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                                                                                              GN 2/1/A   [5]   Vol. 15  1798-1800



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A biographical essay on Gov. William Waldegrave is available in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Vol. VI Other individuals profiled in volumes of the DCB include Richard Routh, Rev. John Harries, John Waldron, John Bland, Charles Garland, Col. Thomas Skinner, Brig. General John Skerrett, and Prince Edward, Duke of Kent

Please note: the first 100 frames or so of the microfilm of Vol. 15 are very dark and therefore difficult to read.

1 18 Oct 1798 Col. Skinner Waldegrave Submits letters from Capt. Cortlandt requesting leave of absence, from Capt. Darling concerning the rank of RNR officers, & from Ensign Desbrisay requesting leave in Halifax. (See p. 136, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
1-2 17 Oct 1798 Cap. Ph. V. Cortlandt Col. Thomas Skinner A request for 6 months leave "for me on my Private affairs" (See p. 137, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
2 15 Oct 1798 Capt. Darling Col. Skinner Query: should the garrison "after orders" of 25 May 1798 be revoked, now that the officers of the RNR have received their commissions? (See p. 138, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
3 18 Oct 1798 Henry Hunt (St. John's) Waldegrave He retained 1 shilling for every 10 of servants' wages in support of the charitable fund. He anticipates considerable distress in Fermeuse this winter and asks that all money collected there for the fund be spent there.  (See p. 139, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
4 18 Oct 1798 J. Pitts (St. John's) Waldegrave Owns several houses in SJ inherited from his father, including one in Maggoty Cove that his father acquired about 20 years ago from Col. Ord, Royal Artillery. House was much decayed; Pitts therefore tore it down & began rebuilding it without realizing that this step required the governor's permission. Pitts apologizes and seeks permission now. (See p. 140, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
5-6 18 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Col. Skinner Declines Cortlandt's request for "Ten Months leave" [it was actually for 6 months] because such requests are not normally made in time of war. Besides, he's already granted leaves to Capts. Eppes & Hierlihy & can't afford to let more senior officers go on leave. W. has no knowledge about the after orders of 25 May & can therefore provide no response. He'll grant Ensign Desbrisay's request for leave to go to Halifax. (See p. 141, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
6 19 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Henry Hunt W. agrees with Hunt's proposal as "perfectly just and equitable," to spend money raised in Fermeuse for the poor in that community.  (See p. 142, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
7 19 Oct 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave Wm. Carter, Judge of the Admiralty, Messrs George Hutchings Senior, John Gill, J. Winter Sr., J. Hunter They are to survey the land which is to be expropriated for the expansion of the cemetery, & evaluate it so that a "proper compensation" can be made to the owners of the expropriated land.  (See p. 143, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
8 19 Oct 1798 W.I. Eppes, Commissary of Provisions Waldegrave Reports that some of the flour, pork, butter & peas are not fit to be distributed; requests that a survey be conducted on those provisions.
8-9 20 Oct 1798 (Rance for) Waldegrave Nicholas Newel (Quidi Vidi) W. gives Newel permission to erect a fish flake on the ground described in his petition of 15 Aug 1797  (See p. 144, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
9-10 20 Oct 1798 Henry Phillips Waldegrave When Supreme Court was first established, Gov. Richard King & then-Chief Justice Reeves allowed Phillips to keep half the money collected from writs. Since then, Chief Justice D'Ewes Cook reduced that by one-fifth, hoping thereby to reduce public debt more quickly. This is a hardship for Phillips who would like compensation from Supreme Court funds. Phillips claims he is over 350 behind in compensation.  (See pp. 145-146, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
no page [12?] This is a year-by-year statement of balance of revenues not received by Henry Phillips from 1789 to 1797, amounting to 353. It appears 2 pages after Phillips' letter of 20 Oct. It does not appear in the D'Alberti transcripts.
no page number 20 Oct 1798 Jonathan Ogden, Surgeon Waldegrave [This letter begins *after* the "balance of revenues" above, and ends on the page *before* the "balance of revenues".] Ogden indicates that the fuel allowance permitted for the past 14 years for the garrison dispensary has not been continued under the new regulations. He'd like it restored.  (See p. 147, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
no page number 20 Oct 1798 Robert Bollard Waldegrave [this letter appears just below the conclusion of Ogden's request for fuel allowance for the dispensary] Bollard wants to enclose some ground and build a small house for the use of a servant who will maintain a garden on the ground.  (See p. 148, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
13 20 Oct 1798? Jonathan Ogden, JP Waldegrave An account summarizing "distribution of license money" for 1798
13 20 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Robert Bollard A response to Ogden's request for fuel allowance. Bollard is to provide the usual allowance for the dispensary, including retroactively back to the day of Ogden's arrival in SJ. Bollard is to send a copy of W.'s letter to the Barrack Master General as confirmation that this has been done. (See p. 149, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
14 20 Oct 1798 Chief Justice Richard Routh   A declaration that he received no part of the fees received by the Supreme Court as of 21 Oct 1797. (See p. 150, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
15 20 Oct 1798 Henry Phillips, High Sheriff   Declaration that today he received slightly over 127 from Waldegrave, being the balance of the accounts to this date & verified by the Magistrates of St. John's, for which Phillips has signed receipts. (See p. 151, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
15 20 Oct 1798 Henry Phillips, High Sheriff   Declaration that he received today more than 73 from Waldegrave, being the amount of the difference of the fees he received from writs issued by the Supreme Court during John Reeves' tenure as Chief Justice, and the fees he was directed to receive (minus one-fifth part) by Chief Justice D'Ewes Coke & his successor (See p. 152, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
16 20 Oct 1798 Chief Justice Routh   Declaration that he received today slightly over 98 from Waldegrave, his salary (at 300/annum) since 23 June 1798. (See p. 153, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
16 20 Oct 1798 no signature   Declaration that he received 26 from Waldegrave as salary for service as Marshal of the Supreme Court from 21 Oct 1797 until today.
17 20 Oct 1798 no signature   [Recorded on p. 17 but crossed out] Declaration that he received a little over 8 from James Rance, as the amount of fees, fines, etc. from Mr. Oakley at Placentia in 1795 & delivered to the Rev. John Hall, Secretary of (former) Gov. James Wallace.
17 20 Oct 1798 Lionel Chancey   Declaration that he received 5 from Gov. Waldegrave for his services acting as Clerk to the Surrogate Court in Harbour Grace. (See p. 154, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
17-19 20 Oct 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland Informing him that he has paid the salaries of the Chief Justice & the respective officers of the Superior Court of Judicature up to today's date. In accordance with Portland's instructions of 16 May, he has also settled the accounts of the district of St. John's & appropriated the fees collected by the Supreme Court by the Chief Justice. (See p. 155, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
20-21 20 Oct 1798 Waldegrave George Rose (Treasury) He has drawn a bill on Treasury in favour of Richard Routh for 314 plus change which, with 52.6..0 paid into his hands, appears in accompanying account (p. 19). More relates to the fees and accounts mentioned in previous documents. A copy of the Bill of Exchange settling these sums is appended. (See pp. 156-157, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
21-22 21 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Committee of the Charitable Fund W. complains that the officers of the squadron are prepared to contribute over 55 to the fund but this has not been acknowledged; the sum cannot be used until the Committee responds. The sooner they do, the sooner the fnd can be spent while prices for provisions, etc. are reasonable. (See p. 158, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
23 21 Oct 1798 Waldegrave   Grants permission to Garret Keating to build one or two chimneys on his house, as he requested.  (See p. 159, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
23 13 Oct 1798 Pierce Forristell Waldegrave Enclosing an account [not included here] about John Rose, a deserter, & John Verges. Rose deserted from the Artillery & gave himself up to Forristell. Two warships supposed to be the Venus and the Rambler passed to the westward; Forristell sent out a pilot who went with the warships. Verges was ill-treated by his master, Michael Connor; Rose is a witness to this. Rose was harboured by Connor. (See p. 160, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
24 21 Oct 1798 Rance for Waldegrave Capt. Pitts, RNR Pitts has permission to finish building the house described in his letter of 18 Oct. (See p. 161, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
24 21 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Capt. Hierlihy Grants permission for 6 months leave for the recovery of his health (See p. 162, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
25 21 Oct 1798 Rance for Waldegrave William I. Eppes, Commissary of Provisions W. is surprised that Eppes has not yet submitted copies of papers requested on 27 Sept. W. will soon leave for England; Eppes is to submit the documents "immediately". (See p. 163, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
25-26 21 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Col. Skinner Acknowledges Skinner's letter of 21 Oct (see below) which itself is a response to one from Capt. Tremlett who Skinner ordered to confine Sgt Pendergast pending a Court of Enquiry. (See p. 164, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
26 21 Oct 1798 Col. Skinner Waldegrave Informs W. that Sgt Pendergast has been ordered confined. (See p. 165, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
26-27 17 Oct 1798 (rec'd 22 Oct '98) Robert Carter (Ferryland) Waldegrave Response to W.'s of 6 Oct; he will comply. Has scrupulously observed W.'s orders of 21 Oct 1797. The premises in Renews which belonged to Thomas Pownell have been unoccupied this year. (See p. 166, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
27 22 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Ensign Debrisay Permits Debrisay to go to Halifax for a few months' leave but he is to return to St. John's before the end of next April. (See p. 167, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
28 22 Oct 1798 W. Carter, Pat. Hunter, Geo. Hutchings, Jas. Gill, Jas. Winter Waldegrave They were directed to survey & evaluate the property of Patrick Ryan being expropriated for expansion of the cemetery. They estimate its worth as 84. (See p. 168, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
28-29 22 Oct 1798 Ditto above   Declaration that they have surveyed & evaluated Patrick Ryan's property to be worth 84, and that he should be allowed an additional 12 per year "abatement" for his troubles.  (See p. 169, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
29-30 22 Oct 1798 John Harries, Richard Reed, Alex. Cormack Waldegrave Members of the Charitable Fund Committee are concerned that W.'s letter of 21 Oct suggests they are negligent or ungrateful. Any delay in responding was unintentional. They've already acquired articles that might increase in cost, and delayed in acquiring those goods that might yet fall in price. (See p. 170, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
30-31 22 Oct 1798 David Duggin Waldegrave He was acting surgeon last March when fire broke out and destroyed the stock of medicines, clothes, books, instruments; loss estimated at 140.7..6. List is appended. He seeks reparations. (See p. 171, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
31 22 Oct 1798 Col. Thomas Skinner   Supports Duggin's memorial; affirms that the fire spread too quickly to save what he lost, and that the loss amounts to what Duggin claims. (See p. 172, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
32-34 22 Oct 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland Includes enclosures which will support what he told Portland last year concerning the advantage of introducing specie to Nfld. Copper coinage received "with a joy not easily to be express'd"; bread price has dropped from 6d per loaf to 1 or 2d. Much of the coinage will probably soon leave the island; gov't should introduce 6,000-7,000 more next year. "A considerable sum must then circulate in spite of every effort of the merchant to suppress it." Without coinage, merchants can double price of consumer goods. W. encourages introduction of silver coins of smaller denomination than Spanish dollar (gives reasons). W. is willing to appear before Board of Trade to provide further testimony. (See pp. 173-175, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
35 22 Oct 1798 William I. Eppes Waldegrave Explains why he has delayed submitting copies of the documents that W. requested previously (wanted to wait until all provisions have been surveyed). No surveys of provisions have been prepared, there having been no surveys until now. (See p. 176, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
35-36 22 Oct 1798 Arch. Buchanan Waldegrave After the business of the Naval Office is done, he'd like a 6 months' leave of absence, there usually being no business for that office during that period. (See p. 177, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
36-37 23 Oct 1798 J. Harries Waldegrave Concerning the commitment in Jan. 1795 of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG) to contribute 400 towards the rebuilding of the church in St. John's, and a further commitment by the Crown of 200. The SPG will submit their contribution in different amounts as work progresses.  (See p. 178, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
37 23 Oct 1798 Col. Thomas Skinner Waldegrave John Rose, a deserter (Royal Artillery) has been sent here from "one of the out ports to the Westward" and has been incarcerated. Skinner has very particular orders from Lt.Gen. Prince Edward on what to do next with him. Skinner wants W.'s orders on how to proceed next. Rose surrendered himself to a magistrate at "St. Laurence" on 3 Oct. (See p. 179, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
38-39 6 July 1798 Lieut. General Prince Edward (Halifax) Thomas Skinner (Extract) Summarizes the colourful history of John Rose: a Frenchman, enlisted in the 68th Regt in Gibraltar, deserted at Quebec, re-taken, fomented mutiny there, sentenced to transportation, deserted again "in the East or West Indies", found his way to Nfld, enlisted in the Royal Artillery, deserted again, then "heard of at Placentia". Skinner is ordered to spare no expense at recapturing him and delivering him to Halifax under guard, with evidence collected for his retrial.  (See p. 180, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
39-41 23 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Skinner Begins by complaining that Skinner took too long to communicate the case of John Rose to him, knowing that Waldegrave was shortly due to depart for England. Then emphasizes that Prince Edward's letter of 6 July was sent before the issue of command over the troops in Nfld had been decided or before he had learned that the issue of courts martial being held in Nfld had been decided. W. wants Rose tried in St. John's immediately. Whether Rose surrendered himself or not is immaterial; he knew he was being sought & that there was no escape from Nfld. (See pp. 181-182, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
41 23 Oct 1798 Lt. Col. Thomas Charleton Waldegrave Request for a court martial of John Rose who deserted from his company 10 Sept 1797 (See p. 183, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
41-42 23 Oct 1798 Waldegrave   (Garrison Order) orders a General Court Martial of John Rose tomorrow on charge of desertion.  (See p. 184, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
42 23 Oct 1798 Skinner Waldegrave With apologies, he reports the apprehension of Private Lawrence Brennan, RNR, a deserter, by Lieut. Lebreton & delivery to St. John's in the Venus. (See p. 185, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
43 23 Oct 1798 Rance for Waldegrave Robert Bollard Permission to fence in the ground mentioned in his petition and to build a small house thereon. (See p. 186, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
43-44 23 Oct 1798 Henry Phillips, High Sheriff Waldegrave Concerning promise of Gov. King & Chief Justice, made when Court of Judicature was first established [in 1791], to receive half the revenue raised from writs. When D'Ewes Coke became Chief Justice, this was reduced by a fifth. This has cost him 73.10 (= one-fifth of the 367.10, the amount of writs collected). Requests reimbursement.  (See p. 187, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
44-45 23 Oct 1798 Joseph Ryan Waldegrave Reminds W. that Ryan gave up a flake and ground for expansion of the cemetery and that he was promised another piece of land in compensation; suggests a particular piece of land which would serve.  (See p. 188, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9) [NB: All previous correspondence on this issue was with Patrick Ryan, not Joseph Ryan]
45-46 23 Oct 1798 A. Williams (St. John's) Waldegrave More on the land that she claims is hers, but which Father O'Donel fenced and tilled. She adds that O'Donel did not do this himself but had it done by some soldiers, never by her late husband. Seeks an appointment with W. to discuss the matter, "which you seem not informed of".  (See p. 189, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
46 23 Oct 1798 Alex. Cormuck   State of the Charitable Fund in the district of St. John's (nearly 400) [not in D'Alberti transcripts]
47 23 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Charitable Fund Committee Compliments them on their efforts; relieved to learn that the poor will not suffer because of delays in purchasing supplies; their "enormous rise last year" had caused W.'s concern. (See p. 190, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
47-48 23 Oct 1798 Richard Routh, Chief Justice Waldegrave Returns Henry Phillips' memorial to W.; recommends that Phillips' request be granted. (See p. 191, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
48 24 Oct 1798 Henry Phillips Waldegrave Two expenses have been overlooked: 40 for clerk's salary (20 Oct '97 to 20 Oct '98) and 5 for stationery, same period. (See p. 192, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
48=49 24 Oct 1798 Waldegrave   (General Order) Proceedings of today's Court Martial are approved. (See p. 193, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
49 24 Oct 1798 Waldegrave   (General Order) John Rose, deserter, sentenced to 1,000 lashes plus transportation to a "Foreign Plantation", there to serve as a soldier. First part of sentence to be applied soon after W. departs for England; Rose is then to be conveyed in the Venus to the Savoy Prison.(See p. 194, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
49-55 24 Oct 1798 Rance for Waldegrave   (General Order) Results of the Court of Enquiry, 22 Oct., into the behaviour of Sgt. Wm Prendergast, RNR, confined for using "expressions ... tending to excite Mutiny and discontent" to fellow non-coms & privates. This could have meant a court martial except for extenuating circumstances which indicate that he had "no evil intention". The C-in-C is willing to be lenient, provided no one misunderstands the seriousness of the offense. The misunderstanding centred on Hospital Stoppages ordered by Sec. at War and provision stoppages ordered by Lieut. Gen. Prince Edward. The provision stoppages applied in North America but not in Nfld, where Waldegrave made other arrangements. The Hospital stoppages *did* apply in Nfld, hence the confusion and grumblings which led to the Court of Enquiry. (See pp. 195-200, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
53-55 12 June 1797 Fredrick Augustus Wetherall (War Office) Lieut. General Prince Edward (Halifax) (Extract included by Waldegrave in his letter above of 24 Oct '98) informs him about the increases in pay for provisions, but that troops under the command of Prince Edward are to be subject to a defined stoppage to cover the higher cost of provisions where they are stationed. (See pp. 198-200, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
55-56 24 Oct 1798 Rance for Waldegrave Mrs. A. Williams Waldegrave has not changed his mind on the issue of her claim to the property in question. (See p. 201, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
56-57 24 Oct 1798 Henry Phillips, High Sheriff Waldegrave Phillips would like a salary of 10 shillings per day instead of receiving a fee based on the number of writs that he serves each year. (See p. 202, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
57 25 Oct 1798 Rance for Waldegrave   (General Order) Capt. D. Darling to serve as Fort Major during the absence of Capt. John Hierlihy while on 6 months leave for his health. (See p. 203, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
57-58 25 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Jonathan Ogden Reply to Ogden's  of 14 Oct, requesting permission to make repairs to the house belonging to the daughters (heirs) of the late Col. Williams, Royal Artillery; permission granted. (See p. 204, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
58 25 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Col. Skinner transmits to him his warrant to hold courts martial (See p. 205, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
58-59 25 Oct 1798 Skinner Waldegrave acknowledges receipt of warrant to hold courts martial (See p. 206, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
59 25 Oct 1798 Rance for Waldegrave Henry Phillips W. has received a bill from Pierce Fotistall, JP at St. Laurence, for articles provided by Robert Newman & Co. to deserter [Rose] lately arrived from there; Phillips is to pay the bill out of writs received from the Supreme Court.  (See p. 207, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
59-60 25 Oct 1798 Rance for Waldegrave   W. agrees to pay the overlooked bills for the salary of the clerk & for stationery; bill to be paid from money arising from fees from writs issued by Supreme Court
60 25 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Skinner Giving him the private signals to be used between ships of the squadron and fortifications on the coast; pass them on to officers serving in the various batteries. (See p. 208, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
61 25 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Skinner The "Capsterns" (capstans) used to heave on the chain for the boom across the Narrows cannot be removed; Skinner is to have sheds built over the capstans to protect them from the weather. (See p. 209, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
61-62 25 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Skinner Passing on remaining coinage (dollars worth nearly 4,300 as well as remaining copper coinage) to be used to continue paying the troops through the winter. (See p. 210, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
62-63 25 Oct 1798 W. Carter, Pat. Hunter, Geo. Hutchings, James Gill, James Winter Waldegrave They have surveyed & evaluated land occupied by Lawrence Bovey & owned by Thomas Babb (Newton Abbott) for expropriation to expand the cemetery. Rent = 14/year, so they recommend compensation for 7 years of 98. (See p. 211, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
63 25 Oct 1798 Richard Reed   a receipt for 55.17, received from James Rance, being the amount donated to the Charitable Fund by the squadron. (See p. 212, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
63-64 25 Oct 1798 Richard Reed   Two receipts for money sent by the SPG to build a new church, and for materials provided by Moser to build the church. (See p. 213, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
64 25 Oct 1798 Waldegrave   Bill of exchange drawn on Mr. Caleb Clapham (London; SPG Treasurer) for money sent by SPG towards building a new church (See p. 214, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
64-65 25 Oct 1798 Waldegrave   Bill of exchange for 500 to Richard Reed, drawn on Messrs Drummonds (Charing Cross, London)
65 25 Oct 1798 H.W. Brown for John Tucker   [This appears to be crossed out] Receipt for 10 received from Waldegrave by a bill drawn on Caleb Clapham, SPG Treasurer, as an allowance for John Tucker, schoolmaster at Conception Bay.
