Presentation description

The three members of Sillis presented on their collaborative project "Creating the visual book through intersection of the divergent technologies of photogravure and digital processes".

Their research into the interplay of digital and analog technologies and the creation of sequential and book works has led to the production of new works that consider the question of hybridity. The presentation took the form of a trio where David Morrish introduced the hybrid nature of the photogravure process and the relevance of this on the resulting image. Marlene MacCallum discussed the impact of the intersection of contemporary and historical processes as a catalyst in the generation of content and ideas for each artists’ work. Pierre LeBlanc offered a reflection on the ontological repercussions of a widened definition of hybridity. Image is text, text is image and the digital cannot exist without the analog in the senses of either the producer or the viewer of visual culture.

What follows are the Power Point Slides, videos and transcripts of talks presented at the Hybrid Book Conference in Philadelphia on June 6th 2009. Each research group member presented aspects of their work within the sillis environment. Pierre LeBlanc opened and closed the session, while David Morrish and Marlene MacCallum spoke second and third respectively.


This powerpoint was first presented on June 6, 2009 at the Hybrid Book Conference at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

We presented our research project in the context of the panel Intersection + Intermedia. Several artists will presented projects that elevate the artist’s book beyond its basic form by using it as a tool to explore installation, performance, research, education, historical and digital processes, sound, interactivity, and more.

These are the two key questions that underlie our research explorations.