IMPACT 6 Print Conference

University of West England, Bristol, UK

Academic Poster Introduction:

Between September 16 and 19, 2009, Marlene MacCallum and David Morrish presented on the current status of our research at the IMPACT 6 Print Conference hosted by the Center for Fine Print Research, University of West England, Bristol, UK. Marlene presented two Academic Posters and David presented a paper in conjunction with the panel entitled Photographic/Graphic.

The two posters can be viewed on this web site. They provide an overview of the project and describe the team and our various roles. Poster One traces the path of the technological research into creating four-colour photogravures and shares the significant discoveries. Poster Two presents examples of the ways in which the new knowledge and tools have created an impact on the production of new work and demonstrate the impact of the intersection of contemporary and historical processes on the generation of content and ideas. Also included are the outcomes of the workshop on four-colour photogravure. Finally, it maps out the proposed trajectory for the remainder of the research project.


Impact 6 conference website ::

Poster #1

Poster #2