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Recommended hiking trails in Newfoundland.  The province has some of world's best hiking along spectacular shorelines or in challenging mountains. If you have trail suggestions that should be added - let me know.

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  Hiking the Lighthouse Trail in Cow Head, Newfoundlandnew4.gif (987 bytes)

This hike is a hidden gem and leads to a lighthouse, past meadows and along a scenic coast line. You can pick up a map of the trail at the Cow Head museum first and then proceed on your own or if you want a guided tour on Tuesdays you can contact the museum to arrange this. The basic hike is a loop with some side trails--the longest is 500 meters to the end of the peninsula and is well worth doing since to ends in a large meadow and has a fascinating wave washed shore to explore. Their are also several lookouts on the trail. Drive to the Cow Head Peninsula and then watch for signs for the Amphitheatre parking lot to start your hike.

Hiking in the Bay of Islands-Little Port Head new4.gif (987 bytes)

This is one of the more spectacular hikes in the Bay of Islands near Corner Brook, Newfoundland.  Drive to Little Port at the end of the south shore highway and park in the lot near the wharf. Walk up over the marine terrace toward the large bluff and you will pick up a trail through the woods which leads to a helicopter pad and the remains of an old lighthouse. Then follow the rough trail up and over the ridge (using the ropes in places) and then you descend back down the ridge coming out on the Cedar Cove trail. If you want an extra walk take the time to walk to Cedar Cove or turn left and return to the car park. The total distance is not long (5-6 km) but the steep terrain will slow you down. Bring your camera. Click PHOTOS for more images of this spectacular area.                                               

   Hiking the Southhead Lighthouse Trailnew4.gif (987 bytes)

This is another fine trail that the Outer Bay of Islands Enhancement Committee (OBIEC) has just created. It is accessed by the Bottle Cove parking lot and provides fine vistas of not only the rugged shoreline of Little Port head and Bottle Cove but also the scenic islands of the Outer Bay of Islands. The trail is about 3.5 km one way and climbs steeply in one section. There is a waterfall along a side trail that is worth a look especially after a heavy rain. The trail is well marked and ends at an overview of Weebol and the other islands that mark the entrance to the Bay of Islands. 

Viking Hiking at L'anse aux Meadowsnew4.gif (987 bytes)

There are short 2 trails that include parts of the Parks Canada Viking Site and nearby Norstead which is meant to depict a Viking Port of Trade. The Birchy Nuddick trail starts off the parking lot at L'anse aux Meadows National Historic Site and is just over 2 km long. Nearby is Lacey's Trail which climbs to a small hill that has a prominent lookout giving a panoramic view in all directions. From there you can descend to the sod houses of Norstead. The trail is 1.7 km to the lookout and it is an easy walk  0.8 km to Norstead Village from there. If you walk the route in this manner you will need to have 2 cars or walk back to the start of Lacey's trail. Click Lacey's for more pics and info.

  Hiking the Shoreline near Port au Choix new4.gif (987 bytes)

This hike traverses from Philips Garden (which is an important paleoeskimo archeological site) to the Pt Riche Lighthouse. The trail is about 4 km long and follows the scenic shoreline for much of route. The hike can be walked in either direction but you will have 2 cars and do a car shuttle or be prepared to walk back along the same trail. There are several interpretative plaques along the trail which discuss various aspects of some the lifestyle of some of the native peoples that lived along this coast. Click Pt Riche for more images and information about this trail.

Hiking in Gros Morne Park- Lookout Hills Trailnew4.gif (987 bytes)

This is a fine trail for a wide range of ages and stages since it is just 5 km return. It gives great views of the Tablelands, Bonne Bay and Gros Morne mountain. The trail climbs steadily through the trees and then part way up breaks into the open. There are boardwalks across wet areas and numerous pitcher plants in places. The trail starts at the Discovery Centre parking lot which is located just outside of the community of Woody Point on the south side of the park. At the top there is a lookout platform with some benches to relax and enjoy the view. Click Lookout for more images. 

  Hiking the Bottle Cove Trails near Corner Brooknew4.gif (987 bytes)

This area has some of the finest coastal scenery in the province. Recently the OBIEC has created a series of well marked and sign posted trails that leave from the parking lot located overlooking Bottle Cove. Bottle Cove is located near the end Highway 450 which winds along the south shore of the Bay of Islands. Allow about 50 minutes of driving from Corner Brook. These trails are all short so are suited to the entire family. And if you are there at sunset be sure to hike to 'sunset rock' to take in the view. Also if you are there on a sunny warm day you can dip into the cool water of Bottle Cove  from a long sandy beach. Click Bottle Cove for more pictures.


