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My personal interests include cross country skiing, telemark and alpine skiing, canoeing, sea kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, golfing and outdoor photography. I also occasionally lecture on cruise ship to various North Atlantic locations like Arctic Canada, Greenland, and Iceland as well as Labrador and Newfoundland as well as most recently to Antarctica.  I will feature various recommended trips on these pages as well as magazines and books which might help you make your travel plans. For specific information on suggested nordic skiing destinations click NORDIC and click GOLF, SEA KAYAKING HIKING, PLACES TO STAY for recommended destinations in Newfoundland and Atlantic Canada.  Western Newfoundland has numerous activities for visitors to do and the favourable climate means that you can enjoy golf, hiking, sea kayaking and many other activities from spring until fall. See information on cruises below.

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Saltscapes is a welcome addition to the East Coast magazine industry. It features a whole variety of articles on the 4 Atlantic Provinces with everything from food ideas, places to visit, gardening tips and so forth. It generally runs around 100 pages and so is certain to have something of interest for just about every reader. It comes out 6 times a year and can be picked up at the newstand or received by subscription. To get more info on the magazine visit their web site at or phone 1-877-885-6344 to subscribe.

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Cupids is celebrating its this summer (2010) and for good reason. It is the oldest English speaking community in Canada and was settled in 1610 by John Guy. So this summer (2010) is its 400th birthday. Bill Gilbert discovered the site in 1995 and since then much has been discovered. In 2010 you can see the current archeological dig in progress and see a portion of the 1000's of artifacts that they have uncovered. Also be sure to bring your hiking boots since there are numerous fine trails for hiking. For more information contact the following web . There are also other videos on Cupids on You Tube that have been sponsored by the Cupids 400 committee so be sure to check them out. You can access those by searching in You Tube under Cupids, Newfoundland.


Cupids 400 from Keith Nicol on Vimeo.


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The best way to see the arctic is via cruiseship and we recently did a fabulous trip with Adventure Canada. The trip started in Greenland and ended in Arctic Canada and we saw superb icebergs, polar bears and numerous sea birds. This 11 day trip offered stops at many communities as well as zodiac landings on unexplored shores. Highlights included siting 2 polar bears just in front of the ship and a parade of icebergs along the Greenlandic coast. My favourite community was Illulisat where we saw a galloping glacier spewing icebergs out in to Disko Bay. For more information see and click Greenland for more images. 

Cruising Newfoundland

Islands make great cruising and Newfoundland is becoming a favourite with many cruise lines. You can if fact do a circumnavigation with many cruise lines as I did a few years ago on the Explorer. Shown here is the island of Ramea, on Newfoundland's south coast. It has a great setting and the view from look out hill is superb. In the distance is the 'main land' of Newfoundland. For more information see:  






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