Research Interests:



Initially my research and publication record has included many aspects of building urban microclimate investigations.  I have received several grants to pursue this research.

My research interests then focussed on outdoor recreation inventories and resource management for tourism in Newfoundland.  For instance, I was commissioned to prepare a hiking trail guide for Gros Morne National Park and the next summer was contracted to do a visitor use and economic impact survey for the Main River, Newfoundland's first nominated Canadian Heritage River. As well I have received another grant to examine 3 components of the Western Newfoundland Model Forest: to prepare a visual resources inventory, an outdoor recreational inventory and a series of 4 brochures to enhance public awareness of the hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and x-country ski opportunities in the Model Forest. I have received grants to create a Guide Training and Resource Manual for Burnt Island Ecological Reserve (with Ed Andrews) and to complete a study entitled Geo-referencing of Non-Timber Values in The Western Newfoundland Model Forest. In 2001, I received a research grant from D.F.O. to study Marine and Coastal Recreational Activities for W. Newfoundland and S. Labrador. I have also completed an avalanche awareness DVD and was involved in X-country skiing instructional DVD in March 2006. Funding for the avalanche awareness DVD came from a grant I received from the Canadian Avalanche Federation. The X-country skiing instructional video was produced by XC Zone in Ottawa with a run of 3000 copies.  This DVD was released in Fall 2006, and the Avalanche Awareness in Western Newfoundland DVD was released in February 2007.  I also received a grant for $16,540.00 in January 2007 to investigate spring water quality in Western Newfoundland.  In the winters of 2008 through to 2012, I received annual grants ranging from $4850-$6300 from the Canadian Avalanche Foundation to do avalanche education in the schools in Western Newfoundland.  Most recently I have received another grant for $15,000 from the Centre of Environmental Excellence with Rick Wheeler from the College of the North Atlantic to do avalanche mapping in Western Newfoundland in 2010-11.  In addition, I have authored 2 books entitled 'Best Hiking Trails in W. Newfoundland' and 'Images of W. Newfoundland'. 



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