65 25 Oct 1798 Richard Reed   Receipt for 500 to Waldegrave, being the amount donated by the Crown for the construction of the new church. (See p. 216, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
66 25 Oct 1798 Col. Skinner + 9 captains, 7 lieuts. & 1 ensign Waldegrave Thanking him for everything he has done for the officers & soldiers stationed in Nfld (See p. 217, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
66-67 25 Oct 1798 Waldegrave officers of the RNR Acknowledges their thanks. (See p. 218, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
67 25 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Archibald Buchanan Reply to his of 22 Oct; grants permission to take 6 months leave in England, effective the date of his departure. (See p. 219, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
68 26 Oct 1798 Rance for Waldegrave Col. Skinner Request to discharge Private John Hunter into HMS Agincouirt; he has served previously as a shipwright in several warships & wishes to re-enter the navy (See p. 220, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
68-69 26 Oct 1798 Rance for Waldegrave Henry Phillips John Wenton apprehended two deserters from HMS Latona. Phillips is to pay him 40 shillings reward from money arising from writs issued by the Supreme Court. (See p. 221, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
69 26 Sept [sic?] 1798 Capt. D. Darling, RNR   Has received 200 in copper coinage from James Rance, Secretary to Gov. Waldegrave, as part of the monthly subsistence of Col. Skinner's corps, for which Debrisay serves as Paymaster.  (See p. 222, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
69-70 26 Sept 1798 Capt. Darling   Has received 3,500 dollars and a quarter (at 4 sh/6d per dollar = 787.11.1) to pay the RNR each month in his capacity as Acting Paymaster.  (See p. 223, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
70-72 25 Oct 1798 Ph. V. Cortlandt, John Hosier, Thomas Duyer   Results of a survey of victualling stores at St. John's: pork, flour, butter, beef, & peas, most of which is unfit to eat. Pork is "rotten, rusty and unfit ... owing to its being old and long shipped"; flour is "musty, sour, and unfir for me", some it previously damaged by salt water; butter is "rancid", old & "originally of a bad quality", beef is "stinking and unfit" owing to its being old; peas are totally unfit, damaged by salt water. Survey identifies when and by which transports the victuals arrived from England.  (See pp. 224-225, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
72-73 25 Oct 1798 William I. Eppes, Commissary's Office Waldegrave As ordered, submits an estimate of provisions remaining. There is enough to last the winter, provided it was fit to eat. Most of flour would be rejected by the bakers unless it were blended with purchase of "small quantities of American flour"; Eppes recommends buying American flour in future as a cost-saving measure for gov't. Lack of suitable amount of space for storage is also a problem. (See pp. 226-227, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
74 26 Oct 1798 Rance for Waldegrave (Agincourt, St. John's) Ph. V. Cortlandt, John Hosier, Thomas Doyer Responds to their survey of the victuals brought to St. John's on transports Triton and Kitty; can they confirm their findings under oath.  (See p. 228, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
74-75 26 Oct 1798 V. Cortlandt, Hosier, Duyer Rance They were informed by Eppes as to which transports brought the provisions; George Winter, Eppes' clerk, will so swear under oath. (See p. 229, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
75 26 Oct 1798 Eppes V. Cortlandt, Hosier, Duyer His clerk, G. Winter, is prepared to swear under oath that the provisions that were surveyed were brought by the Triton in July 1797 and by the Kitty in May 1798  (See p. 230, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
76 26 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Henry Phillips Condemned provisions are to be sold publically under the direction of the surveyors. A warrant is provided from the Vendue Master for Nfld [Rance]. Proceeds to be turned over to the Commissary.  (See p. 231, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
76-77 26 Oct 1798 Rance V. Cortlandt, Hosier, Duyer Directions from Waldegrave on how to proceed with sale. Since merchants alone are able to purchase large lots of sale items, the surveyors should sell in small lots so that "the lower class of the Inhabitants will have a fair opportunity of buying such parts thereof, as they may deem most essential to their maintenance during the ensuing Winter." Henry Phillips will officiate as Deputy Vendue Master. He adds that by "small lots" he means no more than one cask per item.  (See pp. 232-233, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
78 26 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Ph. V. Cortlandt, Ensirgn Hosier & Duyer Survey of victuals revealed that the provisions "are damaged and unfit for Men to eat." These are their orders to proceed with a public sale.  (See p. 234, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
78-79 26 Oct 1798 V. Cortlandt, Hosier, Duyer Waldegrave They explain how they propose to proceed with the auction of condemned victuals.   (See p. 235, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
79-80 26 Oct 1798 Waldegrave (Agincourt, St. John's) Eppes Acknowledges receipt of his of 25 Oct; will lay all before Treasury officials when he arrives in England.  (See p. 236, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
80-81 26 Oct 1798 Waldegrave (Agincourt) Eppes Indicates that he wants not only Eppes' clerk, George Winter but also Eppes himself to swear affidavits that the condemned provisions arrived on the transports in question; he'll send a boat to bring them on board for this if necessary.  (See p. 237, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9) [NB The D'Alberti transcripts consistently -- and erroneously -- interpret Eppes' middle initial as a 'J'. It was in fact an 'I' (for 'Isham')]
81 26 Oct 1798 Eppes Waldegrave Eppes agrees to swear an affidavit, along with his clerk, about the provisions arriving on the transports in question.  (See p. 238, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
81-82 27 Oct 1798 Jonathan Ogden, JP   Affidavit, sworn before the governor by William I. Eppes & George Winter, that the condemned provisions (listed here by type & quantity) arrived on the transports Triton (July 1797) and Kitty (May 1798).  (See p. 239, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
82-83 25 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Robert Bollard Waldegrave's departure for England is imminent. Bollard is to take charge of Government House & furniture; he is to permit Capt. Edgell to reside there through the winter, with sufficient fuel for heat. Fires are to be maintained through the winter to avoid the sort of damage from damp which occurred last winter.  (See p. 240, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
83 27 Oct 1798 Waldegrave Charles Long All of the copper coinage sent to Nfld has been circulated, except 150 delivered to Col. Skinner for the Royal Nfld Regt; W. submits a current account. (See p. 241, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
84-88 29 Oct 1798 Waldegrave (Agincourt, at sea) D. of Portland A lengthy despatch which summarizes the survey of the victuals; doesn't blame anyone but wants the Board of Control to examine the survey in detail. Huge quantity was bad: were victuals already this bad when shipped, or damaged in transit, or when in storage in St. John's? Insists that, so long as Bd of Control allows condemned victuals to be sold in Nfld, then a high proportion of victuals will always be condemned. Notes that a lot of provisions last winter were purchased by the Dep. Commissary, who also happens to be a merchant in St. John's (hence his insistence that Eppes & Winter swear out the affidavit). Hopes that the sale of the condemned victuals will generate some revenue to offset the enormous loss. (See pp. 242-246, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
88-89 19 Oct 1798 John Clinch (Trinity) Waldegrave In response to W.'s of 6 Oct, he assures W. that he has never given or encouraged grants of land; he knows that this lies outside his authority.(See p. 247, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
89-93 20 Oct 1798 George Whittle (Trinity) Waldegrave Insists that neither Ensign Welch nor Lt. Lebreton had his permission to recruit men into the military. Recruiters claimed that they acted on Col. Skinner's orders in order to complete the Reg't. Whittle then explains why some servants recruited into fishery remain the winter (describes winter activities: seal fishery, boat building, repairs to flakes & stages). Sealing on the drift ice begins 25 or 30 March. These men must be housed, fed, clothed Nov. to March, so fishery really can't afford to lose the investment in these men. Of course there are always some who get into trouble, "tempted by the irresistable charms of money, a bowl of grog, and fair speeches." If recruiting is permitted, the temptation to avoid responsibilities to the fishery will intensify. (See pp. 248-251, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
93 7 Nov 1798 John Evans (Placentia) Waldegrave Thanks W. for his of 27 Sept., allowing him to occupy vacant quarters. (See p. 252, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
94-95 7 Nov 1798 John Evans (Placentia) Waldegrave W.'s of 27 Sept. awaited him on Evans' return on 28 Oct from Fortune. He explains why, 2 years in a row, he wasn't able to reply to W. before the governor's departure for England. His standard routine in the fall is to visit all the outports in his district; attending to business this way takes time. Provides copies of letters sent in 1796 & 1797 which never reached the SPG, probably because the vessels which carried them were taken by the enemy. Others may have been "wilfully detained, a practice I believe quite common." (See pp. 253-254, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
95-96 12 Nov. 1798 Waldegrave (Agincourt, Spithead) D. of Portland Concerning High Sheriff Henry Phillips' request for lost remuneration; the current Chief Justice agrees with W. that the previous CJ (D'Ewes Coke) should not have witheld part of the income which previously Phillips had always received. W. then urges that the Sheriff receive a regular salary (10 shillings per day). Phillips is a "very diligent civil Officer and honest man." (See pp. 255-256, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
97 18 Nov. 1798 Waldegrave (Portland Place, London) Rev. Morice, SPG Regrets laying accompanying letters before the SPG. Rev. Evans had left Placentia before W.'s of 27 Sept was received. Some at Placentia claimed Evans would not return, some even suggested that he intended to leave Nfld altogether. W. confirms that he'd heard that Evans was visiting outports "on the Western Coast" [probably meaning western side of Placentia Bay]. Evans has left a wife & 6 kids at Placentia. His behaviour has been such that he cannot remain at Placentia. Asks SPG to bear in mind "the distress'd situation of his wretched wife and children." [Bear in mind that Evans was an Anglican SPG missionary in a predominantly Catholic part of Nfld; might he have been the victim of malicious gossip & slander?] (See p. 257, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
98 20 Nov 1798 W. Carter Waldegrave Submits the terms by which Mr. Bovey relinquishes his right as tenant to Mr. Babb, the owner of the ground next to the church and which has been surveyed & evaluated for expropriation for the expanded cemetery. Babb received 14 annually; ten years of his lease have not expired. After consultation, he feels Bovey's demand is fair. (See p. 258, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
98-99 19 Nov 1798 Laurence Bovey Jonathan Williams, witness Bovey's affidavit regarding land he rented from Thomas Babb of Newton Abbot; he's satisfied on receiving 50 compensation. (See p. 259, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
99-100 22 Nov 1798 Henry Phillips Waldegrave Result of auction of condemned victuals: 403.8; he appends a summary of the current prices of beef, pork, butter, flour in St. John's when the auction took place. (See p. 260, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
100 30 Nov 1798 Col. Skinner Waldegrave Major Aldridge has returned to St. John's. Skinner will therefore take his 6 months leave , as "the Faculty [medical officer] judging it absolutely necessary for the preservation of Mrs. Skinner's Life, to remove her to a milder climate." They'll sail with convoy to Lisbon when it leave. (See p. 261, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)

At this point the pagination goes awry; page 101 is followed by a page also marked 101. This error is noted in the margin, but it was not corrected. This finding aid therefore uses the page numbering that appears rather than the page numbering that should properly follow.