 Hiking to Cedar Cove near Corner Brook  new4.gif (987 bytes)

As I mentioned earlier there are spectacular hikes near Corner Brook in the Bay of Islands in Western Newfoundland. The Cedar Cove trail is a short one (1.8 km) that will appeal to a wide range of hikers. It is short and fairly level and ends at Cedar Cove (also known as Wild and Caplin Cove). The large raised terrace makes for fine lunch spot with views looking out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. We often make a fire on the beach since the piles of drift wood are astounding. You can also connect to the Little Port Head trail if you want a longer hike. To reach the trailhead drive to Little Port (end of the South Shore Highway) and look for the large signs at the end of the parking lot.

Hiking the Man in the Mountain Trail, Corner Brook, NL

This is probably the most popular of the trails that have been developed by the International Appalachian Trail in Newfoundland (IATNL). Its highlights include fabulous views of the Humber River and Humber Canyon. It is just over 3.5 km to the famous lookout and just under 9 km to Wild Cove Pond. You can do this trail as a traverse (and end at Wild Cove Pond) or hike to the lookout and back. The starting place is at at parking lot near Ballam Bridge-turn right after the bridge and follow the road until you see the large IATNL sign. Coordinates are 48 57.203 N and 57 53.119 W this trail head. Click Face for more images.

  Hiking from Humber Valley Resort to Humber Village, NL

This is the third section of hikes created by the International Appalachian Trail in Newfoundland (IATNL) in the Humber Valley. This section is abit rougher and the trail is harder to find in some places so you are advised to get a route map and possibly GPS track from the IATNL before you head out. They can be contacted at www.iatnl.ca. I suggest you hike from Humber Valley Resort since you will have more downhill and less climbing. There are several fine view points of Deer Lake and the surrounding forest and ponds along the way. Closer to Humber Village you will get views of Marble Mountain and the river. Click Resort for more images.

Copper Mine Cape, York Harbour, Newfoundland

This new trail is a standout. It ascends 650 meters to the top of Blow me down Mountain which is uniquely positioned to offer superb views of much of the Bay of Islands. It has been created as part of the new Appalachian Trail in Newfoundland and the people from the surrounding communities should be congratulated creating the trail and large parking lot at the base. I think this 7.5 long trail is perhaps one of the finest on the island given the vistas it offers of headlands, bays, islands and mountains. The trail winds through the woods before gradually climbing above treeline. My only caution would be-Blow me down has this name for a reason. Expect strong winds in this area in all seasons. See the adjacent video for more information on this hike. Click Copper for more pictures.

Hiking the Green Garden Trail in Gros Morne National Park

This is one of the classic hikes in Gros Morne Park and has lots of options depending on your interest. If you want to enjoy a beach walk and spectacular coastal scenery then you can walk the 4 km to the beach from the parking lot on the Trout River Road (49 28.434 N and 58 04.628 W). On our last hike we walked along the "Green Garden" which is an elevated marine terrace which parallels the scenic shoreline. We walked for about 2 km along this route before having lunch on the shore and then we returned via the route we had descended. You can also complete the full loop which involves crossing Wallace Brook and then returning to the parking lot. This full route is about 15-16 km. For more images click Garden.

Hiking the Wild Cove Pond to Humber Village Trail, Humber Valley, NL

This is another part of the International Appalachian Trail in Newfoundland and can be done on its on or part of larger section through the Humber Valley. Most people do this as a day hike and since it is just over 5 km long it is walked by a large x-section of people. The Wild Cove trailhead is at is 48 58.262 N and 57 49.897 W. If you decide to hike the trail in reverse the trail head is 48 59.262 N and 57 47.001 W at Humber Village. Either way you get great views of the Humber Valley and this hike is particularly attractive in the Fall when the leaves are changing. Click Wild Cove for more pictures of this trail.

Hiking Wood's Island, Bay of Islands, Newfoundland

We recently did this combination hike-cruise with Crystal Waters Boat Tours. The trip overall was about 6-6.5 hours and included a boat tour from the Bay of Islands Yacht Club to the east end of Wood's Island. From there we off loaded to a dory to get to shore and then we walked along one of the old roads on the western side of the island to the harbour where the tour boat was waiting for us. At one point hundreds of people lived on Wood's Island but it was resettled in the 1960's. Today many people have summer homes on the island and it offers fine views of the Blow me down Mountains. The hike is about 5.5 km long and is suitable for all ages. Click Woods for more pictures.   

