409-414 17 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Magistrates, SJ Admires their candour, will apply their suggestions where the law permits. Agrees that laws meant for peacetime are not necessarily suitable in wartime. Some dieters are now necessary, esp. seal fishery which begins too early to rely on migrant labour. Out-migration is indeed a problem & shouldn't be pushed with harsh measures. He'd accept deducting more wages from servants for fall passage money but here he is governed by Act of Parlt.; he tried to encourage the idea last year but the Poole merchants resisted. Likes their idea of recording details of servants and of dieters, and recommends that they begin doing this. As for buildings, he never intended to enforce this regulation completely but only to demonstrate that he had the authority to do so, and only if it impeded existing fishing rooms. They may authorize such buildings and report to governor upon his return to Nfld.  (See pp. 123-126, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
414-415 6 Oct 1798 G.C. Jenner (Harbour Grace) Waldegrave Reasons why he requested leave to England: death of his father & brother in spring; he needs to attend to family affairs. (See p. 127, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
415-416 17 Oct 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave   A list of money subscribed to the Charitable Fnd by military & naval officers. (See p. 128, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
416-418 18 Oct 1798 A. Williams (St. John's) Waldegrave Concerning land that she insists belonged to her, through her late father who purchased it from Rev. Edward Langman (she provides bill of sale; not included here). Meanwhile it's been granted to Rev. O'Donel who did not realize that Mrs Williams claimed it. She hopes Waldegrave will respect her claim to the land. (See p. 129, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
418-419 18 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Mrs A. Williams Denies her claim; says that the land surveyed & turned over to Rev. O'Donnel was in an abandoned state and that she failed to speak out when O'Donnel began to enclose & develop the land. Now it is too late. (See pp. 130-131, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
420-422 18 Oct 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland Portland's letter of 16 May 1797 permitted him to appoint surrogate courts in other parts of Nfld as well as surrogates with suitable salaries, to be drawn from Lds of the Treasury. Such courts have been appointed yet have received no salaries. Details: 3 surrogates plus naval captains; salaries & wages defined. (See pp. 132-133, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
422-423 18 Oct 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland No mention is made in Sheriff's account of probate fees; Sheriff explains that Chief Justice considered that these were not fees owing to the Supreme Court but his by right of Act 32 Geo. III, Cap. 46. Waldegrave disagrees. Asks Portland to settle the matter. (See pp. 134-135, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)

End of Volume 14