101-101 1 Dec 1798 Charles Garland (Harbour Grace) Waldegrave Seeks some sort of compensation for his expenses & troubles as magistrate & surrogate in Harbour Grace, where he has served 45 years in a "disinterestedly studied and laboured to promote the public good." (See pp. 262-263, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
101-103 8 Dec 1798 Waldegrave (Poertland Place, London) D. of Portland Praising Dr. J. Ogden, "the present Custos of the Town of St. John's and Magistrate over all the Island of Newfoundland". [custos rotulorum is the keeper of the rolls]. W. relied on him to explain "the ancient usages of the Island" and the character of individuals. His salary as a physician provides an income, but his civic duties cost much more than his magistrate's income. W. proposes providing him with a salary of 150 in his role as custos & magistrate of Nfld. Mentions Ogden's recent tragedies -- capture by a French privateer 1796, loss to fire of his dwelling & possession last year.  (See pp. 264-265, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
103 13 Dec 1798 Waldegrave Thomas Steele Requests that a 2 percent commission be paid to his secretary, James Rance, for receiving & disbursing the 6000 worth of dollars in Nfld. (See p. 266, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
103-104 13 Dec 1798 Waldegrave Charles Long (Treasury) Requests a 2 percent commission be paid to his secretary, James Rance, for receiving & disbursing the 1000 worth of copper coinage in Nfld. How it was put into circulation.  (See p. 267, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
104 14 Dec 1798 Charles Long (Treasury) Waldegrave Acknowledges receipt of W.'s letter of 27 Oct, with receipts, concerning the distribution in various amounts of the copper coinage.  (See p. 268, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
105 14 Dec 1798 Charles Long (Treasury) Waldegrave Treasury has received a report from the Comptroller of the Army (see below) concerning a letter from Commissary Eppes regarding bills drawn on Acting Commissary Cormack for purchase of victuals for the troops in Nfld. The transactions do not appear to conform with Col Skinner's orders. Request Waldegrave's opinions on the matter.  (See p. 269, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
105-106 20 May 1798 William I. Eppes, Commissaty (St. John's) Lords of the Treasury Submits vouchers for provisions purchased by Acting Commissary Alexander Cormack in accordance with orders from Col. Skinner. Purchases were made before Eppes arrived in Nfld, but they seem okay to him. Vouchers total over 3300; list identifies from whom purchases were made. This list does not appear in D'Alberti transcript.  (See p. 270, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
107-109 30 Nov 1798 John Dick, Jonathan M. Leake (Comptroller's Office) Lords of the Treasury Their report on the letter from Mr. Eppes concerning purchases in St. John's of provisions for the garrison. Purchases were made for specified provisions in Jan, April & May 1798 by Acting Commissary Alex. Cormack. Col. Skinner's order of 10 Jan. 1798 only authorized purchase of fish & potatoes sufficient for a month (these not purchased until May), & enough good flour to allow flour in hand to make "good and wholesome Bread". A sufficient supply of other victuals was sent out on the transports Triton (in 1797) and Kitty (1798). They question Cormack's purchase of pork, butter & peas without authorization or need. (See pp. 271-273, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
109-113 15 Dec 1798 Waldegrave Charles Long An extensive commentary on the matter of the provisions purchased and the provisions condemned. His opinion: purchase should not have been necessary (summarizes quantity and type of victuals should be on hand). Especially disturbed that the return of victuals was made within 12 hours of having so much condemned. High prices are normal in Nfld in the spring; Acting Commissary would have secured lower prices had he waited until June. Suggests contacting Capt. Warren, HM Sloop Shark, who has full knowledge of local conditions & needs. (See pp. 274-277, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
113-114 16 Aug 1798 (rec'd 16 Dec '98) D. of Portland Waldegrave (Circular) Sends him copies of Acts of Parlt to prevent exportation of copper coinage or "base foreign Coin" to colonies in W. Indies & N. America. He is to make these measures as public as possible. (See p. 278, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
114 16 Dec 1798 W. Carter (St. John's) Waldegrave [A curious letter concerning matters that have not appeared in previous letters, yet which Carter seems to think Waldegrave already has the background.] Shortly after W. sailed for England, Carter called on Mr. N. Phillips respecting the business of "Wall and Cochran". Nothing new was learned that had not been told him by Capt. Warren, nor can he add more to Mr. Ogden's statement, than that William Cochran was in Dartmouth last January and took command of the American ship Robert which he then sailed to Baltimore. (See p. 279, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
115-117 16 Dec 1798 Waldegrave (Portland Place, London) D. of Portland Defences at St. John's are in an "unsettled state" and need consideration. Lower batteries have been dismantled, their heavy ordnance transferred to new batteries on the heights, better suited for defence of St. John's. New works have not been completed, and may never be. While the overall plan is being finalized, W. is anxious to see work done on the "appendages" (barracks, storehouses, magazines, etc.); fortifications are of little use without these. If a brigadier general is placed in charge of Nfld garrison, he needs to know all this before his departure. (See pp. 280-281, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
117-118 19 Dec 1798 Geo. Hutchings, John Bell, George Gaden, Henry Phillips, Alex. Cormack Waldegrave Thanking him for all his efforts in advancing construction of the new church, including purchase of material in England which saved the project money. They then indicate that the project is costing much more, they need another 800 to finish the church. Subscribers have donated another 10 guineas each, raising 357, leaving another 443 to raise. Seek his assistance & influence with the SPG & government. (See pp. 282-283, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9; transcript incorrectly gives date of 9 Dec.)
119 19 Dec 1798 Arehibald Buchanan (St. John's) Waldegrave By way of Mr. Brown who goes to England in the Mercury, he sends a statement of the shipping & trade of Nfld for the year ending 10 Oct 1798 (not included here). (See pp. 284, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
119-120 20 Dec 1798 Lt.Col. Charleton Waldegrave John Rose, sentenced to be transported for life, has been sent to Savoy Prison in England in HMS Mercury. Col, Skinner & family embarked in Brilliant for Lisbon on 13 Dec. Large quantity of flour is unfit for issue to the troops; he recommends holding it until the spring because selling it now won't fetch a good price, there still being much flour in St. John's at present.  (See p. 285, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
120-122 18 Dec 1798 William I. Eppes, Commissary Lt.Col. Charleton Sends copies of orders from England to submit regular rolls to the Commissary to keep track of rations. Bakers refuse to use the flour, as he had anticipated, this being the condemned flour from the Kitty. Need to buy best flour possible to mix with the bad flour.There's enough good flour to last 12 months but nowhere to store it. (See pp. 286-287, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
122-123 26 Dec 1798 Waldegrave D. of Portland Provides a copy of his letter of 26 Oct to Henry Phillips (above, p. 76), appointing him Vendue Master to sell the condemned victuals at auction. The proceeds of the auction suggest that the provisions were not in so bad a state as was claimed. [not in D'Albert transcript]
123-124 28 Dec 1798 Lt Col Charleton Waldegrave Mentions previous letter (20 Dec.) regarding the unfit flour & the suggestion that it not be surveyed until spring. He's received a letter from the War Office about Capt. Eppes, whom he has contacted for an immediate response. (See p. 288, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
124-125 25 Sept 1798 W. Windham (War Office) Commandant of St. John's They've discovered that Capt Eppes of the R Nfld Regt also serves as Commissary of Provisions. This is not appropriate (could lead to conflict of interest. He must choose, and inform either the War Office or the Treasury of his choice. (See p. 289, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 9)
125-126 2 Jan 1799 Waldegrave Rev. Mr. Morice Details about Mr. Evans scandalous behaviour in Placentia. Information provided by Capt. Warren who W. trusts, and "who heard from good authority" that Evans appeared in the pulpit one day in an inebriated state, and this is why people there no longer attend services, Warren himself saw Evans at 10 am "very far from sober". W. includes an extract from Warren's report. (See pp. 1-2, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
127 3 Jan 1799 Waldegrave Thomas Babb Desires his confirmation of the arrangements to acquire his land adjacent to the church in St. John's for purposes of expanding the burial ground. (See p. 3, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
128-130 7 Jan 1799 Thomas Babb (Newton Abbot) Waldegrave Babb is surprised that gov't seems to think he's been unreasonable in the matter of his land in St. John's. This is the first he knew that gov't wanted his land to expand the cemetery. For several years he permitted a path through the property to the church (he reimbursed his tenant annually for any damages this might cause). Bovey lied when he said his lease had ten years to run; all Babb has to do is give Bovey 12 months notice. Bovey was to maintain the property and received money for that but hasn't spent it as he should. Babb will cooperate but he thinks that the land is worth more than the sum that Waldegrave had arranged with Bovey. (See pp. 4-6, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
131-133 11 Jan 1799 Waldegrave Thomas Babb Waldegrave responds to Babb; grateful for his cooperation, and for clarifying the issue of ownership & willingness to release the land. Bovey's side of the story will be strictly investigated. W. believes that the amount of compensation offered to Babb is fair. (See pp. 7-9, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
133-137 19 Jan 1799 Waldegrave Merchants of Poole & Dartmouth Concerning the efforts to bulld a new church in St. John's. Notes that the the original estimate was much less than he felt was needed, and so he requested much more from Crown & SPG. Moreover, W. personally arranged to purchase materials in England for the church, for a saving (he was told) of 15%. He's therefore much surprised to learn from the Committee responsible for building the new church that much more is needed to complete the job. W. isn't keen to ask the Crown & SPG for more, and therefore declines to do so.  (See pp. 10-13, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
137-138 22 Jan 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portland Sends extracts from Lt Col. Charleton & Commissary Eppes on the subject of the flour now in store in St. John's. He agrees that his instructions to Eppes were verbal, but only because he didn't receive the report until he was about to sail for England. Eppes is now in England and should be "strictly examined". (See pp. 14-15, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
138-139 26 Jan 1799 Waldegrave William I. Eppes Asks him to let W. know the decision that Eppes will submit to the Secretary at War. (See p. 16, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10) [This concerns the fact that Eppes holds a military commission as well as the appointment as Commissary]
139-140 28 Jan 1799 Eppes (Poole) Waldegrave Will keep his commission as Commissary of Provisions. He then explains how and why he agreed to accept commission as captain of a company in Col. Skinner's corps (basically, out of sense of duty & service); he's not the only person to hold two commissions. Adds that he commanded 2 companies of volunteers when the French were in the coast [1796] & raised 50 recruits for the Nfld Fencibles at his own expense. (See pp. 17-18, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
141-142 29 Jan 1799 R.H. Roope, Newman & Co., Richard Ougier, Richard Hutchings (Dartmouth) Waldegrave Sorry to learn that more money is needed for the church in St. John's. They've directed their agents in Nfld to match what they donate here. They hope that the Customs officers "who are supposed to be residents in Newfoundland" will also donate. Postscript: other Dartmouth merchants refuse to contribute because there are so few signatures. (See pp. 19-20, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
142-145 30 Jan 1799 Richard Routh (Poole) Waldegrave Routh reports, with enclosures (below) on a number of issues. He raised the issue with St. John's merchants of raising more revenue on rum (Letter #3); he's not optimistic about the outcome, judging by their reply (#4). Reports suggest that out-migration by fishermen & residents from Nfld to Halifax & the USA is becoming serious (#5); he'll try to secure evidence of the guilty parties, but such evidence is difficult to collect in the outports. Rev. Mr. Harries & Reed requested help (#6) in securing proper persons to establish a school. Efforts to raise more money for the church in St. John's are not going well; costs of churches in Placentia, Trinity etc. impede fund-raising. Discusses the matter of Mrs. Wall's claim on Cochran's property to expand a grant secured from Gov. Edwards (details). (See pp. 21-23, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
145 10 Dec 1798 Richard Routh (St. John's) merchants of St. John's (Enclosure #3) Conveys Waldegrave's desire for their response to a gov't plan to levy duty of 6d/gallon on rum & spirits; seeks their advice & opinions.
145-147 12 Dec 1798 Cunningham Stevenson & Co. (St. John's) Routh (Enclosure #4) They are opposed to "any species of taxes" in principal; not only would taxes pose a burden & inconvenience to fishery & trade but it contradicts the govt view that "This Island is ... not a Colony". All structures & property must serve the fishery, so any property assessment would threaten the well-being of the fishery & trade. If revenue is needed, let the people "use their industry in cultivating such parts of the Island as do not immediately interfere with the Fishery." [no D'Alberti transcript]
147-149 13 Dec 1798 Lieut. John Le Breton, RNR Richard Routh (Enclosure #5) Responds to Col. Skinner's order to investigate migration from Nfld to Halifax & USA & report to Chief Justice. He was at St. Peter's on 18 Oct when a Halifax schooner owned by Denis Lamy arrived from Harbor Breton with 4-5 fishermen for Halifax; they'd been employed Philip De Winter. Lamy had a permit to sell tobacco in Nfld, though he also sold spirits. From HB he proceeded to St. Laurence, picking up another 30-40 men. Lt. Le Breton then describes another example, a large shallop which went from Burin to Halifax or the USA in November. Le Breton sailed there, intercepted the lugger Eagle, Daniel Lee, master, owned by Mr. Joliff of Burin, with about 40 passengers on board. Searched it & found a deserter from the Royal Artillery. Reports of other small vessels "on the Western Coast of this Island the last season". [no D'Alberti transcript]
149-151 10 Dec 1798 Rev. John Harries [& Mr. Reed] (St. John's Richard Routh (Enclosure #6) Seek support for a school to teach boys & girls of St. John's. It would have been established sooner, had a proper endowment been set up to generate "Comfortable support of a master and mistress (for we must have both)". Describe the desired qualifications & subjects to be taught by the master (dead languages, arithmetic) & mistress (English, plain & ornamental needlework, French). Provide list of subscribers. Encourage Routh to recruit suitable candidates in England. Amount of subscription = slightly over 270 for 3 years. [no D'Alberti transcript]
151 30 Jan 1799 Waldegrave Wm Wyndham (War Office) Passes on to him the decision reached by William Eppes concerning which position to give up. (See p. 24, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
151-154 2 Feb 1799 Waldegrave Richard Routh Reply to his of 30 Jan.; W. is surprised that Routh has been acting in the name of King's Ministers & Gov. Waldegrave without the authority to do so. His actions are based on "private conversations" which he seems "to have wholly misunderstood" The issue of a new tax on spirits arose from his own ideas, explained in private, and not based on ministerial directions. He expands on this. Gov't would never consult with merchants, nor does it need to; "Unless its wisdom and justice be competent to this, we must be in a truly pitable State. But, thank God, the very reverse is the case, as all Europe hath long felt, and still feels" He's also misrepresented the nature of the duty that W. speculated about. (See pp. 25-27, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
155 2 Feb 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portland W. explains that Routh has "misconceiv'd and misrepresented a private converation" about new duties in Nfld. (See p. 28, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
155 4 Feb 1798 M. Lewis (War Office) Waldegrave Acknowledges receipt of W.'s letter & enclosure, explaining the decision that Eppes has made. (See p. 29, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
156 4 Feb 1798 Richard Routh (Poole) Waldegrave Gout & ensuing absence of sleep for 3 nights prevents him from going into W.'s letter in detail. He truly thought that W. wanted him to consult with St. John's merchants on the matter of a tax. (See p. 30, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
157 11 Feb 1799 Waldegrave Joseph Garland, Mayor of Poole By mistake, Garland's name wasn't included in the letter about the need for additional funds for the new church. Asks Garland to inquire about the matter with the merchants of Poole. Merchants of Dartmouth replied immediately to W.'s letter to them. (See p. 31, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
158 11 Feb 1799 Waldegrave Routh Replies to Routh's request to return from Nfld next winter; sends him the "sentiment" of the Sec. of State. Crown has already made clear its preference for year-round residence in Nfld, there is no change in that position. W. then quotes the D. of Portland that allowing him to return to England this year in order to help transport his family to Nfld was an "indulgence [which] ought not to be abuse'd". He is to return to Nfld by the first convoy "or resign his Commission".  (See p. 32, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
159-160 13 Feb 1799 Routh (Poole) Waldegrave Further to his reaction to W.'s letter of 2 Feb, which "affected me more sensibly than any other occurrence for many years." He reminds W. of their conversation while walking on the parade before Gov't House soon after his arrival. He felt he was honoring W.'s intent in the matter. Routh tries both to defend his actions and to assure W. that he fully attempted to adhere to W.'s directions. (See pp. 33-34, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
160-161 15 Feb 1799 Joseph Garland (Poole) Waldegrave Called a meeting of merchants of Poole engaged in the Nfld trade; given the heavy expenses already incurred, as well as their support for other churches in the outports, they decline "altogether" to pay more for the new church. (See p. 35, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
161-162 19 Feb 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portland Passes on the response of Poole; W. disputes their account because Capt. Warren of the Shark assures him that the church at Trinity has suffered severe neglect, despite efforts of Rev. Clinch to arrange his own repairs. In smaller outports the neglect of churches must be even worse. (See p. 36, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
163 20 Feb 1799 J. King for D. of Portland Waldegrave Portland requests a copy of the "instrument" mentioned in W.'s letter of 18 Oct by which the Chief Justice claims right to receuve on his own account the fees on probate of wills; Portland will then seek advice of Crown Attorney & Solicitor General. (See p. 37, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
163-164 21 Feb 1799 Waldegrave D'Ewes Coke W. was informed by Sheriff of Nfld that Coke considered himself entitled to receive on his own account the fees on probate of wills; requests the instrument on which this expectation is based. (See p. 38, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
164-165 21 Feb 1799 D. of Portland Waldegrave Current stimates have already been decided so any additional grant for completion of the church will have to be deferred until next session of Parlt. Portland will agree to recommend another 200, remainder must come from Nfld. The reasons for the difference between the estimates and the final expense must be explained. (See p. 39, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