 Hiking from Stephenville Crossing to Noels Pond

This hike offers fine views of Stephenville Crossing and Stephenville as well as Bay St George. The route passes over the Indian Head Range but is quite in places so wear rubber boots or waterproof hiking boots. The hike is about 6.5 km long and takes about 2-2.5 hours. When we recently hiked in September the bogs were bright red and we even saw 2 moose. This is part of the International Appalachian Trail and will require a car shuttle. Of course you can also hike in part way to get a good view and then return back to your car. If you decide to do this I recommend starting from Noels Pond since the trail is abit drier and the views are outstanding. Click Noels Pond for more information. 

Gros Morne Nat'l Park -Trout River Pond Trail

This is a great trail for its views of Upper and Lower Trout River Pond. It is located in the southern part of the park in Western Newfoundland. If you want to get a taste of the unusual Tablelands and overlook these fjord like ponds at the same time then this is the hike for you. It is 7 km 1 way but only rises to about 75 meters at the far end where this for was taken. We recently did this hike with the Corner Brook Hiking Club (early July and were treated to numerous flowers in bloom. At times you can see moose and caribou. Click TROUT for more images of this interesting area.                                                      

Gros Morne National Park-Gros Morne Mountain

The hike up Gros Morne Mountain is a classic in Western Newfoundland. It offers just about everything from great views of 10 Mile Pond and the surrounding wilderness to possible wildlife sitings. This trip is tough though-don't underestimate it. On our last trip in the early September we had to don toques and gloves on top to stay warm. Fog can form quickly so stay on the trail to avoid getting lost. The trail is 15 or so kilometers long and rises to just over 800 meters. The trail is a partial loop Take lots of warm and bring a camera. Click GROS for more images of this scenic hike.

Starlight Lodge Trail new4.gif (987 bytes)

This trail gives fine views of the Codroy Valley with its varied landscape of mixed agricultural land. The Starlight Lodge is no longer there so look for the gazebo that marks the start of the trail. The trail is just 2 km one way but climbs steadily so is suited to the average hiker who wants a quick workout that is rewarded with increasingly better views as you gain elevation. The trail after the 2 km mark is faint but very inviting so for those interested you could make this hike much longer. However anyone going beyond should be equipped with a map, compass and GPS for further exploring. Click Codroy for further images and information


  Hiking the Gravels-new4.gif (987 bytes)

The Gravels near Stephenville, Newfoundland are a great find whether on foot or by sea kayak. A new hiking trail traverses for several kilometers over limestone cliffs with views of the Lewis Hills in the distance and crystal clear water in the foreground. The limestone has been eroded into numerous hoodoo like shapes and in many places fossils are readily seen in the bedrock. There are many places where you can get right down to the waters edge and have a snack or lunch. Also many benches have been constructed so that you can simply relax and enjoy the view. Click HIKING                                                           

Hiking the Cliffs at Cape St. George new4.gif (987 bytes)

The cliffs at Cape St George on the Port au Port Peninsula in Western Newfoundland are some of the most scenic in Western Newfoundland. There are some interpretative panels at the parking lot which describe some of the bird life and whales that you can see from this vantage point. The "trail" winds up the slope to a bench which makes a convenient resting point to take in the impressive view. Take care along the cliff edge since the rock may be crumbly in many places. Bring your camera and binoculars. Also be sure to look north from the bench to see distant Red Island and more impressive sea cliffs.



Hiking the Boney Shore Trail, Red Bay, Labradornew4.gif (987 bytes)

       There are few trails in Atlantic Canada  with the history of this part of Labrador. Although the Boney Shore trail is just a kilometer long (1 way) it covers the same ground that Basque whalers used 450 years ago. The Basques came to Southern Labrador in the mid-1500’s to hunt Bowhead whales whose oil was used to “light the streets of Europe”. And Red Bay was the important centre of this oil boom. The trail is suitable for walkers of all ages since it is mostly flat and well constructed. It starts out in a stunted fir and larch forest and closer to the cobble beach keep your eyes out for whitish grey whale bones which date back to the 16th century Basque whaling days. There are not many bones left so please do not remove any pieces that you find. Click Red Bay to see more images.

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