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  @ Grenfell Campus, Memorial University

B.Sc. in General Science, Physics Stream

Students completing a Grenfell Campus Bachelor of Science degree with a Major in General Science will complete a General Science Core. In addition, they will complete a minimum of 24 credit hours (or 18 credit hours in the case of Mathematics) in each of three streams chosen from Biology, Chemistry, Earth Systems, Mathematics or Physics.

The Grenfell Campus of Memorial University also offers a single discipline B.Sc. with a major in Physics; a minor in Physics is also available. 

General Science Core

Students must complete:

  • Courses: Mathematics 1000, 1001, Science 4000 (General Science Seminar)
  • Independent Project: Science 4950
  • Requirements for the Physics Stream

    A. Students must complete:

    B. And two of:

    Tentative Schedule:  All 1st, 2nd and 3rd year (A) requirement courses will be offered annually. A selection of 2nd and 3rd year (B) courses will be offered in alternate years, depending on staff availability and student interest.

     ** Physics 3820 may be counted towards courses required for EITHER the Math OR Physics stream, but not both.

    Descriptions of all Grenfell Physics courses may be found on the Course Descriptions page.

    For further information on the General Science degree and the course requirements of other streams, contact:

    Chair of General Science Program, Grenfell Campus
    Dr. Amar Sodhi
    Office: ASE 3027
    Phone: 637-6247
    E-Mail: sodhi at grenfell dot mun dot ca

    Last Update: 02 June 2015

    Questions or Comments?  physics_webmaster