165-166 21 Feb 1799 Waldegrave Routh W. asks Routh whether he has any instrument which entitles him on his own account to the fees on probate of wills. (See p. 40, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
166 22 Feb 1799 William Eton (Worcester Coffee House, Oxford Street) Waldegrave Sends him a paper reaspecting a market for the sale of Nfld fish; the object is of "magnitude sufficient to merit a trial". (See p. 41, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
166-169 20 Feb 1799 William Eton   A memorial promoting Turkey as a potential new market for Nfld fish. Christian inhabitants are concentrated near accessible sea ports; fish is consumed but not preserved enough to transport beyond the coast. He describes specific regions and the particular fish consumed there. Some Nfld fish gets there from Italy. Greeks aren't very fussy ("delicate") so may accept inferior grades of cod. Black Sea also has potential. Caviar is distributed there; it's expensive buit it's proof that a demand may exist for a fish that is "cheap and more wholesome". Mentions potential of [Central?] Asiatic provinces, and the Russian Empire. Frozen fish sold as far as St. Petersburg but in summer, fish is expensive. Initial results may not be promising; it will take time to develop distribution networks & markets. Start with Constantinople, Smyrna, Acre, then Jaffa, Beirut, Sidon, Tripoli, Laodicea, and the Islands. Nothing possible until the Levant Company is abolished; to learn why, Eton says to read Chapt. 11 of his book on the Turkish Empire. (See pp. 42-44, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
170-171 22 Feb 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portalnd Passes Eton's memorial on to him. Lords of Trade should look into this. Greeks may serve as a good market in peace time for inferior fish but not in war time, owing to increased cost of fish due to greater cost of freight & insurance. The "Western Coasts" of Nfld [i.e., Fortune, Hermitage Bays] produce vast amounts of herring, a fish more familiar to the Greeks and therefore one that suits their palates better, "their general diet being of the strongest kinds, such as dried Herring, Cavia [sic], Botarga [salted cured fish roe], ripe Olives, bad Oil, etc." (See p. 45, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10; this transcript mis-spells "Botarga" as "Bolarga")
171-173 24 Feb 1799 D'Ewes Coke (Poole) Waldegrave Explains that there was no "instrument" authorizing retention of the fees from writs, but a "deputation" given him by Judge Reeves before Coke became Chief Justice [i.e., no formal commission but an informal authorization]. He believes this privilege was shared by his predecessors. Coke then explains the evolution of the position of Chief Justice, from 1791, through 1792 when Reeves became Chief Justice with power to apppoint surorgates, including Coke. Coke was appointed Chief Justice in 1793; Reeves recommended a friend to grant probates. Reeves told Coke that this was "the only thing for which you can take a shilling" Such matters were therefore considered to be "extra Judicial". Tells W. to contact Reeves for more details. (See pp. 46-48, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
174-176 25 Feb 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portland He'll pass on Portland's limited agreement to contribute additional funds for the church. Committee to build the church was formed without consultation with Waldegrave, esp. with regard to estimates. W.'s opinion: the merchants take advantage of artisans & labourers, so they retaliate by inflating costs. (They knew the roof had to be finished before winter, so they demanded a wage increase.) W. regards merchants as "the most illiberal and rapacious body of men I ever before met with". W. was warned by an architect sent out by the Barrack Master General that the estimate for the church fell far short of what it would cost.  (See pp. 49-50, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
176-178 26 Feb 1799 Richard Routh (Poole) Waldegrave Routh weighs in on the issue of fees for probates. Cites 10th clause of Judicature Act (32 Geo. 3, cap. 46): only Chief Justice or a delegate has authority to grant probate. This includes fees. He assumes that he who exercises the authority gets the fees. The Act is silent on who keeps the fees. It seems unreasonable that the person who conducts probate would not be rewarded for the work. (See pp. 51-52, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
178-179 28 Feb 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portland Reports on information received from Coke & Routh concerning fees from probate. Sends copies of their letters. (See p. 53, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
179 28 Feb 1799 Waldegrave Maj. Gen. Delancey, Barrack Master General Indicates that Mr. Martin, sent to Nfld by Delancey to survey the barracks, reported on essential repairs needed for Gov't House at "very inconsiderable expense". Asks Delancey to send orders to make the repairs by way of the Venus, due to sail next month for Nfld. (See p. 54, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
180 29 Feb 1799 Waldegrave Rev. Dr. Morice Asks him to present to the SPG the enclosed correspondence concerning the state of the church in St. John's. (See pp. 55, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
180-181 4 March 1799 Waldegrave Merchants, St. John's Regarding the misunderstanding about a tax on rum & spirits; provides copy of correspondence (presumably with Routh) which make the misunderstanding clear. (See p. 56, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
181 6 March 1799 Thomas Fauquier, Comptroller's Office Waldegrave Request that W. appear at "this office" to help investigate Eppes' conduct in selling "certain condemned Provisions in Newfoundland". (See p. 57, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
182 7 March 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portland Submits petition of Capt. Warren (below); Waldegrave is concerned whether a person who holds 2 commissions at the same time is consistent with the law as "he may frequently become at the same time both Judge and Party". (See p. 58, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10; transcript incorrectly gives date as 6 March)
182-184 no date Capt. Frederic Warren Waldegrave This concerns the case of the Deborah, an American schooner taken by Warren in July 1798 in St. George's Harbour & condemned as a lawful prize by William Carter, Judge of the Vice Admiralty Court in St. John's. Patrick Ryan bought the prize & appeared before Richard Routh, Collector of Customs, to register the vessel but Routh refused. Ryan intends to sue Warren or his agent to recover the money by Ryan for the schooner. Such a suit will be heard by Routh as Chief Justice. Warren believes "it contrary to the principles of justice, that a Judge should try a cause in which he himself may be interested." Warren seeks relief from Waldegrave. (See pp. 59-60, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
184-185 9 March 1799 Waldegrave Committee of the new church Sends enclosed correspondence to reflect his efforts to raise more money for the church. (See p. 61, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
185 13 Mar 1799 E. Hewgill (Barrack Office) Waldegrave Directions are sent to Nfld to proceed with repairs & improvements to Gov't House (See p. 62, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
186-187 15 Mar 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portland W. has submitted to the SPG, with Portland's permission, the request to increase the salary of the missionaries in Nfld, as well as Portland's offer to provide each missionary with 50 towards salary, if SPG agrees to increase present salaries to 100. There are only 3 missionaries; 2 would get the raise because Rev. Harries' salary already exceeds 150/annum). They agreed. (See p. 63, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
187-190 19 Mar 1799 Waldegrave Archbishop of Canterbury Askes that Rev. Harries' salary also be increased to 100 like the others; at present it is 90/year. True, he has other incomes though these are not gratuities from government. W. then speaks to Harries' character and service, his eight children "(seven of whom are unfortunately female)" (See pp. 64-66, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
190 21 Mar 1799 Thomas Fauquier (Comptroller's Office) Waldegrave Request his feedback on enclosed correspondence received from Mr. Eppes. (See p. 67, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
191-199 25 Mar 1799 Waldegrave Thomas Fauquier A lengthy response to Fauquier's request from W.'s views on Eppes account of the way in which condemned priovisions were surveyed & sold. Eppes' attempts to shift responsibility for what happened to others; Waldegrave challenges many of Eppes' assertions and maintains that a vast quantity of provisions would never have had to be condemned had Eppes inspected them sooner, stored them properly, and basically done his job. (See pp. 68-74, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
200 26 Mar 1799 D. of Portland Waldegrave Passes on advice of the law officers concerning the fees collected by the Chief Justice from probate of wills. It seems that if the Chief Justice administers probate, then he can't collect fees as well as salary, but if he delegates the task, then that person may charge and keep "reasonable Fees" (See p. 75, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
200-204 20 Mar 1799 John Nicholl, John Scott, John Milford D. of Portland The opinion of the law officers on the issue of what happens to the fees collected from probate. Coke could collect such fees so long as he was appointed to the task by Judge Reeves, but not after he himself became Chief Justice. (See pp. 76-78, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
204-205 4 April 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portland Submits petition of Mr. Dingle, a magistrate who served many years in Nfld; lost all his property when the French attacked (1796); deserves some compensation which an appointment as an SPG missionary would serve. (See p. 80, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
205-206 11 April 1799 Charles Long (Treasury) Waldegrave Eppes should not hold two commissions (Capt. of a company in the RNR; Commissary of Stores of War & Provisions); the Treasury will allow Eppes to choose. (See p. 81, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
206-207 12 April 1799 Waldegrave Sir Stephen Cottrell Sends him a copy of correspondence concerning the desirability of sending coinage to Nfld. Gov't wants as small a quantity as will serve the need. W. recommends 3,800 in silver and 3000 in copper. Half & quarter dollar pieces would serve the purposes of half crowns & shillings. (See p. 82, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
207-208 12 April 1799 Waldegrave Charles Long Sends a copy of correspondence concerning Commissary Mr. Eppes' choice. (See p. 83, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
208 15 Apr 1799 Waldegrave Sir S. Cottrell Reply to his of 10 April, enclosing the copy of a letter from S. Bosanquet on the subject of introducing Nfld fish into the markets of Constantinople & other parts of the Levant.  (See p. 84, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
208-209 15 April 1799 Waldegrave Henry Dundas Sends him papers which he is asked to forward with his recommendations to the merchants of Greenock & Glasgow, Scotland trading to Nfld. (See p. 85, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
209 17 April 1799 D. of Portland Waldegrave Responds to the question raised on the subject of the Magdalen Islands, for which Capt. Coffin has secured a grant, and the right to catch & cure fish there; sends him Portland's letter to Mr. King, the American minister, which should clarify matters (see below). Waldegrave is to inform Coffin. (See p. 86, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
210-211 18 Oct 1798 D. of Portland Rufus King, US ambassador A reply to King's of 13 Oct, concerning Coffin's complaint (as "sole proprietor of the Magdalen Islands") that Americans are drying & curing fish there without permission of the proprietor, in violation of Tr. of Utrecht (1713). They must apply in Halifax for permission in future. Portland confirms that a grant has been given to Coffin though this does not imply settlement of the islands. Portland will inform governor of Nfld that no one is to interrupt American fishermen in their treaty rights established in 1783 to dry & cure fish there in any "Bays, Harbors and Creeks ... so long as the same shall remain unsettled." (See p. 87, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
211-212 19 April 1799 Waldegrave M. Lewis, Dep. Secretary at War No official word yet that a Brig. General has been appointed to command Nfld garrison, but believes this to be true; if so, please inform him that a convoy will leave for St. John's from Spithead on 25 April. This is the second convoy for Nfld this season. (See p. 88, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
212 22 Apr 1799 Barrack Master General Waldegrave Sends 2 enclosures (below) concerning barracks in St. John's & requests a meeting with W. (See p. 89, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
212-214 12 April 1799 R.H. Crew (Ordnance Office) Col. Mackenzie, Asst. Barrack Master General Board of Ordnance has decided that Signal Hill is to be "the Principal Post for the defence of St. John's" & that no further repairs are to be done to Forts Townshend & William. Their barracks are in disrepair, some were destroyed by fire. As new barracks are built, they should be built on Signal Hill. Seek Barrack Master's opinion on this. Royal Engineer in St. John's should choose a site which the works will protect. (See pp. 90-91, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
214-215 6 April 1799 F. Mackenzie, Asst. B.M.G. R.H. Crew (Ordnance) Wants update on barracks in St. John's, as he understands that some are in works "which are intended to be given up". Wants future expenditures to be minimized & limited to what is essential. (See p. 92, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
215-216 24 April 1799 Col. Thomas Skinner (Lisbon) Waldegrave Was not able to secure passage to Nfld from Lisbon; seeks extension to his leave until he can secure passage. (See p. 93, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
216 24 April 1799 M. Lewis (War Office) Waldegrave Information provided on 19 April by Waldegrave has been passed on to Brig. General Skerrett, newly appointed to command troops in Nfld. (See p. 94, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
216-218 26 Apr 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portland Skerrett's appointment transfers all responsibility over the troops at Nfld (defined in Portland's instructions of 16 June 1798) to him from Waldegrave; this includes responsibility over any specie sent to Nfld. Waldegrave's responsibility over the Commissary & provisions will also now end. Specie for Nfld must be sent to Portsmouth & placed in charge of Capt. Bligh, Agincourt. (See pp. 95-96, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
218-219 27 Apr 1999 Waldegrave D. of Portland Only has Portland's verbal agreement of supplement SPG salaries in Nfld; requests formal authorization. (See p. 97, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
219-227 9 May 1799 Waldegrave William Fawkener Gives advice on how best to develop a market in the Levant for Nfld saltfish. W. provides a detailed explanation of the price, quality, & demand for bank fish, inshore fish, in European markets. Madeira fish is second grade, stored in casks, shorter storage life. West India fish = refuse fish, most inferior grade; a fourth grade = "dumb fish" (explained) which actually improves over 3-4 years; consumed in Nfld, not overseas except Bilbao where it is preferred. Recommends "merchantable fish" for Levant, perhaps some Madeira. Fish in casks would transport better in Levant & be more secure from damage by rats. Prevailing currents & winds make Black Sea a difficult market region for ships to access. Ship for arrival when religious fasting generates demand among the Greeks (December, Lent, & mid-summer). Merchants won't take risk of opening the Levant, so Gov't must do this (refers to letter from Newman of Dartmouth; not included here). Reason is the timing: to reach Levant markets at best times, ships must proceed without convoy protection, therefore must be well armed. One thing is clear: new markets need to be found & developed because of "the decline of the Newfoundland fishery and the want of markets for its fish." (See pp. 98-104, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
227-228 15 May 1799 Waldegrave Thomas Skinner Cannot grant his request. W. does not know when a good opportunity to sail from Lisbon to St. John's will arise, he'll have to take his chances & suffer any consequences. (See p. 105, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
228-229 17 May 1799 Waldegrave R.H. Crewe (Ordnance) Please pass on enclosed correspondence concerning Skinner's inability to get to St. John's until late in the season.
229-231 19 May 1799 Waldegrave William Fawkener More on the potential of opening fish trade with Turkey. Here he estimates the price that various grades of fish might get in the Smyrna market, the best size of vessel & quantity of fish to ship. Postscript notes that price fetched by fish in Nfld in 1798 was not 14 shillings/quintal as he previously indicated as an average, but was lower, only 10/6d. (See pp. 107-108, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
232 29 Sept 1799 Rance R. Gladstanes [This letter is crossed out but readable] Complains that there is scarcely a bell in Gov't House that will ring, & Governor's chamber door won't stay shut. These defects are blamed on the fact that the bells & locks were not inspected before his arrival.
232 29 Sept 1799 Ralph Gladstanes (Barrack Office) Rance Acknowledges his letter; the incoveniences will be attended to. (See p. 109, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
233 28 May 1799 Robert Carter (Ferryland) Waldegrave Things were quiet this winter; a few large shallops sailed early this month to "the Western Fishery at Fortune Bay and Placentia Bay" Submits a copy of the Court of Sessions & the please in Surrogate Court; submits an account of masters, servants & dieters in each harbour for the winter & a register for each family; will send an account of the bankers, shallops & skiffs employed in this district as they are collected. (See p. 110, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
233-234 28 Sept 1799 Waldegrave (Ft Townshend) Robert Carter (Ferryland) W. arrived here yesterday; acknowledges Carter's of 28 May; awaits his account of bankers, shallops, skiffs. (See p. 111, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
234 7 Sept 1799 John Bland (Bonavista) Rance Mr. Newel, who collected Greenwich Hospital dues at Bonavista & points north, has died, so dues haven't been collected. Would like to be appointed to this task. He'd appear in person but he's convalescing from a severe illness. (See p. 112, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
235 27 Sept 1799 Rance John Bland Agrees to appoint Bland as Collector of Hospital Dues. Requests the accounts for last year and this year; he may submit them as bills of exchange at 30 days sight. (See p. 113, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
235-236 27 Sept 1799 Rance for Waldegrave Jonathan Ogden Appointing him Naval Officer at St. John's in place of Archibald Buchanan, recently deceased (See p. 114, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
237 4 July 1799 A.W. Schomberg, Rambler sloop (St. John's) Waldegrave Concerning a complaint against Michael Connor who mistreated John Verges, his servant, & refused to settle accounts. He was convicted. But he lost time fishing because of the proceedings; court's judgement reflects this.(See p. 115, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10) 
237 no date J. Ogden, JP, St. John's Waldegrave Submits a list of 8 buildings erected in St. John's since 28 Oct 1798, taken from records kept by Jonathan Williams, Clerk of the Peace
238 no date J. Ogden, JP, St. John's Waldegrave List of inhabitants in district of St. John's during winter of 1798-99, from records of J. Williams, Clerk of the Peace (3,132 in 9 categories)
238-239 30 Sept 1799 Peter McKie (St. John's) Waldegrave Submits a statement of imports into & exports from Nfld in 1798. Petitions W. for position of Naval Officer, now that Archibald Buchanan has died. McKie filled in for that office from time to time. (See p. 116, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
239 30 Sept 1799 Waldegrave Peter McKie Regrets that the position has already been filled. (See p. 117, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
239-241 1 Oct 1799 William Skerrett (Lieut. Gov. House, St. John's) Waldegrave Requests that a vessel like the Trepassey be permanently assigned to him, so that he'll have a vessel available in case none of the squadron are available in St. John's when needed (e.g., send despatches to Halifax, or pursue deserters). Pursuing deserters is particularly a need of late.
