BMO Downtown Dash Corporate Challenge Results

Total Teams: 

Teams had to have a minimum of 3 racers.  Racers could be employees & their immediate family members.

Individuals were responsible for stating team membership on individual race registration.

The results were calculated as follows:  Total #of finishers - individual place + 1.

Therefore in a race with 300 finishers, if a runner placed 10th then it would be calculated:

(300 - 10) + 1 = 291 points.  This runner would score 291 points for their team.

Every finisher would score points for their respective team.  Therefore both speed and the 

quantity of finishers are big players in winning the Corporate Challenge.

Team				Points	

College of the North Atlantic	2009	WINNING TEAM

YMCA Couch to 5km		1376

Western Health			1097

Academy Canada			894

Brook Construction		343

Physical Rehab			269

Municipal Assessment Agency 	26