241 1 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Gen. Skerrett W. is happy to do so. (See p. 118, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
241-242 2 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Robert Carter Sr. (Ferryland) Requests his support of Mr. Dingle, recently appointed by SPG as missionary for district of Bay Bulls.  (See p. 119, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
242-243 2 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Richard Routh, Chief Justice Informs him about the legal opinion concerning whether the Chief Justice can collect fees for probate of wills; Chief Justice himself cannot collect fees but anyone he appoints to the task can collect fees.  (See p. 120, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
243-244 2 Oct 1799 Patrick Ryan Waldegrave Ryan thanks W.  for his efforts with regard to the American schooner Deborah. If necessary, Ryan will acquiesce in the removal of his flake adjacent to the church, knowing that W. will endeavour to compensate Ryan with land of equal convenience. Ryan must head west to Placentia, won't be back before W. sails to England, therefore would like to know quickly what the final decision will be concerning the land and fish flake.  (See p. 121, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
244 3 Oct 1799 R. Reed, Alex. Cormack Waldegrave Ask for a time when they can meet & present accounts of the Committees for the new church & for the charitable fund.  (See p. 122, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
245 3 Oct 1799 Rance for Waldegrave Reed & Cormack Proposes the day after tomorrow for the meeting to present the accounts.  (See p. 123, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
245-247 3 Oct 1799 Robert Bollard (Ordnance, SJ) Waldegrave Submits retyurns on ordnance stores issued to ships of the squadron (sloop Pluto & sloop Rambler). Has received a request for rope for gun tackle falls greater than he can supply; substituted rope sent for the fortifications, and requests permission to purchase the balance. Demands have been high; asks how to deal with requests for military stores for use by warships, if he cannot make purchases without governor's permission. (See p. 116, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
247 4 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Bollard Berates Bollard for irregular procedure in providing sloops with ordnance stores. Naval instructions direct captains to purchase what they need. Bollard is not to issue military stores to naval vessels.  (See p. 125, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
248 4 Oct 1799 Richard Routh, Chief Justice Waldegrave His response on the ruling about fees for probate of wills and administratin of intestate effects. Attorney General in England told him different, so he did what he thought he should, before receiving this latest direction.  (See p. 126, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
248-249 4 Oct 1799 Rance for Waldegrave R. Routh, Customs Collector Wants to know why not a single master of vessels arriving at or departing from SJ have ever waited on the governor, despite W.'s clear orders of 11 Sept 1797.  (See p. 127, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
249-250 4 Oct 1799 Routh (Custom House) Waldegrave Sends him Rance's letter, which puzzles him. Doe he really expect to meet with the masters of all vessels? Such orders usually only apply to the current season. Routh lacks authority to deny a master entry or clearance if he has fully complied with "the laws and regulations of the customs."  (See p. 128, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
250 4 Oct 1799 Thomas Skinner, W. Humfreys, Robt. Bollard (Ordnance, SJ) Waldegrave Have orders to construct barracks on Signal Hill; they need a place to store materials during construction. Request permission to fence in and build a carpenter's work shop on the beach near the King's Storehouse.  (See p. 129, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10) 
251 5 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Skinner, Bollard, Humfrey Permission granted; W.'s letter includes a simple diagram of the dimensions of the proposed workshop.  (See p. 130, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10); diagram is not reproduced in the transcript)
251-252 5 Oct 1799 James P. Rance   (Memorandum) Chair of the Committee for the new church met with Waldegrave with an account of expenses incurred by construction thus far on labour, material & workmanship, and the amount still to hand with R. Reed, Treasurer (Fermews)
252 5 Oct 1799     (Memorandum) Chair of Committee of the Charitabke Fund met with Waldegrave with an account of the number of people relieved & provisions dispensed since 17 Nov. 1798, and the amount of money given them.  (See p. 132, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
252-255 5 Oct 1799 Waldegrave R. Routh, Customs Collector Customs Collector shoulkd reside in Nfld or, if taking leave in England, seek full details of what transpired during his absence; that's why he had Rance send him the letter of 4 Oct. W. also said that his letter would be perfectly clear if he Routh had directed his questions to his "locum tenens" (Peter McKie). W. seems quite miffed that Routh interpreted his orders of Sept 1797 as he did. Governor wants to interview sailing masters to gather intelligence. If Routh fails to comply, "you must answer the contrary at your peril." (See pp. 133-134, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
255-256 5 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Routh, Chief Justice Peevish response to his of 4 Oct (W.'s letter of 2 Oct "was to inform you what you were to do, not to require of you what you had done"); whatever Routh concluded from the Att'y General, W.'s letter conveyed the conclusions of the Sec. of State and the Crown Lawyers. Routh is to act on their conclusions. (See p. 135, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
256 5 Oct 1799 Rance for Waldegrave R. Gladstanes, Barrack Master Complains that the putty on the windows of Gov't House has come off; please take care of this.  (See p. 136, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
256-257 6 Oct 1799 Waldegrave R. Reed & A. Cormack, Chairs, committees for new church & charitable fund Wants Dr. Ogden to be a member of both committees. (See p. 137, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
257 7 Oct 1799 Reed & Cormack Waldegrave Agree to welcome Ogden onto both committees. (See p. 138, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
257-258 8 Oct 1799 General Skerrett Waldegrave Ordered by D. of Kent (C-in-C, N. Am.) to ask W. for a sloop of war to transport officers and soldiers to Halifax; requests the Trepassey. Wants the veesl to remain in Halifax a week to return to Nfld with part of the detachment.   (See p. 139, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
258-261 9 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Skerrett Waldegrave ordered an officer to examine Vixen brig & Trepassey tender for suitability for the transfer of troops. Capt. Bligh's report is enclosed (see below). W. adds that this is a "boisterous season" and a speedy passage isn't certain; men will have to accept part rations as a precaution against a slow passage. Trepassey is a small vessel, not well suited for the task, but larger ships are all committed to convoy the fish trade. (See pp. 140-141, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
261-262 8 Oct 1799 Capt. John Bligh, Agincourt Waldgrave Inspected the Vixen brig, Lieut. Mowat; 150 tons but shallow draft, small hold. Could carry 50-55 men with provisions for a month. Trepassey tender could trabsport 16 men with provisions for a month. (See pp. 142-143, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
262-263 10 Oct 1799 Waldegrave John Bell the land intended for expansion of the burial ground & formerly owned by Mr. Babb was publically surveyed last year & results communicated to Mr. Babb. Instead, Bell has purchased the land from Babb; W. wants to know if he did so alone (and can therefore permit the land to be appropriated for the cemetery) or with partners. (See p. 144, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
263-264 10 Oct 1799 Rance for Waldegrave Thomas Coote Appointing him Notary Public of Nfld (See p. 145, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
264-265 12 Oct 1799 John Bell Waldegrave He and his friends Cunningham Stevenson & Co. of Port Glasgow purchased the land from Babb last June. He cannot sell the property without approval of his partners. (See p. 146, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
265-266 12 Oct 1799 John Evans (St. John's) Waldegrave Assures W. that Evans is a victim of "malevolent rerpesentations of some of the Inhabitants of Placentia"; wants to lay papers before W. which will "paliate, if not entirely confute, their malevolent aspersions." Destitute; wife & offspring, etc. (See p. 147, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
266-268 12 Oct 1799 Waldegrave John Evans W. is prepared to believe that "malevolent persons" may be involved, but he insists that he's also heard from "persons whose breasts are utter strangers to malevolence" and reported to W. out of sense of duty "to God and their Country". Evans can present papers but only before witnesses or to the SPG but W. won't be his "advocate". Feels sorry for his family, but the SPG (as he should know) gave him 6 months salary to cope with situation. (See pp. 148-149, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
268-269 2 Apr 1799 D. of Portland Waldegrave [Ref: W.'s letters of 12 Nov '98 & 7 March '99; there's no clear reason why Portland's letter to Waldegrave of 2 April appears in the original Vol. 15 Letterbook here, amongst the October correspondence.] Portland agrees to recommend a salary of 10 shillings per day for the High Sheriff, to be included in next year's estimate; concerning Warren's memorial about possible conflict of interest of Chief Justice Routh in dealing with the American schooner Deborah, taken prize, the option of appealing an unfair decision to the Lords of the Privy Council is always available. (See p. 79, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
269-270 14 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Capt. John Bligh, Agincourt (Circular) for his information and that of the officers of his ship, a copy of the report of the Charitable Fund. W, summarizes what it achieved. W. hopes naval officers will continue to support the fund.  (See p. 150, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
270-271 14 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Capt. E.E. Gower, Castor A similar letter to the officers of HMS Castor. Without the fund, many of the poor "must have perished from absolute want during the past two winters". (See p. 151, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
271 15 Oct 1799 A.W. Schomberg, Rambler sloop Waldegrave Acknowledges his of 14 Oct concerning the effects of the charitable fund; he offers  5 for himself, another 5 from his officers, for the fund. (See p. 152, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
272-273 25 Oct 1798 Joseph Kavanagh, "Hair Dresser" Waldegrave This is Kavanagh's original petition, with supporting documents, requesting a grant to repair and enlarge his "small House or bulk", as he is now "getting old and unfit any longer for business", and so that he may live out his days rent free. The petition is endorsed by Waldegrave, who grants the petition "with great pleasure" from Kavanagh's "excellent Character." One stipulation: the house must not be enlarged so as to become a public nuisance. Recorded by Thomas Coote, Clerk of the Supreme Court. (See p. 153, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10) [Kavanagh's petition develops into an issue which generates considerable correspondence in the pages to come. A number of the documents which appear below relate to this issue and are numbered, though not necessarily sequentially]
273-274 8 Oct 1799 Kavanagh Waldegrave (No. 1) Kavanagh references the petition of the previous year (above); the ground in question has been marked out and he now submits a certificate signed by "many of the most respectable characters of the Town" to indicate that he has compl,ied with the conditions of Waldegrave's apoproval. (See p. 154, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
274-275 17 Dec. 1798 17 names of prominent citizens   (No. 2) They confirm that they surveyed Kavanagh's "situation" & they confirm that K. can "safely enclose" his ground "without inconvenience to any one". Names include George Williams, R. Routh, W.I. Eppes, Rev. Harries, Peter McKie, John Bell, Robert Bollard & other officials & administrators. (See p. 155, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
275-277 16 Oct 1799 James Rance for Waldegrave   (Notice) Several men have deserted from the squadron. W. believes they have been enticed away to serve on merchantmen soon to sail for Europe. This notice warns anyone luring men in this way or signing deserters onto their vessels will suffer consequences. W. will "impress the whole of their Crew or Crewes" into the navy. Ignorance is no excuse. All recruits onto merchantmen must be examined thoroughly. (See pp. 156-157, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
277-278 16 Oct 1799 Waldegrave George Williams He is to call to his aid George Hutchings Senior "as being no less vers'd in the knowledge of the Country than yourself" and examine the spot where Joseph Kavanagh's house stands, and the plot of land adjacent where Kavanagh has applied to build a house. They are to report to W. "whether this Ground is a Ships room" (See p. 158, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10) [This is identified as No. 4 in Waldegrave's letter below on pp. 294-295]
278 16 Oct 1799 J. Macbraire, Capt., RN Regt Waldegrave House rent in St. John's is so high that soldiers with families cannot afford entire dwellings. Asks permission to build 2 small houses "with a chimney" on a piece of land known as Mrs. Fitzpatrick's plantation. (See p. 159, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
279 16 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Capt. Macbraire Macbraire's request is refused; no reasons are given. (See p. 160, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
279 16 Oct 1799 Peter McKie Waldegrave Requests a certificate acknowledging that he performed duties of the Naval Office from the day Arch. Buchanan died (28 May 1799) until 27 Sept, the day Waldegrave "was pleased to supercede me". (See p. 161, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
280 16 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Peter McKie Cannot grant a certificate, but can acknowledge that McKie asked for one. (See p. 162, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
280-281 16 Oct 1799 Capt. Henry Folkes Edgell, Pluto Waldegrave Much like the ketters (abive) from the Agincourt and Castor. He and his officers make further contributions to the charitable fund. (See p. 163, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
281-283 16 Oct 1799 George Williams Waldegrave Concerning a lease to a meadow received from Gov. Edwards, and which he has improved at "considerable expence and trouble". Gov. Milbanke initially claimed it for his own use but subsequently made it a present to Williams. When Richery attacked in 1796, Gov. Wallace used much of his fence for the new garrison. Chief Justice Coke ruled against Williams [the precise issue is not defined]; Williams asked Chief Justice Routh to stay the proceedings (see below). Williams asks Waldegrave to take all this into consideration. (See pp. 164-165, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
283-285 14 Nov 1798 George Williams Richard Routh, Chief Justice Concerning the leased meadow which Gov. Milbanke made a present to him. The suit against Williams (by Nicholas Gill Senior) was for the rent (3/annum) unpaid for 6 years. Williams claims the proceedings were guilty of several irregularities. Encloses a letter (see below) from Aaron Graham for Gov. Milbanke confirming his version of events. Please stay further proceedings until Waldegrave can look into this.
285-286 26 Oct 1796 A. Graham George Williams Graham informs him that "the Governor has no further claim" for the meadow and that Williams "may repair the fence, and from this time look upon the Feild [sic] as your own." [NB: the date of the letter as recorded here must be incorrect; 1790 was the last year that Milbanke served as governor and that Aaron Graham served as governor's secretary. Adding to the confusion, the D'Alberti transcript gives the year of the letter as 1799(See p. 225, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10) ].
286 17 Oct 1799 George Hutchings Senior, George Williams Waldegrave (No. 6 [sic; in W.'s letter below, pp. 292-293, this is identified as No. 5]) They conclude that the land claimed by Joseph Kavanagh is a "Ships Room". (See p. 166, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
287 17 Oct 1799 Waldegrave George Williams As much as he would like, he can do nothing about Williams' request because the decision of the Chief Justice regarding the lease has already been granted. (See p. 167, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
287-288 17 Oct 1799 Capt. John Bligh, Agincourt Waldegrave Response to W.'s of 14 Oct (above); he, the officers, and the wardroom contribute more money to the charitable fund. (See p. 168, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
288 18 Oct 1799 E. Leveson Gower, Castor Waldegrave He and his officers will contrinute more money to the charitable fund. (See p. 169, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
289 18 Oct 1799 Peter McKie Waldegrave Submits certificate signed by principal merchants of St. John's confirming his service in 1799 as Naval Officer. Hopes this will allow W. to sign a certificate affirming this so that he can draw a salary for his period of service. (See p. 170, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
289-290 17 Oct 1799 12 merchants of St. John's   Document affirming that McKie performed duties of Naval Officer from 28 May to 27 Sept 1799. (See p. 171, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
290 18 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Thomas Coote, Clerk of the Supreme Couirt Wants Coote to meet with W. today, bringing the volume of records in which appears the note "which I subjoined" to Kavanagh's petition last year. (See p. 172, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
290-292 18 Oct 1799 Waldegrave   (No. 3) Waldegrave responds to Kavanagh's letter of 8 Oct 1799 (above). He revokes his assent to Kavanagh's petition of 23 Oct 1798 and declares it to be null and void. This document carefully outlines his reasons for so doing. Permission had been granted provided, when properly surveyed, the land was found not to be a ship's room or private property. The report of Hutchings & Williams shows that the land is in fact a ship's room. To grant Kavanagh's request would be to violate the act of Parliament which forbids this. (See pp. 173-174, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10) [For more on Kavanagh's petition, see below, pp. 310-313]
292-293 18 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Thomas Coote, Clerk of the Supreme Court Asks him to register Kavanagh's second petition to Waldegrave together with Waldegrave's response, in the records of the Supreme Court, together with the accompanying papers. These are listed under Waldegrave's signature but the list does not appear in the D'Alberti transcript. (See p. 175, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
293-294 19 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Peter McKie W. will forward McKie's certificate to the D. of Portland together with his own supporting documents so that he might collect the requested salary. (See p. 176, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
294-295 19 Oct 1799 Waldegrave inhabitants of St. John's Itemizes the numerous donations made to the charitable fund and to the church fund by officers, wives, etc.; the Venus, Mercuy, and Bonetta have not yet had the opportunity to contribute.
295-296 20 Oct 1799 General Skerrett Waldegrave D. of Kent, C-in-C N. Am., approves discharge of 3 soldiers of R Nfld Regt who were injured in service, and eligible for the Chelsea Hospital. W. is asked to have the three transported to England on first available warship destined for Europe & landed at Portsmouth. Three men are of the Royal Artillery. (See p. 177, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
296-297 20 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Skerrett Waldegrave is happy to comply wit the request. Men will sail in the Agincourt. They should procure bedding before embarking as there is none to spare in Agincourt. (See p. 178, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
297 20 Oct 1799 Waldegrave   H. Vansittart, commander of the Bonetta, was today appointed his supreme surrogate for the island of Nfld. (See p. 179, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
297-298 20 Oct 1799 Waldegrave   This day he paid the Chief Justice & other officers of Supreme Court (except High Sheriff) their salaries for period 21 Oct 1798 to 20 Oct 1799. High Sheriff is paid. The surrogates are listed and the amounts they are paid. (See p. 180, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
298-302 20 Oct 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portland He's drawn upon the Lords of Treasury to pay the salaries described in the previous document. 2 surrogates are naval commanders but they earn their stipend by serving through the winter; this precludes them the opportunity to earn any prize money; the stipend is earned only in wartime. He also explains why Dr. Ogden's salary is greater than that of the others. Regrets that these expenses fall upon Great Britain; a duty on rum would easily raise the necessary money, and "no one reasonable objection has ever been offer'd against such a measure." Objections to such a duty arise from "no other motive than an insolent idea of independence"; he cites the efforts to expand the burial ground as proof of this. (See pp. 181-183, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10) A postscript includes the accounts of Dr. Ogden's services (not in the D'Alberti transcript)
303 21 Oct 1799 Richard Routh, Chief Justice Waldegrave Asks whether W. intends to pay the public salaries. (See p. 184, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
303-304 21 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Routh He does intend to pay public slaaries; in return, he wants an account of all monies received in the Supreme Court since 20 Oct 1798 before salaries are paid. (See p. 185, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
304-305 21 Oct 1799 Waldegrave magistrates, St. J. Recommends that each person paying a license for a public house ought to pay an annual subscription of 5 shillings to the Charitable Fund. (See p. 186, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
305 22 Oct 1799 Dr. Ogden for the magistrates Waldegrave They shall pay "due attention" to W.'s suggestion regarding an annual subscription by publicans to the charitable fund. (See p. 187, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
305-307 16 Oct 1799 William Lilly (Harbour Grace) Waldegrace As Naval Officer for his district, he submits record of imports & exports. Normally submits this to the Naval Officer in St. John's who "is no more". Draws attention to the boats used in the seal fishery (size, number of crew, risks endured in March & April, making them "better Seamen in one Season, than the codfishery does in Seven"). Encourages a bounty be paid to vessels taking on a crew of ten with three green men; this would make it "an extraordinary Nursery for Seamen". (See pp. 188-189, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
307 21 Oct 1799 Waldegrave William Lilly Has passed Lilly's returns to Dr. Ogden, the new Naval Officer in St. John's; will forward his letter to D. of Portland. (See p. 190, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
308 21 Oct 1799 J. Broom, JP, Burin district Waldegrave out-migration from Burin & Placentia to Nova Scotia & USA is growing. Expects 2-3 vessels to be employed in this activity this fall. Urges W. to find a solution, so as to protect the fishery & prevent loss of "useful Men" to the navy. (See p. 191, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
309-310 22 Oct 1799 Waldegrave J. Broom Will pass on his information to Sec. of State. W. is not surprised by the information, as "it appears to me that many of the Inhabitants of this Island must either emigrate or starve" It is impossible for him to prevent out-migration; he lacks vessels for the task, and even if one were available, it couldn't cruise the coast. Those wishing to emigrate can embark in the smallest harbours where warships cannot venture. (See p. 192, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
310-313 22 Oct 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portland Lays before him the issue of the endorsement by Routh & other chief inhabitants of Kavanagh's petition; if allowed, people will think the Chief Justice "has the power of setting aside Acts of Parliament at his pleasure". He then provides a detailed discussion of the matter, emphasizing the unlikelihood that Kavanagh, a "Poor Hair Dresser", would need a house as large as he proposed building. Surprised to discover that the ground in question was a ship's room. Seeks advice, or else every future governor will easily be led to give away every ship's room in Nfld. Many of those who supported Kavanagh had protested when Gov. Wallace gave away an unoccupied ship's room.  (See pp. 193-195, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10) [Kavanagh the hair dresser has been around for a while; see Letterbook, Vol. 9, p. 202, Gov. Edwards]
313-317 22 Oct 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portland Concerning Broom's report of the problem of out-migration. This matter is beyond W.'s control & therefore needs Portland's attention. W. blames the truck trade. Changes to Nfld since the Act of 26 Geo. III, cap. 26 [Palliser's Act] was passed have caused the problem of out-migration to intensify. Burin merchants are alarmed because money leaves with the migrants that would end up in their pockets if migrants stayed in Nfld. Refers him to a letter from Dr. Ogden [see below, 22 Oct, pp. 322-328] which explains why out-migration happens; if these "poor wretches" don't emigrate, "they must starve", so long as merchants can set their own prices on the supplies issued to fishermen and on the fish they receive. Fishermen = "unfortunate beings working like slaves". When their contract ends, they have nothing to show except debt. There are too many inhabitants for too little income. Predicts a residential fishery within 3 years. Discusses the seal fishery; it generates a separate income. It requires some residents but by no means as many as are now in Nfld. Recommends permitting emigration (if not, how to stop them?) Impossible to empower consuls in America to seize vessels with emigrants (too easy to avoid such measures). (See pp. 196-198, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
317-318 23 Oct 1799 Richard Routh, Chief Justice Waldegrave Raises issue of paying the "Crier and Marshal of the Supreme Court". Mr. Easton was Crier under D'Ewes Coke; Easton made his servant the Marshal. (See p. 199, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
318-319 23 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Routh Sympathetic to Routh, but insist on first getting proof from Coke that payments were made as described. (See p. 200, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
319-320 23 Oct 1799 Joseph Kavanagh Waldegrave Petition concerning a plot of ground that he rents from John Sawer since June 1797; pays a heavy rent. Would like to build a house on that ground. (See p. 201, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
320-321 23 Oct 1799 Rev. J. Harries, John Ogden, Wm Carter Waldegrave W. directed them to survey the land in Kavanagh's petition. They've consulted with "ancient inhabitants" & conclude that the ground is not a ship's room. The lease of the ground is in the records under date 19 Sept 1750 by a certificate signed by Gov. Francis Wm Drake. (See p. 202, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
321 23 Oct 1799 Waldegrave   Responds to the above report, and seeing no objection, and from Kavanagh's "excellent character", agrees to the request. (See p. 203, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
322-328 22 Oct 1799 Dr. Ogden Waldegrave Ogden describes what amounts to a public inquest into employment & poverty in Newfoundland, held the previous June in response to a letter to Maj. Charleton (the acting Commander, Nfld) from 6 men (names provided) "oppressed for want of employment" and wishing to emigrate from Nfld; at least 60 others were in the same situation. Charleton asked the magistrates to investigate. They invited all engaged in fishery to explain precisely how many men they needed (in boats and on shore) for their fisheries to a meeting of magistrates & merchants. At the meeting, they determined that 50-60 were needed, though the imminent arrival of the convoy would probably generate double that demand. Magistrates asked what could be done about unemployment; high prices for supplies, low prices for fish, high wages for labour were identified as contributing to the problem. Some suggested that share payment might be an acceptable alternative to wages. Meeting adjourned, resumed 5 June. Emigration to Quebec, British America, or USA not possible (contrary to Act of Parlt) except back to Great Britain. After further discussion, fishermen agree to shares but want fixed prices for provisions and for fish produced. Merchants agree to stabilize provision prices but cannot guarantee fish prices. Meeting then broke up. Ogden believes everyone satisfied "by the measures that had been taken for their relief (though ineffectual)" since there were no subsequent complaints. (See pp. 204-208, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
328-329 24 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Henry Phillips Waldegrave directs him to prevent the common practice, after his departure, of inhabitants erecting houses & fences. (See p. 209, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
329-330 24 Oct 1799 Thomas Skinner Waldegrave Convey the gratitude and respect of the officers & non-commissioned officers to Waldegrave on the eve of his departure from Nfld  (See p. 210, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
330-331 24 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Officers, RNR Thanks them for their warm sentiments. (See p. 211, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
331-332 24 Oct 1799 Col. Skinner Waldegrave Colonel & commissioned officers, RNR each agree to contribute to the Charitable Fund; non-coms & soldiers agree to pay 6d/month to the fund. (See p. 212, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
333-334 24 Oct 1799 Waldegrave (Agincourt, St. John's) Skinner Thanks him for the contributions by the officers, non-coms & men of RNR; will record their names in the official record. Postscript indicates he'll leave space for the names of officers who were absent and not included in Skinner's letter. (See pp. 213-214, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
334 25 Oct 1799 Waldegrave R. Gladstanes Capt. Edgell, HM Sloop Pluto, will live in Govt House this winter; Gladstanes is to furnish same amount of fuel as last year. (See p. 215, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
335 25 Oct 1799 Waldegrave (Agincourt) Charles Garland (Harbour Grace) (Circular) Thanks to W., Garland is now entitled to a salary as magistrate for his district; enjoins him to be energetic in his duties or lose the appointment. (See p. 216, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
335-337 25 Oct 1799 Waldegrave, Fort Townshend Committee, Charitable Fund Army & navy have generously supported the fund; W. expects the same support from the inhabitants. But don't distribute supplies too generously; W. hopes that more will emerge out of the fund than distribution of food. He'd like to see a School of Industry (as in counties of England). For more information, W. recommends acquiring publications distributed by those schools. PS: he'd like a full accounting of the Charitable Fund for his successor as governor. (See pp. 217-218, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
337-338 25 Oct 1799 Henry Phillips Waldegrave Submits the Ferryland Surrogate's account with the creditors of Patt Power, "Bankrupt". The surrogate took money that should have gone to the Deputy Sheriff. Phillips asks W. to compensate the Dep. Sheriff. (See p. 219, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
338-339 25 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Robert Carter Senior, Ferryland Directs Carter to turn the sum in question over to the Dep. Sheriff and henceforth he is entitled to half the writ money. (See p. 220, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
339-340 25 Oct 1799 William Haley, Brigade Major   (General Order). Detail for guards, Captain for the day. Gen. Skerrett thanks the officers & men of the regiment for their generous support of the charitable fund; "We cannot, Brother Soldiers", fail to match the genertosity of the officers & sailors of the squadron. (See pp. 221-222, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
340-341 25 Oct 1799 Richard Routh, Chief Justice Waldegrave Has learned that there is no magistrate at present in Placentia, where a small garrison must protect large quantity of stores. Recommends appt. of Francis Bradshaw (formerly a JP at Bay Bulls & Trepassey) to the position.(See p. 223, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
341-342 25 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Routh He won't appoint Bradshaw because his commission was withdrawn for "bad conduct" by Gov. Wallace (See p. 224, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
342 19 Oct 1799 John Ogden, William Carter Waldegrave Patrick Ryan's land, surveyed by W.'s order 18 Oct 1798 & intended for expansion of the cemetery, was sold at public auction on 16 Oct 1799. They were not present nor had any knowledge of the sale or stipulations.   (See p. 226, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
343-348 25 Oct 1799 Waldegrave D. of Portland Concerning the intended expansion of the cemetery. W. first advised that he should compel the appropriation of the land. Mr. Babb, the owner, eventually seemed to agree [see above, Waldegrave to Babb, 3 Jan '99 & Babb to Waldegrave, 7 Jan '99]. But in June Babb sold the land to John Bell. Now, Bell has also purchased the land of Patrick Ryan, who had agreed to let it be used for the cemetery. W. detects motive here ("there is more to this business than a mere matter of speculation") to embarrass government in the eyes of the "lower Classes".  W. recommends that Portland act to allow the authorities to take the land. He can do this because the only private claim to the land is based on a grant by Gov. Elliott to Mr. John Saul, by which "no permanent donation was intended". Bell can easily be compensated with one of the many ship's rooms in St. John's that now stand vacant. Waldegrave then claims that there had also been a conspiracy to libel the magistrates of St. John's and install "a certain leader" (not identified), claiming "We must balance the power of Government". W. nipped "this insolent transaction" in the bud, but predicts that when "some good humoured, obliging, popular Governor" is appointed, then "these worthy legislators" will resurface and have their way. He regards Bell's actions now as "a trial of Strength"; if nothing is done, there's no saying where it will lead. (See pp. 227-230, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
348-350 3 Aug 1788 Aaron Graham for Gov. John Elliott   Grants permission to John Saul to occupy and use a ship's room, known as Lilly's Plantations, for his fishery; surveyed by Capt. Gower, HMS Salisbury. If Saul neglects or abandons the ship's room for one year, then someone else can take it over for the same purpose. (See pp. 231-232, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
350-351 no date Waldegrave   "A Hint to my Successor": a warning not to take claims of land grants by previous governors at face value, as he did. Here, he declares that "I have made no promise of any Grant of Land whatsoever" with the exception of one, with conditions, to the commander of the garrison. (See p. 233, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
351-353 27 Oct 1799 John Ogden, John Harries, Geo. Williams Waldegrave A vote of thanks for his dedication and devotion to service to St. John's. (See pp. 234-235, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)
353-354 28 Oct 1799 Waldegrave Magistrates for SJ Thanks them; his constant focus has been "to do that which is right and just". (See p. 236, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 10)

On these two pages there appears a summary of various correspondence to or by Waldegrave, dating from 24 Oct 1799 to 2 May 1800. These letters all appear in full on the microfilm reel *after* the reel appears to end with p. 445 (it is necessary to scroll beyond a foot or two of black film footage; there then begins several feet of unnumbered pages where these documents all appear. In short, it is necessary to go beyond the false appearance of the end of the reel in order to find and read these documents. A few of them (as indicated below) appear in full in the D'Alberti transcripts as well. What follows below are the summaries appearing on pp. 355-356, followed by more details found in the actual documents at the end of the reel.

355 24 Oct 1799 Messrs Carter, Harries, Ogden Waldegrave [Summary: "Adducing instances to prove that their valuation of the ground for the enlargement of the Church burial Yard is conformable to the practice of the Isld."] The magistrates describe three properties and the rents they generate in order to demonstrate that the valuations that were given for the property intended for the expansion of the burial ground were in line with the worth of other nearby properties.
ditto 27 Dec 1799 Charles Garland, Harbour Grace Waldegrave [Summary: "Enclosing an address. Requesting G. Waldegrave to send a Missioner to the District of Harbour Grace."] Garland assures W. that the Protestants of Harbour Grace will "cheerfully contribute towards supporting" an SPG missionary "in a comfortable manner." The address is signed by the two JPs and 28 inhabitants. Church & parsonage house have been vacant for a year, since Rev. Mr. Jenner resigned.
ditto 29 Dec 1799 Church Committee Waldegrave [Summary: "Enclosing to G. Waldegrave, a copy of the Contract enter'd into with Mr. Sawer, for the completion of the New Church, limited to the 31st Aug. next."] From R. Reed, Church Committee secretary. This is a 3-page letter, explaining that they have raised most of the money needed to complete the church and a contract with Mr Sawer to complete the church by 31 August next. With these assurances, they hope they'll be able to draw on the sums promised. They thank W. for everything he did for this committee as well as the Charitable Fund committee.
  ?? Waldegrave Portland The final page (first page or pages is missing) which appears to forward the letter received from Carter, Harries & Ogden assuring W. that estimates for the property needed for the burial ground are consistent with surrounding property values. The summaries don't appear to include this.
ditto 25 Jan. 1800 Waldegrave D. of Portland [Summary] "Transmitting the Committee for the Church of Newfoundland's Letter regarding the 200 promised by His Grace for completing the building."
ditto 25 Jan. 1800 Waldegrave (Portland Place) Dr. Morice, SPG [Summary; in this instance the D'Alberti transcript is available for this letter] The Committee for the new church requests that the SPG provide the 100 promised for completion of the new church. (See p. 17, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
ditto 26 July 1799 D. of Portland Waldegrave [Summary: "Transmitting Copies of a Report of the Judgement of the High Court Admiralty on the Swedish Convoy"] Portland appears to have sent this to Waldegrave so that he can pass it on to the Vice Admiralty Court in St. John's, as it establishes some sort of legal precedent in maritime law that they should know about.
356 25 Jan 1800 Waldegrave D. of Portland [Summary: "Acknowledging the receipt of his Letter, respecting the judgement of the High Court Admiralty on Swedish Convoy"] W. assures Portland that he will pass the documents on to the Vice Admiralty Judge in SJ.
ditto 14 Feb 1800 D. of Porland Waldegrave [Summary: "recommending a donation of 200 for the completion of the New Church at St. John's Newfld."] Estimates for this year have already been approved, but given the amount raised in SJ by subscription, he will recommend the additional sum.
ditto 6 Feb 1800 J. King Waldegrave [Summary: "transmitting a Copy of the final part of the Reports of the Cases, argued and determined in the High Court of Admiralty, with respect to Swedish Convoy"] Again, this 2-page letter reinforces the points already made by Portland in his of July 1799 concerning the legalities of the decision.
ditto 10 Sept 1799 D. of Portland Waldegrave [Summary: "cautioning him not to interfere with ordnance property"] He's not suggesting that W. did anything wrong, only that there have been complaints elsewhere that givernors have interfered with ordnance property. This was a circular letter, several pages in legnth, sent to governors everywhere.
ditto 6 March 1800 Waldegrave Archbishop of Canterbury [Summary; in this instance the microform and a D'Alberti transcript are both available] Reminds the Archbishop that the SPG would donate another 100 for ther new church, provided every other attempt has failed to produce sufficient funds. (See pp. 18-19, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
ditto 6 March 1800 Waldegrave Church Committee [Summary; in this instance the microform and a D'Alberti transcript are both available] A somewhat cranky letter in which W. emphasizes his continuing efforts to raise more money, efforts that might bear fruit, but also passing on the message that gov't feels that the committee is itself to blame for not acting more timely in securing additional funds.  (See p. 20, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
ditto 6 March 1800 Archbishop Waldegrave [Summary; in this instance the microform and a D'Alberti transcript are both available] Archbishop authorizes the Committee to draw 100 on the Treasurer of the SPG for funds to complete the church. (See pp. 21-22, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
ditto 8 March 1800 Waldegrave Church Committee [Summary; in this instance the microform and a D'Alberti transcript are both available] "transmitting them his Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, together with His Grace's reply, respecting the 100 promised them for the completion of the Church at St. John's, New.f.Land. (See p. 23, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
ditto 10 Mar. 1800 Waldegrave Customs Collector, Nfld [Summary; in this instance the microform and a D'Alberti transcript are both available]. Informing them that Crown has given permission to import bread, flour, maize, & livestock from any of the United States for the inhabitants & fishermen of Nfld for the ensuing season only; they are to grant licenses to this effect, subject to past restrictions. (See p. 24, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
ditto 10 Mar. 1800 Waldegrave Church Committee [Summary; in this instance the microform and a D'Alberti transcript are both available] Informs them that, "after much difficulty," he has secured authorization from Sec. of State to donate 200 to the project to construct the new church (See p. 25, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
ditto 4 April 1800 Waldegrave Rev. Dr. Morice, SPG [Summary; a D'Alberti transcript is available in full] Submits the request from the people of Harbour Grace for an SPG missionary. (See p. 26, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
at the very end of the reel 2 May 1800 Waldegrave D. of Portland Informs him that the Admiralty has removed W. from command in Nfld. He therefore uses this opportunity to remind Portland of the additional 200 he promised for the completion of the church in St. John's
  When the full images of the documentation in this letterbook resume, there are additional pages marked page 356
356-360 3 June 1800 "Yorke" Charles Morice Pole, Rear Adm. of the Red Patent: appointing him the governor of Nfld; the patent defines the physical limits of his civil jurisdicton, as well as his civil powers & responsibilities (See pp. 31-36, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
361 2 May 1800 Pole Samuel Rickards, Secretary to Rear Adm Pole Appoints him Receiver of the Greenwich Hospital Duty for Nfld. (See p. 27, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11); the D'Alberti transcripts consistently spell the name as "Richards"; however, the fourth letter in the name looks more like a "k" than an "h")
362-370 no date Robert Bollard, Storekeeper, William Humfrey, Clerk of Cheque   "A Remain of Ordnance and Military Stores at St. John's" under the charge of Robert Bollard, Storekeeper.
371-372 7 May 1800 (Victualling Office) no signatures Pole They were ordered by Treasury to provide & send out provisions for use by the troops in 1800 (quantities are defined). In partial compliance, they send out provisions on four transports (identified). (See pp. 28-29, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11) A chart showing date of lading, vessel, master, type & quantity of victual on each vessel is not included in the transcript.
373 21 May 1800 W.I. Eppes, Commissary   Has received specified victuals from the Roehampton, William Hill, Master (See p. 30, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
373 8 Aug 1800 William Haly, Barrack Major   Return of detachment of Royal Nfld Regt (RNR), to be embarked  under the command of Capt. P.V. Cortlandt.
374 6 Aug 1800 General William Skerrett   State of the garrison in St. John's (Royal Artillery, 66th Regt, and RNR): total effectives, wanted to complete, etc.
375 7 Aug 1800 William Eppes, Commissary   Return of provisions remaining at St. John's by type and quantity
375-376 7 Aug 1800 Johnathan Ogden, JP, JCR Pole a report of houses built in St. John's since Waldegrave's departure; some were unauthorized, others were permitted. (See pp. 37-38, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11); the transcript begins incorrectly with an attribution to William Eppes as the signator of this document. In fact, Eppes' signature belongs with the previous document, which was not transcribed).
376 11 Aug 1800 William Eppes, Commissary Pole Submits original invoice of provisions delivered by victualler Hope and Oriana. Roehampton also delivered victuals but he never received an invoice. He therefore provided a certificate given to the Master. (See p. 59, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
377-381 8 Aug 1800 Samuel Rickards for Gov. Pole John Broom Pole appoints Broom JP at Mortier; Broom's responsibilities and duties as JP are carefully defined. Various kinds of crimes & offenses are specified.Capital offenses ("such as Robberies, murders, and felonies") to be sent to St. John's for trial. To this is appended a list of all the other districts and the persons appointed to them as JPs & surrogates (14 in total, including Broom); see below for individual letters. (See pp. 46-50, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11; the transcript consistently mis-spells "Broom" as "Brown")
  8 Aug 1800 Samuel Rickards for Pole Charles Garland (Harbour Grace) [This document cannot be found in the microfilm. Yet it must exist somewhere, perhaps in the original Letterbook] Appoints Garland "customs rotularum" and (in conjunction with Charles Lilly, JP for Harbour Grace. He will also receive commissions as Surrogate and Collector for the Greenwich Hospital Duty. He is instructed to collect returns of the fishery and inhabitants for his district. He is to submit an account of the proceedings of the Surrogate & Court of Sessions since the last return, and of fines & fees collected, and licenses of public houses.(See p. 39, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
  8 Aug 1800 Samuel Rickards for Pole Isaac Follett (Trepassey) An identical document to the previous one, this time for Isaac Follett in the District of Trepassey. (See p. 40, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
  8 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole Rev. John Dingle (Bay Bulls) a letter identical to the preceding one was sent to Rev. John Dingle of Bay Bulls (See p. 41, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
  8 Aug 1800 Rickards for POle John Broom (Mortier) A similar letter sent to John Broom (though the transcript incorrectly gives the name as "John Brown")  (See p. 42, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
  8 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole Pierce Forreshall [sic], St. Lawrence A similar letter as the above. The correct name should be Pierce "Forreshull", though in previous Letterbook correspondence, the name was always given as "Forrestill" (See p. 43, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
  8 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole John Waldron (Fortune Bay) Similar letter to John Waldron (See p. 44, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
  8 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole Moses Cheater (Fogo) Letter appointing him JP at Fogo. (See p. 45, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
382 8 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole   Pole has been empowered to establish Courts of Judicature throughout Nfld, to be presided over by Surrogates. This document defines the mandate of these courts, and an appended list identifies the six men and the districts where they will serve as Surrogates.  (See p. 51, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11; the transcript does not include the list of six names
383 8 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole Henry Phillips Pole has been empowered to establish & appoint judges, Commissioners of Oyer & Terminer, JPs,  & other officers of the court. He hereby appoints Henry Phillips the High Sheriff of Nfld. (See p. 52, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
384 no date (same as below?) Robert Carter (Ferryland) Gov. Pole An account of licenses garnated 1 Jan 1800 & fees collected for public houses in his district.
385 30 June 1800 Robert Carter (Ferryland) Gov. Pole Account of fines & forfeitures collected between 1 Jan 1799 & 1 Jan 1800 in his district (list includes paying constable to collect information on births, for pursuing deserters, for poor relief
386 8 Aug 1800 Pole Brig. General Skerrett Submits copies of letters from officials in England concerning the expenditure of specie sent to pay troops in Nfld (See p. 53, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
386 8 Aug 1800 Pole   Grants permission to Mr. Thomeyeux, citizen of Geneva, to proceed to Quebec. His vessel was captured 24 May by HM Sloop Pluto while en route from New York to Nantes in a Swedish ship. To report to the governor upon arriving in Quebec. (See p. 54, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
386-387 8 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole Henry Phillips, High Sheriff Ordered to have John Brine remove a building that he erected as a butcher's shop on a vacant ship's room; removal must be done by 15 Oct 1800. (See p. 55, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
387 9 Aug 1800 Pole   Grants permission to Henry Skogstrom, native of Sweden & master of Swedish shop Nordeska Van Skapen, captured 24 May by HM Sloop Pluto & condemned in Vice Admiralty Court of Nfld., to proceed to Sydney, Cape Breton Is. & report to commanding officer of the garrison there. Similar permission granted to a German passenger on that ship. (See p. 57, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
388 8 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole John Bland (Bonavista) A letter appointing him JP & surrogate for District of Bonavista, with duties & responsibilities defined. An addendum indicates that a like letter was sent to Robert Carter, Surrogate in Ferryland. (See p. 56, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
9 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole Augustus Cramor [This document cannot be found in the microfilm. Yet it must exist somewhere, perhaps in the original Letterbook] Cramor is appointed Collector of the Greenwich Hospital Duty in District of Fortune Bay. To collect all arrears & duties & submit to St. John's by 15 Oct.  (See p. 58, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
389 13 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole Richard Routh, Customs House Routh is to direct all masters of vessels arriving at or departing from St. John's to report in person to the governor.  (See p. 60, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
389 13 Aug 1800 Routh Rickards He will comply.  (See p. 61, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
390 14 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole William Eppes, Commissary He is to furnish the necessary quantity of candles needed by Government House. If necessary, show this to General Skerrett  (See p. 63, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
390 14 Aug 1800 Eppes Rickards By regulation of D. of Kent, C-in-C N. America, candles are not to be issued before 25 Sept; he will therefore refer this request to General Skerrett.  (See p. 64, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
391 1 April 1800 D. of Portland Richard Hatt Noble, Esq. appoints Noble the Naval Officer at St. John's in place of Archibald Buchanan, deceased; sworn before him 9 Aug 1800; "Copy hereof granted to Mr. T.B. Rendell in compliance with his request, 16 December 1820, and to Mr. P.W. Carter, 6 Jan. 1821."
392-393 16 Aug 1800 Pole John Bland Pole urges Bland to do his utmost to help "obtain possession of one or more Indians" whose subsequent kind treatment might encourage them "to think more favourable of our humanity". He realizes that issuing proclamations won't serve the purpose. Lieut. Le Breton is heading further north in pursuit of 2 deserters. He too has thought about ways of capturing 2 Indians, but as a stranger to that country, his chance of success depends much on local assistance such as Bland can provide, just as he would benefit by any assistance in recapturing the deserters.  (See pp. 65-66, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
393 16 Aug 1800 Pole Moses Cheater, Fogo A letter similar to the one sent to Bland, imploring him to do everything he can "to conciliate the Indians whenever they fall within the reach of your influence". Pole would welcome advice on how to capture a couple of them "who by kind treatment and honest assurance, may be indced to think more favorable of our humanity than they have hitherto had cause to do."  (See p. 67, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
394 16 Aug 1800 Pole Richard Routh Has received Carter's report on payments, and agrees with Routh that the payments to Lt. Colburn for rounding up deserters are inappropriate, that they should in fact go to Colborn's regiment, not himself.  (See p. 68, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
394 17 Aug 1800 Routh Pole Acknowledges Pole's letter concerning disbursement to Lt. Colborn in recapturing deserters.  (See p. 70, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
395 16 Aug 1800 Pole Magistrates, St. John's Concerning the rate of conversion of dollars into sterling. Pole maintains that the dollar should be accepted as equivalent to 4 sh..8d.  (See p. 69, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
395-396 18 Aug 1800 Jonathan Ogden Gov. Pole Have passed Pole's views on to the merchants; will let hin know their views once they are known.  (See p. 71, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
396-397 20 Aug 1800 Pole Richard H. Noble Gives Noble his instructions as Naval Officer at St. John's. These are the instructions that all Naval Officers must follow -- basically, record all trade, record all activity within the fishery, quantity of fish produced, prices for different grades, receive applications for Mediterranean passes, etc. (See pp. 76-78, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
397-398 22 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole Magistrates, SJ General Skerrett desires an answer concerning an agreed exchange rate for dollars into sterling.  (See p. 79, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
398 23 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole Henry Phillips He is to acknowledge Pole's order of 8 Aug and, in future, all correspondence of a public nature.  (See p. 82, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
398-399 23 Aug 1800 Henry Phillips Jonathan Ogden Agreeable to Ogden's request, Phillips called a meeting of the merchants to discuss the currency exchange rate. The merchants are unanimous that it would be "hurtful to the Trade" to accept the proposed 4..8 exchange rate unless government can also assure them that government bills can be procured for dollars when requested. (See p. 83, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11; the transcript doesn't cite the proposed exchange rate accurately)
399 24 Aug 1800 Ogden Gov. Pole submits the merchants' final answer concerning the proposed currency exchange rate.  (See p. 84, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
399 24 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole Richard Routh Asks him to forward the enclosed packets to their addressees "by the first safe opportunity", provide a receipt when this is done.  (See p. 85, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
400 24 Aug 1800 Pole Skerrett Sends an extract of Phillips' letter on the subject of the currency conversion rate. (See p. 86, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)  
400 23 Aug 1800 Henry Phillips Gov. Pole Acknowledges Pole's letters of 8 Aug, containing Phillips commission as High Sheriff and the order to remove John Brine's house.
400-401 22 Aug 1800; rec'd 26 Aug Charles Garland, Harbour Grace Gov. Pole Acknowledges his commission as JP; would appear personally except that smallpox has appeared in St. John's. Submits return of the fishery. Hopes smallpox will pass soon.
401 24 Aug 1800; rec'd 26 Aug John Bland, Bonavista Samuel Rickards Acknowledges receipt of his commission & supporting documents.  (See p. 88, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
402-404 25 Aug 1800; rec'd 26 Aug John Bland, Bonavista Gov. Pole Departure of Trepassey, Lt. Scambler, delayed by contrary winds. All that he can say about the Indians [Beothuks] is on record in his correspondecne with Gov. Waldegrave. Bland continues to believe that best solution is to station "in the neighbourhood of Exploits a select military party, commanded by an Officer of discretion." A resident named Rousel offered to guide such a party to the Indians. Such a force should discourage "the furriers and other residents of that Quarter." (See pp. 89-91, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
404 29 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole Richard Routh To inform merchants of outports & St. John's that a frigate will sail with trade to Portugal on 20 Sept.  (See p. 99, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
405 29 Aug 1800 Routh Rickards Acknowledges his letter concerning the convoy to Portugal  (See p. 100, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
405 27 Aug 1800; rec'd 29 Aug John Clinch, Trinity Samuel Rickards Acknowledges Pole's despatch of 8 Aug with his commissions as JP, Surrogate, Collector of the Greenwich Hospital Duty, and responsibility to submit scheme of fishery & inhabitants.  (See p. 98, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11; transcript records his name incorrectly as "Clink")
  NB: there are two pages numbered "405"
405-406 25 Aug 1800 Rickards for Pole   Proclamation: against assisting or harbouring deserters; against hiring seamen or fishermen witout confirmation that they are not deserters or are "clear" for hire; no one to leave someone's employ without a confirming certificate; publicans to detain travellers who cannot give proper account of themselves  (See pp. 96-97, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
406-407 19 Aug 1800; rec'd 1 Sept Capt. George Frederick Ryves, Agincourt, Placentia Gov. Pole Presided over court for 2 days; Mr. Evans "I found as expected beastly drunk". Recommends doing away "his authority for acting". Will say more when he returns to St. John's. No one seems "properly qualified" to act; Mr. Bradshaw is probably the best available. No one seems able to put Surrogate's judgements into action once he leaves. (See pp. 74-75, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
407-408 19 Aug 1800 Boat keepers of Placentia Capt. Ryves, Agincourt, Placentia a memorial: complain that merchants charge whatever they wish for supplies and for their fish. They want only to be treated on same basis as boat keepers in St. John's "and not considered as slaves" (See pp. 72-73, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11; the document is signed by ten boat keepers identified by name) 
409 2 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole   Grants Major Haly permission to build a stable on the land he purchased from Rev. Harries. (See p. 102, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11; note that the D'Alberti transcripts has two pages numbered p. 102)
409 3 Sept 1800 Routh Rickards Acknowledges governor's directions to instruct all sailing masters not to clear Customs without first producing a license to depart without convoy.  (See p. 103, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
409-410 2 Sept 1800; rec'd 5 Sept Robert Carter, Ferryland Gov. Pole Carter will copy and distribute the governor's proclamation about deserters etc.   (See p. 102, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11; note that the D'Alberti transcripts has two pages number p. 102)
410-411 14 Aug 1800 Robert Carter Senior, Ferryland Gov. Pole Submits state of fishery & inhabitants for Ferryland. Points out that merchants collect & disperse money for the charitable fund without any accounting. Carter suggests his sons William & Robert as Treasurers to keep track of the money; he himself cannot manage this, though he is willing to continue as Surrogate & Keeper of the Records.  (See p. 62, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
411 25 Aug 1800; rec'd 5 Sept Robert Carter Senior, Ferryland Gov. Pole On 13 Aug he received the governor's letter with his commission, appointments, & instructions
412 8 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole Robert Carter Senior, Ferryland Acknowledges Carter's letters of 14 & 25 Aug. and 2 Sept. with all its reports on the fishery in his district; he is pleased that the fishery has done well and hopes "the Weather will be favourable for the curing and Shipping" the fish. He lacks power to appoint or designate treasurers for the charitable fund but he agrees that there is a need for "some mode being adopted" of collecting the fund. He notes that there is no mention in Carter's report of boats engaged in the seal fishery.  (See p. 106, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
413 10 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole   He grants permission to Patrick McHelly to proceed to Liverpool, NS in the schooner Commerce  (See p. 108, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11; transcript has "McKelly")
413 8 Sept 1800 John Bulger Gov. Pole Bulger is Clerk of the Ordnance Works in St. John's. He requests permission to add a chimney to his dwelling. (See p. 107, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
413 11 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole   He grants Bulger permission to add the chimney to his dwelling.  (See p. 112, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
414 12 Sept 1800 Hart & Eppes, St. John's Gov. Pole They ask Pole to direct the Court of Vice Admiralty in St. John's to grant them Letters of Marque for the Brig Gurnsey Lilly of Guernsey, Abraham Simon, Master. Details are provided about the vessel, crew, armament (See p. 113, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
414 14 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole   Grants permission to Ann Hearn of Waterford to travel to Boston in schooner Argo, Capt. Hicks. (See p. 119, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
415 5 Sept 1800; rec'd 14 Sept Francis Blanchard, Placentia Samuel Rickards He has distributed and circulated copies of Gov. Pole's proclamation concerning deserters, etc. (See p. 104, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
415-417 10 Sept 1800; rec'd 15 Sept John Dingle, Ferryland Gov. Pole Reports that "utmost peace and quietness has subsisted" here for many years. Will do his utmost to suppress deserters. Reports that Isaac Follett, JP at Trepassey, is in poor health & unable to attend to his duties, with the result that some minor disputes have arisen there that he was not able to deal with. Dingle lacked judicial power but as SPG missionary, tried to mediate. Suggests that someone in authority should visit Trepassey to deal with situation.  (See pp. 109-111, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
418 16 Sept 1800 Pole Dingle Pole is grateful for Dingle's advice and intervention intervention in Trepassey; Pole will send a warship to Trepassey with an officer to deal with matters there.  (See p. 121, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11; the transcript makes a serious error by attributing the author of this letter to Dingle rather than Pole)
419 15 Sept 1800 J. Ogden & J. Harries Gov. Pole Seek advice on the issuing of licenses for public houses (date for so doing is aproaching). They've informed past governors that more liquor is sold by unlicensed people than licensed ones. This is difficult to discourage because people are reluctant to be informers. Gov. Waldegrave allowed licenses to be iussued to anyone of good character; number of licensed publicans has therefore risen to fifty. (See p. 120, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
420 16 Sept 1800 Merchants of St. John's (15 firms) Gov. Pole Request delay in departure of convoy for Portugal; wet weather had delayed proper curing of fish and they cannot be ready by 20 Sept. Propose 1 Oct. (See p. 122, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
421 17 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole Magistrates, SJ In the past, only 24 public houses have been licensed; he sees no good readon to increase the number, except decreasing the number too abruptly may not be wise. He therefore proposes 36 licenses be issued. (See p. 125, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
422 17 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole merchants of SJ He is happy to postpone the departure of the convoy until 1 Oct. (See p. 126, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
422-423 18 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole Francis Blanchard, Placentia Sends a commission appointing him and Josiah Blackburn the JPs for Placentia in place of Mr. Evans "whom you are no longer to suffer to Act." (See p. 127, corrected on p. 128, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
  18 Sept 1800 Rickards for Gov. Pole Josiah Blackburn [This document doesn't appear in the microfilm, only in the D'Alberti transcript] Blackburn is issued a commission to act, with Francis Blacnchard, as JP for Placentia district. (See p. 129, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
  27 Sept 1800 Josiah Blackburn Gov. Pole [This document doesn't appear in the microfilm, only in the D'Alberti transcript] Acknowledges receipt of Rickard's letter with his appointment & commission as JP. Doesn't have the blank forms for states of the fishery because Mr. Branchard is away on the western side of the bay. They will attend to this as soon as Blanchard is back. (See p. 144, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
  20 Sept 1800 Rickards for Pole Magistrates, SJ [This document doesn't appear in the microfilm, only in the D'Alberti transcript] The magistrates are provided a blank form on which to record the state of the fishery & inhabitants of their district, and submit to the givernor by 20 Oct. (See p. 131, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
423 19 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole Messrs William Newman & Co. Empowers them to demand the return of the number of prisoners employed by persons in margin (William Pinsent, Port a Grave; Messrs Goss & Kent, Brigus). Make sure they complied with the terms by which they received them from Capt. Edgell, HM Sloop Pluto
424 19 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole General Skerrett Govt House having been irregularly supplied with candles & fuel, he desires the general to find out what exactly ar the Duke of Kent's usual orders for dispensing these, so that Pole can make proper arrangements in advance. (See p. 130, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
424-425 20 Sept 1800 William Skerrett Gov. Pole Last May Skerrett received a general schedule from D. of Kent for issuing candles, fuel, to military personnel in Nfld. The schedule doesn't include civil governors. Skerrett then inquired of Lt.Gen. Bowyer for further direction. His reply is enclosed.  (See p. 132, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
425-426 5 Sept 1800 Capt. Thomas Dodd, secretary to General Bowyer Skerrett (Extract) Allowances are not usually extended to civil governors, but they'll pass the question on to Prince Edward, the Commander in Chief
426-428 16 Sept 1800; rec'd 21 Sept Capt. Henry Edgell, Pluto, Harbour Breton Rear Adm. Pole Describes patrol into Fortune Bay; severe gale. Pluto fared well but many boats, fishermen were lost. Apart from that, things are quiet here except for one planter, an Irishman, who get disorderly when drunk, Edgell issued him a warning. Edgell also reports that John Waldron, the JP for Fortune Bay, hasn't been there for 3-4 years; official matters appear to be handled by Augustus Cramer of Harbour Breton (Dep. Collector of Customs, also collector of Hospital Duty -- he's in Hermitage at the moment collecting this). Edgell left the packet intended for Cramer with Mr. Bristol, the agent for Clark & Waldron Co. (See pp. 123-124, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
428-429 12 Sept 1800 Capt. Edgell, Pluto Owen Kinchley, "Planter at Bellorum, Fortune Bay" Kinchley's behaviour is on notice; any further complaints and he will be punished and sent to the colonies in the West Indies.
429 22 Sept 1800 Samuel Rickards Francis Bradshaw (Placentia) Ordered to collect on 20 damages awarded 19 Aug to John Cumby by Capt Ryves, Agincourt and surrogate, against John Hifferman for trespass. Additional costs added to the damages.  (See p. 133, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
430 26 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole   Grants permission to Lawrence Cavanagh to proceed to Halifax in schooner Peggy, John Kelly, Master. (See p. 141, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
430 26 Sept 1800 Rickards for Pole Magistrates, SJ sends them the petition of Stephen Woolcock, Planter. He requests a fishing space near Chain Rock used previously but now vacant. They are to ascertain who and when used the space previously & is it truly now unoccupied. (See p. 140, and again, p. 142, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
431 26 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole William Carter, Judge, Vice-Admiralty Court William Newman & H.W. Brown have applied for Letter of Marque for ship Philippa of Dartmouth (details of the ship -- master, crew, size, armamament). Pole directs Carter to comply with the request. (See p. 143, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
  26 Sept 1800 Rickards for Pole William Newman [This document doesn't appear in the microfilm, only in the D'Alberti transcript] Gov. Pole has agreed to their request & has so informed the Vice Admiralty Judge.  (See p. 139, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
431 27 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole   Grants permission for Charles Somers, native of Ireland, to take passage to Boston in schooner Commerce, Samuel Hall, Master. (See p. 145, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
432 29 Sept 1800 Gov. Pole   Grants permission to Bridget Lyon & her four children to take passage to Boston in brig Commerce, Samuel Hall, Master. (See p. 148, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
432 20 Sept 1800; rec'd 30 Sept   Richard Connell, John Janes, Henry King (their marks) Affirmation of these three men, boat keepers of Bay Verde for 60 years, that the property occupied & used by James Cotter, boat keeper of Bay Verde, has never been owned, occupied or claimed by anyone else. The document was delivered [presumably by Gov. Pole] by John Travers.
433-434 no date Rev. John Clinch, Trinity   A vocabulary of Beothuk words and their equivalents in English; 4 double-columned pages, seemingly taped together.
435-436 25 Sept 1800 Stephen Woolcock, SJ Gov. Pole Petition. Woolcock is a planter who maintained a fishery for around 18 years, employing 30-38 men, has always needed to rent a fishing room. The lease will soon expire. He'd like occupancy of another ship's room, now vacant, near Chain Rock  (See p. 136, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
436-437 30 Sept 1800 John Ogden & George Williams, SJ Gov. Pole Upon investigation, the western part of the fishing room requested by Woolcock is in fact the eastern part of a room used by Arthur Holdsworth & Co., Dartmouth; the eastern part was claimed by Mr. Foote & rented to Mr. Hartry with a partner, but both of them failed a few years ago & the property went into complete decay, with no vestiges of the fishing room. The Holdsworth claim fell under the control of tenants & was used for a fishery until 3-4 years ago. The magistrates blame the absence of occupancy on the war & decline of the fishery because the premises are well situated for drying & curing fish. [see "References", below] (See pp. 150-151, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
437 1 Oct 1800 Gov. Pole   Grants permission to Nicholas Power, "a native of Ireland", to proceed to Quebec in the galliot Firm, Charles Duennal, Master (See p. 153, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
438       [This belongs with the magistrates' letter of 30 Sept, concerning the fishing room desired by Stephen Woolcock]. A diagram appears here, describing the fishing room desired by Woolcock, located just west of Waldegrave's Battery, and adjacent properties.
438-439 1 Oct 1800 Gov. Pole Stephen Woolcock The governor gives his consent to Woolcock to take over the vacant fishing room. (See p. 152, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11; note that this is the second page with the same page number, p. 152)
439-440 26 Sept 1800 Capt. Robert Larkam, Camilla, SJ Rear Adm Pole Went to Trepassey, found Mr. Follett in a "deplorable state". Unable to cinduct business. Follett appears to have suffered a paralitic stroke 2 years previously which has gradually deprived him of reason and use of his limbs. Others have filled in but books are in disorder. Called a court; only 2 complaints were brought before Larkam.  (See p. 137, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
440-441 3 Oct 1800 Gov. Pole Dr. McCurdy, SJ Petition by inhabitants of Portugal Cove to the magistrates reveals fear that they'll catch smallpox from those of them who were innoculated in St. John's. Pole has full confidence in innoculation. Urges McCurdy to do what he can to reassure people that it is a safe procedure and to innoculate the people of Portugal Cove. Pole will cover expenses. (See p. 154, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
441-442 3 Oct 1800 Dr. John Macurdy Gov. Pole McCurdy is happy to do so; will leave tomorrow with his friend Rev. Clinch for Portugal and do everything in his power to convince people there of the value of innoculation. (See p. 155, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
442 4 Oct 1800 Rickards for Pole Richard Routh A convoy for England and Portugal leaves on 25 Oct; please inform the merchants. (See p. 156, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
443 4 Oct 1800 Rickards for Pole Merchants, SJ Pole will take charge of a convoy for England on 25 Oct; that day, a frigate will also depart that day for Portugal with trade. If merchants prefer a different date, they must let Pole know by 11 Oct. (See p. 157, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
443-444 4 Oct 1800 Rickards for Pole William Carter, Vice-Adm. Judge, & Patrick Hunter & James Winter, merchants A space of garden adjacent to the church is needed for the burial ground and will be appropriated for that purpose. They are to determine who own or rents it, the boundaries of the plot, and its value. (See p. 158, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
444 4 Oct 1800 Rickards for Pole   Grants permission to John Ackerman, master of schooner Swallow, to ship as one of his crew George Matches, a resident of Halifax (See p. 159, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
444-445 4 Oct 1800 John Bell Samuel Rickards Received the letter concerning the convoys, and will so inform the merchants. (See p. 160, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
445 26 Sept 1800; rec'd 5 Oct Robert Carter (Ferryland) Gov. Pole Complains of the ill treatment he has received from Thomas Angel of Fermeuse and about which Carter has previously written to Pole. Asks Pole to send a warship to restore order there.  (See p. 138, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
445-? 5 Oct 1800 Gov. Pole Robert Carter Pole begins a letter in response but this volume of the Letterbook does not include the completion of the letter. (See p. 161, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11; the D'Alberti transcript doesn't have the complete letter either. The transcript also incorrectly attributes the letter to Robert Carter)
  The following D'Alberti transcripts do not appear to have matching letters in this volume of the Letterbook, even though the dates are consistent with this volume.
  22 Sept 1800 Rickards for Pole Peter McHie [sic; probably McKie] His request is denied to build a small stage or platform to keep the Customs House safe, as the space in question is in use as a fishing room. (See p. 134, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
  24 Sept 1800 Rickards for Pole Major Haly Sends a copy of Pole's proclamation of 25 Sept (re: deserters, etc.), for information of General Skerrett  (See p. 135, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
  27 Sept 1800 Rickards for Pole W. Brinley Concerning the distribution, at what exchange rates, and by which officers for silver & copper specie for payment of the military forces in Nfld
  30 Sept 1800 Andrew Pearce; John Slade & Co., Fogo Gov. Pole Response to his letters of 8 & 16 August to Moses Cheater by way of Trepassey cutter, Lieut. Scambler. Cheater was not in Fogo when the letters arrived. They therefore directed Scambler & Lt. [Le] Breton (who was with him [in pursuit of deserters]) to Halls Bay, where they will get better information about the Indians from "people who always resides there" (See p. 152, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)
  3 Oct 1800 Rickards for Pole Patrick Hunter Citing the Order in Council which permits the importation of corn etc. from America into Nfld, he informs Hunter that the governor cannot comply with his request. (See p. 153, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11; note that there is another p. 153 referring to a different letter -- i.e., there are two pages with this number)
  1 Sept 1800 Samuel Rickards Capt. Robert Larkan, HMS Camilla  Mr. Robert Rowe needs to be examined by the squadron surgeon.
(See p. 101, D'Alberti transcript, Vol. 11)

Page 445 of the microfilm gives the appearance of bringing Volume 15 of the Letterbook to an end, because it is immediately followed by microfilm footage which is quite black; this normally marks the end of every reel. In this case, however, the black stretch of film is deceptive, because it is quickly followed by several pages of Governor Waldegrave's correspondence. None of these pages bear page numbers. This is the correspondence which dates from 24 Oct 1799 to 2 May 1800 and which was summarized on pp. 355-356. Those summary descriptions are described on those pages or are directed there to the D'Alberti transcriptions there. The complete letters on microfilm appear here, after p. 345.

End of Volume 15